Iraqi Muslim Rapes Blind German Senior Citizen, Gets Parole and $4800 Fine


But the good news is that the taxi authority may consider suspending his license.

For two years, an Iraqi taxi-driver drove his blind customer: he helped with shopping and picked her up at the doctor’s. He called her “sweetie”. Then he raped her.

The trial of Hannover’s worst taxi-driver, Nihad S. (49) has begun.

In July 2013 this family man (father of three) brought pensioner, Brigitte C., to her apartment. Then he became intrusive. The prosecutor Stefan Dach said, “In her apartment, he pushed her onto her bed. The woman tried to push him away.”

At the trial, the German-Iraqi admitted everything. “I am a helpful person, driving many women, I have never had any problem. I am sorry.”

Victim advocate Anke Geißler said, “That was some brutality there. My client thought that at her age she would be safe from sexual attacks.”

The verdict: two years on parole (i.e., suspended sentence). In addition, the taxi driver must pay the victim €3600. Judge Jörn Thyen said, “He has shown remorse, and has spared the victim from testifying.”

The taxi firm where the horror-driver worked has fired him. The city is reviewing the case, with a view to withdrawing his taxi license.

Oh he’s shown remorse. Well that’s different then.

  • Veracious_one

    For two years, an Iraqi taxi-driver drove his blind customer: he helped with shopping and picked her up at the doctor’s. He called her “sweetie”. Then he raped her.

    he probably became more radicalized after spending more time at the mosque…

    • defcon 4

      IOW learning more about his wonderful, tolerant, peaceful religion…

  • BS77

    Ahhhh multiculturism….ahhh diversity. Aint it grand?

  • Max

    Diversity kills.

  • Painted Horse

    A deranged judgement from a deranged looking Judge.

    • Tim

      The judge can point to mitigating factors.

      The victim is elderly.
      The victim is blind.
      The victim is non-Muslim.

      Sane people would call these aggravating factors to be considered during sentencing.

      • laura r

        there is no sentencing for 3rd worlders, especially muslims. thats a fact. case closed. im sure this man will be working as a driver, either w/the company or independent. im sure he will attack others as well. its a given. this is what they do. its a no brainer. either they attack or have an outburst, or rob your $, or threaten you, or lock the doors. yes in the middle of NYC as well. no not only muslims but loations, dominicanos (new ones), africans. dont ever let them in your building if you are ordering food, dont buzz them in. be very careful.

  • laura r

    you can never ever take taxies w/3rd world drivers. end of case. even if it seems fine, it always turns bad. this is typical in england, i am sure all over europe. most of these people are degenerates. i have spent time in latin america, years. no one ever uses a cab company. i suggest the same for USA, canada. i stand by that.

    • defcon 4

      I don’t take taxis anywhere if I can avoid it. I’ll walk or take the bus, but I refuse to finance muslimes and their worldwide jihad.

  • Drakken

    Since justice has been brutally denied, I hope this poor woman’s family deals with it with extreme prejudice. Get rope and a pigs foot and swing away.

    • guest

      When the king is to weak or unwilling to dispense justice it is up to the individual, family, extended family, clan, tribe or ethnic group to dispense it.

      Starting in the 7th century kings forbade families and clans from seeking justice outside the kings purview. Now governments deliver no justice. they have been hijacked by elites living in gated communities (castles) with private security (knights). They say there is not much concern.They are not much concerned about violence.

      • laura r

        in places like mexico (etc), people take the law into their own hands. they have no choice, as there isnt any protection.

  • Sireta Neighbors

    When it comes to rape by Muslim men, there is no safe age. If you are in your 70’s you are not safe. If you are 4 years old you are not safe. Muslim men have no self control, that’s why the women must keep themselves covered from head to toe at all times and even then they are not safe from their own family members. Muslim men can use any excuse and get away with it, because their esteemed leader, Mohammed told them it is alright to abuse women. Nothing has changed since that piece of crap decided he was the supreme authority and they all believed him.

    • laura r

      this should be an annoucement in every european, canadian, american city. somehow this message need to be out there. if its illegal to put a flyer in a public place, then post on internet, on all as many sites as possible.

      • Sally

        putting a flyer in a public place might get you a more serious punishment than this rapist got.

        • laura r

          sneaky, put them up where ladies shop, work etc. nothing fancy, just a typed notice. if you can help anyone than help. internet yes, on all websights that cater to women. also any anti multi cultural site.

    • bahia bob

      muslims are the type if they thought there was a snake in a rock pile, they would do the rock pile. Cut the pervert’s johnston off,bahia bob and send him back to Iraqi .

  • albany le

    Crazy. I would dismember his “equipement” them beat him half to death before calling the cops.

  • Anukem Jihadi

    All’s well that ends well, till next time anyway.

  • objectivefactsmatter

    Multiculturalism in our every day lives.

    I like Chinese food, but this is ridiculous.

    • laura r

      @one time i loved the diversity of NY. a little of this a little that. matter of fact i grew up in an ethnic enclave. fast foward: after the 1st ammesty was passed……..the thrill was gone.

      • objectivefactsmatter

        Most Americans that live anywhere near ports of entry value diversity quite a lot.

        “Multiculturalism” is more about coercion and creating false moral equivalence arguments to justify the coercion.

        And be careful when you hear leftists using “diversity” because it’s often a softening remark on the way to their theories about multiculturalism. Which really means internationalism – and we really need a (communist) international sovereign to make it all “fair.” Though most of the duped foot soldiers don’t understand what they’re arguing for.

        • laura r

          youre right, i shoudnt use the word diversity. it was a melting pot. the people fit in to america in these ethnic enclaves. we also knew knew not to stray too far. there was no converstaion about race. just common sence. some neighborhods were not safe, & that was that.(black & “spanish”- but it wasnt mentioned). lets face it, everyone who came in 1900 was european, except the chinese, but they were hard workers. during the 70s, the immigrants from india were tech experts, a higher class of people.

          • objectivefactsmatter

            Multiculturalism is still a form of diversity, it’s just not very explicit. We can have diversity within a culture. Or we can say that more than one single culture can live side by side. Well, kind of..yeah.

            But understanding the case they’re building is important. They’re trying to use clever word games to slowly wedge open the door for the idea that all nations that try to preserve their own cultures are “fascist.” Borders are fascist. Expecting any nation to have sovereignty over people as they come and go? Fascist. Only the benign people’s party of the UN global government can rule with optimal social justice.

            Think globally, act locally!!!

            I’m just helping you work on your BS detector.

          • laura r

            the book about PC language was released before the ammesty. it was to prepare the society for what was coming across the board, not only multi culti but everything. ofcause i can connect the dots, i am very aware of “trend speech”. the subtle diabolical manipualtion of the mass mind. believe me, there was nothing remotely resembling the islamic culture in any enclave while i was a child. you were safe in taxis, as the drivers were: jewish irish italian in general. fast foward again: to the late 80s, the nightmare began. when the nightmare is about to beginning, the govt, media, university is telling people is a dream. (right, a real dream act). it wasnt a melting pot anymore, it was a culture war.

  • mackykam

    This judge would have fit in perfectly with Hitler’s rigged tribunals.

    That said I believe this muslim was offended by his victim’s offered ‘trink-gelt’, translated into English as ‘drinking money’ or as we know it, a tip for driving her. Muslims aren’t supposed to drink and this offended his muslim sensibilities. Instead of chopping her head off he just raped her. What’s a little penetration compared to a major hair cut? And that, you see, was the judge’s logic.
    However, once you have to pay the rape victim indemnity money the rape becomes a cash transaction, the woman being paid for use of her body. Is prostitution legal in Germany without a license? If not she needs to be brought up on charges.

  • iluvisrael

    I say disarm the ba$tard!

  • mark

    There was an article I read recently, detailing the situation in Britain, listing the muslim taxi drivers rape jihad, same thing is happening where-ever there are muslims of course in many countries.

  • evagoldschmidt

    Unfortunately German judges are positively biased toward foreigners living in Germany. They always blame the victim. The German judicial system is obscene in that respect and defying the legal rights of the victims

  • Robert Spurgeon Sr.

    Do everyone a Favor , Hang the RAT PIG. !!

  • Georgina

    Now if only he had torn a few pages out of a book, he would still be in prison!

  • Hard Little Machine

    He could be the leader of Sweden. I say give him a chance.

  • Dave L.

    Obviously if he were a NON-muslim, he would be rotting in prison and covered with shame.

  • Dave L.

    – Hey Mo, why’d you rape that old, blind broad?
    — ’cause all the young ones have guide-dogs.
    — Ahh right, and a dog would violate the purity of your cab.
    –Exactly. Plus, they can be very protective. That she had no dog was a clear sign that Alla willed it.