Iran May Hang Man for “Mohammed Butt” Joke


America is a moderate Muslim country. Obama only sent a man to jail for a little while for making a Mohammed movie. In Iran, if they find you with a Mohammed movie on your computer, it’s the gallows. (via Religion of Peace)

Mohabat News – Rouhollah Tavana was arrested by Mashhad Intelligence officers at his home in October 2011, and the International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran reports that the court ruling indicates that the officers had “confiscated a private video recording of Tavana on his personal computer, in which while under the influence of alcohol, he allegedly uttered a phrase the judge interpreted as insulting the Prophet of Islam, a crime under Iranian law.”

Tavana’s mother, Fakhri Jamali, has told the campaign: “We have asked all authorities for a pardon and for forgiveness for him. My son has repented. My son wrote a letter in prison and expressed remorse, but nothing happened. We can’t rely on anything. They are going to hang him just like that.”

Campaign executive director Hadi Ghaemi says: “It is mind-boggling that in the 21st century, the Iranian Judiciary wants to hang a young man for uttering a random phrase during a video he shot of himself and kept it private. This is an unbelievable act of inquisition at its worst.”

Jamali described the incident that led to her son’s death, telling the Campaign: “Three years ago, one of my son’s friends called the Mashhad Intelligence Office and told them that my son had information at his home that was ‘anti-revolutionary’ and ‘against the Supreme Leader.’ Forces from the Mashhad Intelligence Office raided my son’s home suddenly, searching through all his books, personal items, and his computer hard disk. On his computer there was a video that my son and one of his brothers had made of themselves on the night of his birthday.”

Jamali goes on to add: “In this video, my son, who was having a drink, said a sentence that cannot even be a direct insult to Prophet Mohammad. He was holding the knife he was going to cut the cake with and he said, ‘Put this knife up your prophet’s butt.’ But this film was private and other than himself and his brother, there was no one else in it. My son was kept in solitary confinement inside the Intelligence Office for three-and-a-half months, and then they transferred him to Vakilabad Prison in Shiraz.”

Obama and his cronies keep saying that Iran has a moderate Muslim government these days. Apparently this is what a moderate Muslim government looks like.

  • DogmaelJones1

    I’ll forgo sticking a knife up Mohammad’s butt, but every time I see a Muslim praying, I want to kick butt, asking the “victim”: How can you degrade yourself so much? That’s as much “respect” as I’ll grant Islam or any of its mooning adherents.

    • truebearing

      Given the fatwas, court decisions, laws, and general behaviour of Muslims, this mooning appears to symbolize the primacy of the rear end over their heads as the true source of their thinking.

    • AZ

      You “want to ….” but don’t cause you know you’d be in a great deal of trouble. For America today is on the verge of being a MUSLIM country.
      You still have a little time left to correct the walk of history.
      Hasten yourself or IT WILL BE TOO LATE . . . . . ! ! !

    • raul

      talk in front the computer only you are the coward , pls try kick and you will know what happen

      • DogmaelJones1

        Raul: Learn how to write plain, 8th grade English first, then dare to make a comment. No one here wants to try to translate your illiterate pidgen talk.

        • Lea

          he is make a muslim threat

  • laura r

    i cant understand this obsessive compulsive thing about recording, posting everything on line. young people especially should know that nothing is private. especially in a sharia country like iran.

    • AZ

      You know THAT’S NOT THE ISSUE Laura R !
      Maybe, just maybe, you’d do just fine in Iran thinking like that …..
      I sure don’t wish you that fate. Stay American,
      defend the first Amendment !

      • A Z

        Interesting that you post under the same name I do. Keep it up.

      • laura r

        its like a death wish to post these things in a sharia country. it is an obsessive compulsive habit around the world, to record everything. maybe the boy wasnt thinking. but when adults do it its a death wish.

  • A Z

    Star Trek: The Next Generation was supposed to be entertainment. Apparently, it was not.

    We have a Borg collective here on earth.

    • truebearing

      More than one, actually, but none can Borg like Muslims.

      • A Z

        I was thinking of that as I wrote. I am glad other people see it too.

        You are right about the Muslims.

        I read how the young man was “caught”. Did he show the digital recording to someone besides his brother, who then turned him in when he had a spat with him? Or did a friend (?) have a beef with him turned him in and then they found the recording? If it is the latter, the Iranian gov do not have a case. If it is the former, they have a case in a world ran be evil people.


    Send in the ACLU Rapid Response Team in to save the man!

  • Change Iran Now

    Iran has been remade by these clerical extremists to have economic despair and brutal human rights repression. The country has a long and notorious history for the torture and severe treatment of its political prisoners and dissenters. It’s an unfortunate aspect of the rule under Iran’s mullahs who like any other tyrant are more concerned with preserving their power and hold over the people than in
    governing and leading them into a better future.

  • Hard Little Machine

    In the long run violent insane Islam is self correcting. They simply run out of people to kill.