Iranian Leader Suggests Hamas Use Civilians as Human Shields for its Tunnels

It’s a really evil plan, which is exactly what you expect from a former Commander of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard.

After his great plan in which the entire adult male population of Gaza invades Israel, the former IRGC commander shows his military expertise by suggesting that Hamas uses the tunnels to launch rockets, suggests also using them for civilians.

Then then there’s the usual bragging about how Israel hasn’t attacked Iran because Iran would destroy Israel. That is of course exactly the kind of talk that justifies any preemptive strike against Iran’s nuclear program.

Even without the IRGC Commander, Hamas will probably start putting civilians into its tunnels before too long in the hopes of crippling Israel’s ability to easily shut down the tunnels. All Hamas needs is a few tunnel dead baby photos to protect its latest terror tactic.


    I recommend using Ayatollahs and leaders of Fascist Iran’s Revolutionary Gestapo as Human Shields for the Hamass tunnels.

    The Israeli and Persian people would benefit too.

  • Lanna

    We should all be concerned about sickos plotting and planning more attacks using tunnels….Hamas needs to be psycho analyzed for using their children for shields. The Jews rejected child sacrifice 3,500 years ago. Now its Hamas’ turn. What we are going through today is not a battle of Jew versus Arab or Israeli versus Palestinian. Rather its a battle between those who celebrate life and those who champion death. Its a battle of civilization verses barbarism.

  • PQ

    Yet another reason why there cannot be another Arab state. Which responsible world leader will declare the 2 state solution is no longer viable?

  • Matthew Johnston

    Do us a favor and put them on the third level of the complex that has the two upper levels EOD and bulldozed over including the ventilation shafts. 1 and 2 have to be cleared to seal off 3 and whatever is below that. Thanks in advance.