Iraq Bombs Sharia Court, Kill Islamic State’s Sharia Judge

No Sharia for you...

No Sharia for you…

In a tragic display of Islamophobia, the Iraqi air force carried out an air strike against an ISIS Islamic Sharia Court.

An Iraqi government air strike on a Sharia court set up by Islamic State militants in the northern Iraqi city of Mosul killed 60 people on Wednesday, the office of the prime minister’s military spokesman said.

The Islamic State judge who ran the court was among those killed, the spokesman said.

I can’t imagine on what grounds anyone might object to the peaceful religion’s religious courts, which we are repeatedly told by our own media, should be welcomed in the United States.

The Sunni militants routinely hand down sentences such as beheadings.

But maybe they were peaceful beheadings. Did anyone think of that?

Hospital officials and witnesses said earlier that the air strike had killed 50 people in a makeshift prison set up by the Islamic State, which seized large chunks of Iraq in June.

As you can see from the last paragraph, ISIS is borrowing some of the same tactics as Hamas.

  • Jason P

    They were terrorist insurgents but “now they have an address.”

  • Habbgun

    According to Leftist logic if you bomb a sharia court you’ll just get more sharia courts.

    • Pete

      Some if not all if the prisoners were innocent. I hate to see them bombed. Knowing the tract record of ISIS, I would think that getting bombed is preferably to a bullet in the back of the head or your throat slit. It is more dignified.

      I hope those “judges” have more than a little fear in their hearts now of getting executed.

  • wileyvet

    Ooh, that’s going to make ISIS mad.

  • pete-unlinked


  • Contemptuous Maximus

    When do they blow up the local female circumcision clinic?

  • truebearing

    “In Allah’s name the evil ones will be destroyed ..BOOM….”

    Court adjourned.