Iran Viewed Al Qaeda’s US Terror Cells as Key Asset


Relations among terrorists and terror states are complicated. Iran has been conducting a one-sided courtship with Al Qaeda for some time. Unlike Hamas, not only did Al Qaeda not prove very amenable, but harboring Al Qaeda very directly backfired on Iran.

Mohsin Al-Fadhli, a Kuwaiti citizen who is wanted by Kuwaiti, Saudi Arabian and American security authorities due to his involvement in several terror operations, is the de facto leader of ‘al-Qaeda’ in Syria and is a personal representative of the group’s world leader Ayman Al-Zawahri, informed sources say. They explained that Al-Fadhli, who is among the most dangerous terrorists in the world, had moved from Iran to Syria in mid of 2013.

He was the leader of al-Qaeda in Iran between 2011 and 2012. When the Iranian authorities placed him under house arrest

Now he’s doing a good deal of damage to Iran in Syria.

Meanwhile, intelligence sources elaborated on some of the objectives that Iran is striving to achieve through its cooperation with al-Qaeda.

They indicated that the most important objective is to use al- Qaeda’s world terror cells to target western nations particularly the United States of America in case their nuclear facilities face any kind of military strikes from the US or Israel.

They revealed that Iran believes al- Qaeda’s terror cells are the most important asset that can be used in either secret or open negotiations with the United States. Iran offered to train al-Qaeda elements on how to use bombs, and provided some financial support and safe refuge as part of an agreement that was reached in 2009, which resulted in the execution of the related agendas.

There are some strong suggestions that Al Qaeda did indeed get training from Hezbollah at one point, but it doesn’t seem as if Iran has gotten much out of the deal. Iran could pass along WMDs to be used by Al Qaeda against the US and retain plausible deniability, but that would mean trusting Al Qaeda with it and the Sunni group has shown itself even more eager to kill Shiites than Americans.

  • wileyvet

    Iran has been the chief sponsor of global terrorism and an enemy of America for 35 years, and yet the clueless President, thought his smooth talk and magnetic personality would temper the Iranian mullahs bellicosity and belligerence. It goes beyond simple naivete to one of extreme recklessness and foolhardiness. Why, when every Islamic country in the world has become more extreme, would one think that extending an olive branch to Iran would be a good idea? They needed to be kept as a pariah state, and have their neck wrung by sanctions. It floors me to no end, to see such countries accorded diplomatic niceties, when they should be condemned repeatedly to the eyes of the world. Obama’s overtures legitimize Iran and its ideology, emboldening them to continue being the bane of the world.


    Fascist Iran will be wiped off the face of the Earth.


  • 2BlackCoffee71

    AlQaeda aka al-CIA-DA were and are CIA assets. The alleged AlQaeda so-called “terrorists” are Sunni and have nothing to do with Shiite Iran and vice verse. But I know, don’t let the facts get in the way of your anti-Muslim, fear-mongering polemic that fits right into the military-industrial complex’ propaganda.