Iran TV Shocks Nation with Uncensored Video of Musical Instruments


If you can follow the logic behind this train of thought, you just might be a Shiite Muslim. Still counterrevolutions have to start small. Like not photoshopping flowers in place of musical instruments.

Iran’s Channel One television has caused a sensation by showing musical instruments on screen for the first time in 30 years, it’s reported. Some Shia Muslim clerics say broadcasting music is at odds with the religion, and Iran has adopted a curious policy of broadcasting concerts but not showing the instruments – often replacing them with pictures of flowers.

Strangely, TV aimed at Iranians abroad does show instruments.

… because that’s the only strange thing about all this.

I’ve heard of enjoying the beef, but not wanting to see how it gets made. In Iran, you can enjoy music, so long as you don’t actually watch how it gets made.

Channel One’s move was welcomed by Iran’s more liberal media. Sharq newspaper ran a major article which declared: “The spell on showing instruments in the national media is finally broken”. But Gholamreza Bakhtiari, the producer of the programme in question, insisted the incident was an error. The hardline Fars news agency quoted him as saying that the footage was “simply our mistake”, and that “of course, I am ready to accept the consequences”.

Off with his head. He displayed musical instruments without replacing them with flowers.

IRIB, the Iranian state broadcaster, has faced criticism over the long running ban. Singer Alireza Qorbani complained that Iranian children are being cut off from their cultural legacy by a broadcaster that is happy to show knife fights in feature films. In response to the debate, IRIB recently showed jazz-fusion outfit Palett miming instruments during a recent performance.

Air saxophone is a uniquely Shiite niche.

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  • A Z

    The Iman I think are reasoning along 2 lines. First, if you have fun it will keep you away from religious studies and duties. Second, music leads to interest in the other zex which leads to zexual immorality. They are both faulty arguments.

    But I can see these same Imans as villains in movies telling the object of their desire “If I can’t have you, no one can” before murdering the woman. It is the same species of reasoning.

  • Ide-Clair

    And liberals blame everybody but muslims themselves for why muslims are stagnant. They embrace nothing but hate, intolerance and violence and shun beautiful things like musical instruments.

  • Ali Mahdi

    Here is an article about the sins regarding music:

    Why do you see our religious beliefs and customs through Western eyes?
    Certain styles of music, not all, are considered haraam or forbidden in
    Islam as they can lead to indecent acts. For example, those listening to
    heavy metal music aren’t usually going to go pray afterwords or be in a
    state of mind to pray with full contemplation. Islamic law stops indecency at the root, not by allowing a little bit of something forbidden because it isn’t too harmful.

    Classical music is not considered haraam by some of our scholars as it is seen as an art form rather than entertainment.

    I am a Canadian convert to Islam who lives in the Islamic Republic of
    Iran, where I am studying Islamic theology in the seminary of Qom.