Iran Elected to UN Commission on the Status of Women

Women Hang in Islamic Iran

Manhattan’s oldest and most venerable comedy club on Turtle Bay approaches its 70th anniversary. Admission is free, but there’s nothing to drink and everyone keeps screaming the jokes in foreign languages.

Unfortunately they’re all old jokes. Elect Saudi Arabia to a commission on women. Elect Sudan to a commission on genocide. Elect Iran to an arms control commission. Elect North Korea to a commission on democracy.

Considering the billions we spend on this comedy club, they could at least get better jokes.

The United Nations today elected the Islamic Republic of Iran and more than a dozen other repressive regimes to top committees charged with protecting women’s rights and with overseeing the work of human rights organizations, according to an exclusive report by UN Watch, a non-governmental Geneva-based human rights group.

Despite the sharp condemnation of Iran’s human rights record by UN chief Ban Ki-moon — who recently reported how women in Iran are “subject to discrimination, entrenched both in law and in practice” and how “women’s rights activists continue to face arrest and persecution” —  the UN Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) in New York today elected Iran to a four-year term on its 45-nation Commission on the Status of Women, the principal intergovernmental body dedicated to protecting women’s rights.

Meanwhile, in a separate vote today, the UN additionally rewarded Iran by making the regime a member of its powerful 19-nation Committee on NGOs, a coveted position because it allows governments to silence criticism by acting as the gatekeeper and overseer of all human rights groups that seek to work inside the world body.

Other egregious human rights abusers elected to the influential panel include Azerbaijan, China, Cuba, slave-holding Mauritania, Russia, and Sudan, whose leader, President Omar al-Bashir, is wanted by the ICC for genocide.

Been there. Done that.

For the big 70, the UN needs to do something spectacular. Like clone Hitler and make him Secretary General and then have him give a speech on the importance of peace.

  • Race_Dissident

    Bloody hell, what a farce. The UN may be the only entity on the planet more difficult to parody than western academia.

  • Erudite Mavin

    so, this means it is OK in society to bury a woman up to her neck and stone her head until dead for an assumed crime such as talking to another man and gays hanged as a routine sport.
    Next, the UN will put a bust of UBL at the entrance of the UN

    • Daniel Greenfield

      Mohammed was a feminist, Muslims tell us, so it must be


        Mohammed was a feminist – as long as the woman is under 10 years old.

  • jakespoon

    “It’s easy job. In Iran women have no status.”-Mullah Omar bin Fuqhuad.

  • CaoMoo

    Better yet make it twin cloned hitlers. I’ve seen that comic it ends with a bearded superman weilding a chaingun the size of a volkswagon. Now that’s a party

  • Change Iran Now

    As for Iran’s newly found place in a forum supposedly devoted to women’s rights, this move would surely be deemed laughable if it weren’t also so tragic. The lot of women in Iran is particularly appalling. The mullahs’ regime there enforces one of the most draconian versions of Islamic religious law. Iran’s laws regulate everything from how women are to dress to the myriad areas of their lives that are to be governed by their husband’s consent. And women in Iran have fallen victim in large numbers to Iran’s liberal use of the death penalty, executed unsparingly
    for crimes ranging from adultery to drug-related offenses.

  • mathchopper

    Move the UN to Greenland. Then we’ll learn who are the dedicated to a better world.