Iran: Not Letting Us Have Nukes is Apartheid


It began with Terrorist Apartheid. Not allowing Hamas terrorists to cross from Gaza into Israel to kill Israelis was declared… Apartheid.

Now Iran has invented Nuclear Apartheid. If you don’t let a terrorist theocracy get nukes so they can kill all their non-Muslim and Muslim enemies… it’s Apartheid.

Rowhani said Iran does not seek to produce nuclear weapons, in remarks made during a speech aired live on state television.

Sure. That’s why a country soaked in oil and obsessed with weapons, which collaborated on WMD projects with Syria, wants to go nuclear. And that’s why it’s building ICBMs for purely peaceful purposes. Because how else are you going to peacefully ship nuclear technology to Israel or the US unless you can load it on an ICBM?

“We have nothing to put on the table and offer to them but transparency. That’s it. Our nuclear technology is not up for negotiation,” Rowhani said.

“Iran will not retreat one step in the field of nuclear technology… we will not accept nuclear apartheid,” he said.

Also they won’t accept Sarin Apartheid, Weaponized Ebola Apartheid and Mustard Gas Apartheid.

  • tickletik

    Can we now agree that apartheid isn’t something any of us should worry about anymore and probably never should have cared about in the first place?

  • Ban Liberals

    Well, at least they didn’t say it was racist or sexist!

  • Texas Patriot

    The Iraqis and the Iranians should be careful what they ask for. If they keep asking for nukes, they may get them, but perhaps not in the way they expect.

  • American Patriot

    Face it, Mr. Greenfield. Soon, all anti-terrorist operations, as well as democracy and human rights efforts would be declared acts of “apartheid”. And why stop there? Soon, the First Amendment would also be declared “apartheid”. The stupidity of radical leftists and Islamists makes me laugh at times. Once again, great post, Mr. Greenfield.

    • objectivefactsmatter

      Nations are “apart” from each other by design.

      What incredible morons.

      • truebearing

        Gee, I thought they were for diversity (well, not the Muslims). But what kind of diversity does the Left support? They despise free speech and diversity of opinion. They want one political party. They want some kind of unisex world. The only place in their utopia where there will be diversity is in the people chosen by the Death Panels to die.

  • objectivefactsmatter

    Hey idiots!

    We have “separate” nations “apart” from each so that we can live apart and work out peace through strength and compromise rather than submission to some global tyrant.

  • objectivefactsmatter

    Anything short of international socialism or global sharia can be characterized as apartheid. I’ll take neither.

    • truebearing

      A strictly merit based economy is racist. If you deport undesirables or kill revolutionaries it’s “ethnic cleansing.” The only allowable “solutions” are submission to one of the two internationalist cults. Then you can hate yourself forever for not fighting back sooner.

  • truebearing

    Maybe the US is being apartheid by not dropping nukes on Iran. We did it to Japan, and now we’re allies, yet we’ve denied Iran the same opportunity.

    • Texas Patriot

      Now you’re beginning to think like an Authentic All-American Conservative. Always remember that Barry Goldwater said, “The object of war is victory” and that General George Patton said, “I don’t want you to die for your country; I want you to help the other guy die for his country.” With those two ideas firmly in mind— and of course a full suite of tactical nuclear warheads and state of the art delivery systems— it’s just really hard for a guy to go wrong.

      • truebearing

        Actually, I was mocking Rowhani’s idiotic attempt to use the Left’s idiotic victimspeak.

        We may never nuke Iran, whether they deserve it or not. If Obama concludes this cou-in-process with a total siezure of power, or Hillary wins and continues the Soros agenda, Iran will be free to do as it wants with impunity. Israel will nuke Iran before we will.

        Iran should have been the disguised target in the war on Iraq. We could and should have crushed the resistance in Iraq, then blitzed Iran just long enough to destroy the Republican Guard and kill the Twelver ayatollahs. Then arm the pro-democracy element to the teeth.

        • Texas Patriot

          We may never nuke Iran, whether they deserve it or not.

          Nuclear weapons are a game-changer, and you can be sure that the Islamic Revolutionary Party of Iran would have no qualms about supplying “suitcase nukes” to their surrogates in Hamas and Hezbollah for use in destabilizing and blackmailing governments throughout the civilized world. Make no mistake about it, the forces of radical Islam are on the warpath, and they do not intend to lose. Under these circumstances, any conservative who would hesitate to use the latest bunker-busting technology with whatever force was necessary to defang the Iranian mullahs and prevent the scenario of Islamic nuclear blackmail from actually coming to pass is not really a conservative in any recognizable sense of the word. Wouldn’t you agree?


    Letting Fascist Iran continue to stain the earth is apartheid.

  • Softly Bob

    The difference between Western civilization and Muslim Luddites is that we just did it. We just got on with it.Great minds got together and created a nuclear bomb.
    But Muslim monkeys can’t do anything without whinging. They didn’t even know what a neutron was until we told them. Now it’s all, “Ooh, ooh, you’re not going to stop us making a bomb” and Ooh, weep, sob, stop oppressing us, it’s not fair we want a bomb too.”
    Just get on with it, Iran. Build your bomb. That’s if you know how to bolt it together without reading the instruction manual. Just get on with it, build your crazy bomb. This time make you sure that you don’t have any stupid accidents like you did last time.
    Make sure too that you don’t let any suicide bombers near it in case it goes off by accident.
    Waiting for Iran to make their bomb is like watching a group of two-year-olds trying to make the Eiffel Tower out of Lego!

  • Hard Little Machine

    Nuke them then. Problem solved. Kill them all.

  • model_1066

    I think our elected representatives should accuse Iran of cultural appropriation in having a nuke program, and referring to their complete inability to do something we could do in three years using 1940’s technology as ‘apartheid’.