Iran Nuclear Negotiations to Go On Until Iran gets Nuclear Bomb


Failure is not an option. Failure is the point. Forget about the deadlines.

The negotiations to prevent Iran from going nuclear will continue until 5 seconds before Iran goes nuclear. And then Kerry will shrug and move on to negotiating with the Taliban or ISIS.

Iran’s foreign minister suggested that talks over his country’s nuclear program may be extended beyond the July 20 deadline imposed as part of last year’s interim deal.


Since Iran is only doing this to buy time till it goes nuclear, it will play the old diplomatic game of saying nice doggie until it finds a nuclear stick.

And Kerry?

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said, AFP reported. “This is my recommendation and I’m sure [U.S.] Secretary [of State John] Kerry will make the same recommendation.”

It’s like Mo controls Kerry.

“I am returning today to Washington to discuss with President Obama and leaders in Congress over the coming days about the prospects for a comprehensive agreement as well as the path forward if we do not achieve one by July 20,” Kerry said.

By path forward, Kerry means more rounds of pointless negotiations that buy time for Iran’s nuclear program.

  • Ban Liberals

    Should we expect anything else from the administration of treason?

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      • Ban Liberals

        Anyone dumb enough to do this, or more importantly believe this nonsense, deserves Obama.

  • ObamaYoMoma

    Muslims can’t make permanent agreements with infidels. They can only make what is a Hudna, which is a kind of temporary truce that Muslims make with infidels that they fully intend to break as some point in the future when they deem the time is right. Indeed, this is the reason why the so-called peace process between Israel and the so-called Palestinians is an obvious farce, and this is the reason why the negotiations with Iran are also preordained to fail for the infidel world, but not fail for the ruling Mullahs of Iran. Indeed, John Kerry is the personification of a dupe. He is a walking talking Neville Chamberlain, and the man that he works for is just as mentally incompetent.


      No Hudna.

      Just Nakba, ETERNAL NAKBA.

  • Pete

    It would be better if we got a Hollywood actress who was dumb as a box of rocks and negotiated in the buff.

    The outcome would not be different but at least it could be televised live and we would have eye candy.

    Currently, we have conceited, stupid and ugly diplomat, John Kerry, wasting time and putting us at risk.


      Which Kardashian are you thinking of?

      • Pete

        Doesn’t matter. They are all more pleasing to the eye than Mr. Horse Face.

  • Pete

    Well Riyadh is getting nuked. That is for certain.

    Saudi Arabia and Iran are going to go at it. Iran will not nuke the Shia east of Saudi Arabia nor mecca or Medina. That leaves Riyadh.

    I mean sure they could hit Taif or one of the coastal cities but that will not have as much political or military effect to balance out the opprobrium or action they will get from the rest of the world.

    If or when the is happens look for John Kerry to go full bore opprobrium. Ouch!


      Mecca would get taken out, Qom taken out, Tehran taken out.

      The Islamofascist world, Sunni/Shiite/Salifi/Wahabbi, is Target Rich.

      • Pete

        I believe the Iranians would not want to try to take Mecca at least initially. With a large hit to the population, and the leadership the calculation maybe that the wind would go out of the sails of the Saudi military and nation. Also if you hit mecca Muslims from the Mahgreb to Indonesia would want your head. But maybe I am wrong.

        If things get desperate the Iranians will use it. they will not target Moscow. Moscow has ballistic missile defenses. Other obvious targets are Israel and Europe (Thankyou MR President for scrapping ABM defenses in the Czech Republic; What an utter m0r0n!). Why Israel might not get hi is because the have ABM defenses and the Shia and Sunni will be locked in a death struggle.

        I rather like the school n Baghdad that had 4 schools of Islamic law under one roof (4 wings). That sort of arrangement might have allowed for peaceful resolution. We have not hear much about that storied school/university. Wonder why.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      Iran can just overrun Saudi Arabia. It’s not like their army of princes is going to be much use.

      • Pete

        77 million versus 29 million 2.65 to 1

        The Iranian are more seasoned & have more espirit de corps. Saudi Society is probably more fractured than the Iranians. The Saudis should be working with the Pakistanis, Azeris, Jordanians and others. The Azeris want a piece of Iran and they have the weapons and recent combat experience. The Azeris also have some Israeli cooperation.

        The Pakistanis and Iranians have good relations although they back different people in Afghanistan.

        An army of princes could work, but they have to be willing to to fight hard and die. People are awfully envious of them in Saudi Arabia.that does not help social cohesion and may hurt less unit cohesion.

        My statement was probably premature. But I can see a nuke being used if it is a bloody stalemate for 2 or 3 years. The Iranians may be able to take over the Shia eastern part of Saudi Arabia as easily as ISIS took Mosul. Saudi Arabia would have very little income at that point.

        Perhaps you are right.

        • Gee

          Iran couldn’t defeat Iraq after 10 years of combat. Neither of them are worth a darn

          • Pete

            Iran got smarter. They did the human wave thing. Then later in the swamps they started using infiltration tactics and were more dangerous.

            From what I understand (& I could be wrong) they have some good light infantry.

            They are also good at spying on people using cellphones and computers. They showed Hezbollah how and rounded up people.

            In the Faw Peninsula the Iraqis ground the Iranians down through sheer fire power from artillery.

        • Drakken

          The Saudi armed forces are run and maintained by westerners, if hostilities break out, the Saudi’s won’t last more than a week before everything breaks down and they are rendered useless. If you believe that those perfumed child molesting princess will get their hands dirty, your wrong, they will flood the west trying to get away from their own demise.

          • Pete

            Some princes flew F15s and engaged in air to air combat during the Gulf War.

            That might have been brave. But considering the weapon systems involved it might not have been.

            Further, they did not fly mission after mission over Iraq. The shootdown by the prince was around the vicinity of the Saudi-Iraqi border if I recall correctly, so there was not much of a SAM threat. It would also have been easy to have been picked up if shot down perhaps.

            At this time (1991) the UAE recruits were pathetic. They had a hard time doing calisthenics for strength training.

            I would say they were weak around 1991 but stronger now. But you are in the region and I am not and have not been for several years.


    I don’t blame fascist iran.

    I blame the civilized world for buying fascist irans excuses.

    Stop Fascist iran NOW or the result will be a nuclear WW3.

    Take Fascist iran at its word when it says the following.

    I say DEATH to Fascist iran!

    HANG the ayatollahs!


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  • Hard Little Machine

    There is enough evidence to suggest that Iran has been a nuclear armed state since sometime in 2012 and they reached a quiet detente with Obama not to advertise it in exchange for Obama not making a big deal. They didn’t upset his election and he wasn’t forced to lie about some red lines. But in either case the odds are good Iran has a gadget. A early prototype. All they’re really dragging out now is the time line for announcing that they’ve weaponized to the point they can stuff it on one of their missiles and more or less reach somewhere in Israel. If they can get a weaponized gadget to weigh in at no more than 1000 lbs then they’re done as far as the politics of nuclear weapons is concerned. And as long as they ‘promise’ the EU that their payloads can’t reach western Europe they’ll remain unmolested. Not even the EU cares about Greece, Cyprus or Bulgaria so even if Iran could theoretically nuke those places Brussels won’t mind.


      2012. That’s during Sheik Hussein term.

    • sydchaden

      Absolutely right! Iran and North Korea have been collaborating on their missile and nuclear programs for years. The nuclear tests in North Korea can be regarded as Iranian tests, as well as North Korean tests. Obama knows it, pretends otherwise so that he isn’t called upon to act on his commitment that Iran will not be permitted to acquire a nuclear weapon. Iran pretends otherwise, because it gets Iran reductions in onerous sanctions. Think of Obama and Iran as “co-pretenders”.

      • Pete

        “The nuclear tests in North Korea can be regarded as Iranian tests, as well as North Korean tests. ”

        People who read military newspapers or military blogs know this. The MSM won’t bother to learn or if they do know ( a few of them) bother to tell the rest of America.

        If it does become an issue, some “expert” form a liberal think tank will be marched out onto a cable show and explain how this is not Obama’s or the Democrat’s fault.

  • Mladen_Andrijasevic

    Matthew Kroenig’s “A Time to Attack” is The Long Telegram on Iran

    • zoomie

      ” Since Netanyahu according to Ari Shavit has had in depth discussions with Bernard Lewis and is convinced that “if the ayatollahs obtained nuclear weapons, they would use them”it is not inconceivable that Israel would, according to the Sunday Times, use tactical nuclear weapons to destroy the facility at Qom. ”

      if he didn’t, he might as well put his right arm straight out at about 35 degress above level

  • Erudite Mavin

    A hallmark of Obama and his Adm.
    Running out the clock to enable Iran or any other enemy.
    Their little helpers, the Pauls, Ron and Rand who have been against sanctions on Iran and Ron stating Iran is not a threat and has a right to have Nuclear weapons.
    Rand’s foot and half of the other is also in that camp.

  • SoCalMike

    The Iranian Nuke should have the words stamped on the nose cone “With Love From Obama.”

  • yo neighbor

    when Carter allowed the Shah to be overthrown he may have truly believed by komami was a Man of God and that no harm could come from a religious people over throwing a dictator, yes I am grasping at his plausible deniability. But this administration must surely know no good can come from these talks, that indeed Iran plans to go Nuclear without a doubt.

  • ChangeIranNow

    The one non-negotiable part for Iran will is its insistence
    on significantly upgrading and expanding its refining capacity with next
    generation centrifuges. Zarif and other ranking officials, including Khamenei
    have drawn a line in the sand at refining capacity because with it, they could
    afford to give away almost every other concession to the West while still
    retaining the ability to quickly generate a stockpile of weapons grade
    material. Iran views this capacity as its trump card against the perceived
    threat posed by Israel and its final Billy club it can use against its
    neighbors since possessing the ability to quickly make bomb material is almost
    as good as the ability to build a bomb since Iran already possesses the
    technical knowhow to assemble and deliver a weapon thanks to North Korea
    technology transfers.

  • Hussam Imtiaz

    National Council of Resistance of Iran, a broad coalition of democratic Iranian organizations, groups, and personalities, was founded in 1981 in Tehran, Iran on the initiative of Massoud Rajavi, the leader of the Iranian Resistance. For more information visit