Iran Foreign Minister Denies Opposition to Second Holocaust

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This is a problem that can only be solved with more diplomacy… until Iran finally goes nuclear and begins trying to carry out mass murder on a whole other scale.

Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif vehemently denied on Monday reports that he is opposed to a second Holocaust of Jewish people, according to Iranian media reports.

Some media outlets reported over the weekend that Zarif had stated, the “Holocaust should not happen again” and that “the extermination of Jews by the Nazi regime was tragically cruel and should not happen again.”

However, Zarif maintains that this is not the case, according to top Iranian lawmakers who have spoken to the foreign minister about his remarks.

“In a phone conversation that I had with Mr. Zarif, he completely rejected the remarks attributed to him and declared that the Islamic Republic’s stance about the (Zionist) regime is what has been repeatedly announced by the country’s diplomacy apparatus and this stance has not changed,” Fars quoted Qashqavi as saying.

Well that’s good. Especially now that Obama is opening up the money flow to Iran while allowing them to go nuclear.

  • disqus_Kn1TRtq7X6

    oBAMA IS A f&%kING moron

  • nopeacenow

    If he is not opposed to a second Holocaust, then he must be in favor. Diplomacy doesn’t work with terrorists or terrorist states. They will sign anything and honor nothing.

    • CaoMoo

      If he denies the first how can he be for a second? Islam does not compute

  • Timespanr

    How is it that everything is pushed off on Iran…by the Zionist media?
    Get a grip folks
    The Zionist Government of Israel is setting on 550 – 6500 Atomic, Nuclear & Thermo-Nuclear weapons. You my believe their (Zionists) line, by, it just dont sell with me.

    Iran is trying to develope Nuclear Energy, which the dog stuffing out of the Zionist & US Nuclear Energy people..who FEAR Competition from Iran producing cheaper energy.
    The people they, the Zionist should be worrying asbout, the Wahhabi’s of Saudia Arabia, their sign SECRET (they wished) agreements, spy deals, etc who are support the Rebbels Al-Quada, Taliban ISIS in Syria, at the US’s expense of course. If that were not enough, the Zionist are support Rebbel groups direct as well.
    Why so much interest in Syria, Saudia wanted, and was refused rights to pass oil pipeline through Syria….It is ALL About Money.

    • Bert

      Anti Israeli fools like this are so stupid that they undermine their own cause and turn people against them. I wish all our enemies were are stupid as this one.

  • Timespanr

    I would suggest, that the Iranian’s peoples acts against the US Imperials state
    during the end of the Shah’s regime, were and are totally justified for any number of reasons.
    Where did the Shah operating in a Police State, and the US following it’s common practice of dealing with despots, dictators, terrorist, get off think all we have to do is pay him off under the table.
    Just as is in present case in the United State. The Polititains are stealing from the American Citizens, taking jobs, reducing benifits and Ignoring then. I wonder personally what is your take on how long that is going to last?
    What is really needed is to kick them all out of office and re-invent the country.

    • UCSPanther

      Sounds like propaganda that was directed at us by the Axis during WWII.