Iranian President Boasts of Humiliating Obama

Hasan Rowhani

Iran is a little too enthusiastic here. Bragging about humiliating Obama is like boasting that you beat up a punching bag. Everyone else has already humiliated Obama.

Why shouldn’t Iran join the party.

“At the meeting we had with the president, Rohani said: ‘After I won the elections, Obama relayed a message to me, [even] before [my September 2013] visit to New York. The White House contacted me five times seeking a meeting.’ Now the question must be asked: Why does this superpower insist on meeting Iran’s president… while calling us a third-world [country]?

“Rohani said: During my journey to New York, I arrived at the hotel on Monday night and again they contacted me from the White House. I assembled the delegation accompanying me and we decided not to meet [with Obama]. On Tuesday afternoon after the press conference, they said to me, ‘why did you humiliate Obama and America?’, and I said there was no humiliation.

Here I recalled the words of the Imam [Khomeini] who said that one must humiliate the infidel leaders.

“The next part comes from [Foreign Minister] Zarif, who said: ‘Wednesday and Thursday passed, and on Friday they contacted me five times from the White House and said that there should at least be a courtesy telephone conversation.’

I asked why a superpower needs to meet or ask us how we are.

“If Obama asked for a meeting five times before the visit to New York and several times during the visit, it’s because over these eight years measures were taken [by Iran] and, as a result, the United States [now] needs Iran. In Syria, the U.S. did not manage to attack and was humiliated.

In practice, Obama was humiliated because he did not stand up to Iran, and hence it is necessary to meet with Iran’s president to show that he is a strong man and tell the world.”

These cheap Islamic thugs are wrong of course. Obama never intended to beat them. The sanctions were just a way of getting Iran to the table so that Obama could cut a deal with them against the protests of the national security crowd.

Obama doesn’t think that he’s being humiliated because he doesn’t seem himself as an American leader. He sees America being humiliated by him where Iran sees Obama as the representative of America being humiliated by them.

  • VL123

    Well…at least that’s something he can brag about. More than what McCain or Romney did.

  • darnellecheri

    For some reason, this seems akin to our First Lady, Michelle Obama, making a fool out of herself on national television with Jimmy Fallon on their presentation, “Evolution of Mom Dancing.” Sometimes, I am just stupefied or maybe I am too old (50s) to understand why the leaders of this magnificent country have stooped to such ghettoization (my word). This administration has no shame or no honor. Imagine, stooping this country to new lows in begging our enemies to deal with us. Truly, a sign of an absence of true leadership.

  • A Z

    “Iranian President Boasts of Humiliating Obama”

    Is this proof that the Rohana is a moderate with who we can work?

  • dad1927

    He should bow to garbage cans too. He teaches us incredibly stupid the democrats are siding with islam. Will McCain be running as a democrat in the next election?

  • Elizabeth Cape Cod

    obama begs to meet the terrorist dictator, but disses Netanyahu, who represents the most democratic, peaceful, respectful country in the middle east.

  • DontMessWithAmerica

    Daniel, you usually hit the nail on the head but when you try to play Sigmund Freud, like him, you get a bit beyond reality. This type of exploration isn’t worth the time invested. I dismiss the whole thing by pegging Obama as a sick s.o.b. who will practically always make the wrong move. Half of America must by now have smaller teeth from grinding them for the past five years.

  • Karen Sherry Brackett

    In my opinion, this Rohani protests too much… any time a Iranian protests this much they are hiding something or attempting to hide something… no doubt the actual eight conversations that they claim never happened. lol Iran is a tiny country from which most of its citizens are too embarrassed to even claim it and call themselves Persians. We need to outlaw Islam internationally and be done with the global jihadi mess.