Imam Rapes Sister, Forces her to Abort Baby, Blames Job Stress


It is very stressful being an Imam. After a hard day of teaching Muslim men that Islamic law allows them to beat and rape their wives, you get so stressed out that you have no choice but to rape your sister, impregnate her, force her to abort the baby and then have your other brother rape her.

Two imams arrested in a village near Kars in eastern Turkey accused of systematically raping their own sister, forcing her to have an abortion after being made pregnant by one of her older brothers.

In the village of Yakutiye, 21 year old HB informed the police that she had been raped by her older brother MB the previous Friday, further claiming that her other older brother AB had systematically raped her while she lived together with him. The girl, who had lost her mother seven years ago and her father last year, asserted that she had at one point been left pregnant by one of her older brothers, both of whom are Imams in the Directorate of Religious Affairs, and had to get an abortion.

After being arrested, the older brother of the 21 year old AB admitted to his crime, and stated that he had raped his sister due to pressure created by his position, while her other older brother MB added that he had given money to his younger sister as a part of the relationship he imposed.

Islam really puts a whole different spin on, “The family that prays together, stays together.”

  • Mullah Lodabullah

    Following false prophets seems to be quite stressful for those who undertake it. Anything from hijacking and crashing planes to exploding to sibling rape.

  • Alisia S

    Talk about a lack of tool control. What a perverted beast.

    • truebearing

      I can’t reduplicate the tortured logic, but there are those who haunt FPM that will “prove” to you that something Israel did at some time in the past forced them to do these perverted things.

      All causality can ultimately be traced to the twin sources of all evil: white or jewish Americans and Israel. It’s amazingly simple.

  • Veracious_one

    the veil didn’t help the woman….neither did the requirement of always having a male relative present…

    • truebearing

      In their defense, she looked like a fox wearing too much eye make-up. They couldn’t help it.

      • minted

        There you go. It was HER fault. Always is.

      • minted

        There you go. It was HER fault. Always is.

      • bodica

        You’re sick, truebearing. Sick and borderline criminal.

  • Aloyicious

    The family that PREYS together — should have their private parts removed…

    • MarilynA

      How about make examples of them and stoning them like they do to the women they rape.

      • truebearing

        Yes. And forcing their sons to participate, like they sometimes do when stoning women.

    • rightrightright

      Hers probably have been.

    • truebearing

      They should have the public parts removed right after.

  • laura r

    i think it would be more approiate to report on what happends in the US, canada or europe. there are 1000’s of stories from the middle east. by writting about them it becomes exhausting. the point is lost. people can say that its “those muslims” far away. best to focus on the awful imams in NYC, or dearborn etc.

    • Tim N

      Hmmm you might have a point there..

    • Daniel Greenfield

      The far away Muslims are a plane trip away and they’re coming here.

      • Ken W

        Go to Dearborn, Michigan. They are here and starting their bs about shari law for muslims.

  • danfan

    “Islam really puts a whole different spin on, “The family that prays together, stays together.””

    Mr. Greenfield, is there any chance that ‘we could make a difference’ in the transfer of knowledge to everyday Americans by ceremoniously firing canon filled with representational ‘decapitated heads’ reminiscent of the good ol’ days?

    • truebearing

      I think you should use something more Medieval, like a trebuchet. It fits the Muslim mentality better.

  • glpage

    Where in the Koran does it say incest is best? Given Mohammed’s tendencies to make it up as he went, it’s got to be in there somewhere.

  • Tim N

    She must have been wearing eye shadow.

    • Ken W

      Ooooh eye shadow!!!

  • Softly Bob

    If one, just one Christian pastor / vicar / priest etc. was to rape and impregnate his own sister it would be Global headlines. Leftists from all corners would be talking about the ‘evils of religion’. Christians everywhere would be blamed and mocked for the perils of their superstition.
    This is not just an one-off incident amongst imams either. Many cases occur where imams have been involved in rape or sexual abuse.
    But of course, this being Islam, it hardly ever gets reported. Those who are silent about such matters are complicit, and one day will be brought to account too.

  • Paulita Gilberto

    I guess when you can’t find a goat, your sister will work. We don’t want them here at all.

    • Ken W

      We don’t want them here, but the trouble is–they are already here and Obama is bringing thousands more. Syrian refugees, plane loads of them. That is why he did another executive order saying ‘just having some ties with terror doesn’t stop you from immigrating into this country’.

      • truebearing

        Woe unto the American goats, and foxes.

  • Yoav Margolis

    This is the true face of Islam and its filth.

  • Jeanne

    Sick, sick sick!!

  • Tsarnaev

    Yet another example of that superior muslim piety, modesty and morality!

    According to Michael Savage, muslim immigration will save the West. I know how much the left loves Islam, but now even some on the right, such as Mr. Savage, keep trying to tell us this nonsense about how morally superior these muslim perverts are. You see, Mr. Savage incorrectly believes that since the muslim hypocrites preach and claim to practice piety and modesty, it reflects a higher morality that is lacking in Western society. This fanciful nonsense is so extremely naive and devastatingly dangerous that I don’t even know where to begin!

    Mr. Savage, in all his self-proclaimed brilliance, fails to realize that muslims are deceitful, manipulative liars and that their self-righteous, holier-than-thou moral superiority is a farce. While muslims may claim to be against and detest Western hedonism, homosexuality, porn, alcohol, drugs and other vices, they have quite the penchant for the very things they condemn. They also have a very frighteningly strong proclivity for pedophilia and rape.

    I’m not sure if it’s worse that so many people have been duped by these
    lying muslim taqiyya con artists, or that so many have been fooled by
    Michael Savage! The sad truth is that what Mr. Savage once may have been, he is no longer. Yes, “Borders, Language, Culture” is a good line, but that’s about it. I just don’t understand why so many people worship him like a god. He really isn’t nearly as brilliant as he thinks he is.