Irish Man Converts to Islam, Beheads Mom over Divorce

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Mothers, don’t let your boys grow up to be Muslim converts or if they don’t behead a British soldier like Michael Adebolajo and Michael Adebowale, they just might behead you. (via Religion of Peace)

Irishman Dunleavy, 40 – a Muslim convert – was last week found guilty of killing 66-year-old Philomena, cutting up her body and burying her in a shallow grave.

He was ordered to be detained in the State Hospital at Carstairs before he returns to court for sentencing in April.

It has now emerged that Dunleavy may have misinterpreted the Koran and slaughtered his mother in an honour killing after she split from his dad

Oh yes, “misinterpreted”. So many Muslims misinterpreting the Koran these days. At least according to the non-Muslims of the media.

Mohammed Razaq, who ran the shop below Dunleavy’s Edinburgh flat, befriended him after he moved to Scotland and helped him convert to Islam.

Razaq believes the killer felt his mother had betrayed the family by leaving his dad and going to live with another man.

“I think it was an honour killing, he was trying to protect his family’s honour.”

A source added: “James was pretty obsessed when it came to religion. He was brought up a Catholic but just decided one day he would convert to Islam.

“I can’t say if he killed his mum because he converted, but he believed very strongly in the morals of the Koran and was furious about his mum leaving his dad for someone else. He saw it as adultery and they had a massive argument about it.”

“He was very, very serious about it and cared a lot about it. His faith was very important to him and he prayed five times a day.

That’s generally a warning sign when it comes to a religion whose clerics continue to promote the death penalty for any number of things.

  • Gee

    Nothing quite says honor your mother like beheading her and cutting her up.

    Oh that religion of peace and so many of it’s members are so ignorant of it’s meaning that they require non-Muslims to tell them how they “misinterpreted” their own religion

    • defcon 4

      But sarcastically speaking, Christianity is just as bad!

      • MarilynA

        Oh, Give me a break. Christians don’t honor kill their daughters . And if Christians behaved like Muslims there wouldn’t be any Gay activists left to be demanding special rights and recognition so they can have unfettered access to our children. That’s just two differences. If you think you are abused and persecuted because Christians admonish all people to give up their sinful ways and “go and sin no more” I suggest you move to one of your beloved Islamic lands and see how long you last.

        • defcon 4

          I did preface my ridiculous comment w/the statement:
          “sarcastically speaking”.

          • tickletik


            there. A random hug of love for you from one human being on the internet to another good human being.

        • OhioAhmad

          Yo he be saying sarcastic?
          You all showing you can’t read or something?
          Honor killing is like saying jumbo shrimp. They ain’t mix together hahaha

        • tickletik


          there. A random hug of love for you from one human being on the internet to another good human being.

    • OhioAhmad

      Mos def that boy ain’t reading but garbage. Put them bets up he can’t read. No job no girl no read and now….no momma lol

      • Gee

        Could you try that in something besides Ebonics?

  • Crassus

    Another great example of the good work done by a devout member of the Religion of Peace.

  • Michael Weinstein

    Was that wrong? This poor asshole was caught in a dilemma! What’s a poor schmuck to do? “Should I kill her, should I let her live and be happy? No, I think I’ll kill her! It’ll make Allah happy!”

    • OhioAhmad

      If he banging her now he ain’t got no humpdahump. Who he banging now big bubba?? I guess he can’t hump the momma he go hump on big bubba up in the joint.

  • laura r

    it looks like potential serial killers, or just plain killers will convert. they have company in their insanity. then they can have a group rationalization for the murders. when they go to jail they have all the other muslim converts to relate too. i guess there is no line anymore between sociopath & just folks. the writting is on the walls.

  • Phil Voltaire

    He could’ve been hari krishna and done the same thing… because he’s bat-shit crazy. Period.

    • defcon 4

      Duh, yeah that’s it Ahmed, it had nothing to do w/him being muslime, despite the fact he mentioned he killed her for committing adultery, for which the proper islamic sentence is death

  • defcon 4

    I’ll bet the various islamic atrocities we read about (because we never hear about them, thanks to a corrupt enemedia) are only the tip of a gigantic iceberg of islamic atrocities we never hear/read about, because islamic states are hardly free, and freedom of the press a poor joke in all of them.

  • defcon 4

    Islam, creating psychopaths since 1000 C.E.

    • MarilynA

      Actually Mohammed thought up Islam and incorporated the pagan descendants of Ismael into his cult in the 600s, by promising them that they could kill Jews and other non believers, confiscate their belongings, and enslave their wives and children. Mohammed was motivated to began his anti Jewish crusade because the Jewish leaders had refused to accept him as one of them because they thought he was crazy. Did you know that their sacred Kabala Icon, .housed in that black building in Mecca, is really a rock that was left when a meteor hit the earth?

  • jakespoon

    Just being a good muslim.

  • Rita Smith Whitaker

    Hate and violence can be found in all religions and ethnicticities. Like Hitler killing millions because they didn’t have blonde hair and blue eyes or because they had a different religion. Try again asshat!

    • truebearing

      So, you admit that the teachings of Islam were what drove the idiot to killing his own mother. Now name one religion that teaches that all members of all other religions be killed. Now name one other religion that encourages sons to kill their mothers or sisters. Now name one where fathers encourage sons to participate in the stoning to death of their own mother. Now please explain what “ethnicticities” means.

      i guess you’re just projecting the hate and prediliction for mass murder endemic to those who adhere to religions like Marxism.

  • Islamisthereligionofpeace

    More PROPAGANDA to feed the ignorant. Lovely

    • defcon 4

      Ah, the too typical islam0nazi pig propagandist, squealing about islam being a religion of peace, even as they everyday atrocities committed by muslimes all over the world prove him wrong.

  • Jason P

    Let’s play mainstream media (also called Devil’s Advocate).

    MM: Over a billion Muslims and one or two behead their mothers. This can’t be Islam.
    Answer: Most Muslim women submit to avoid this fate. Notice how many are now wearing Burkas in Muslim nations that just a few years ago had beaches with bikini clad gals.

    MM: It’s not in the Koran.
    Answer: Beheading is. Physical punishment for women is. 2 + 2

    MM: It’s a perversion of Islam. Islam is peaceful.
    Answer: Islam is not monolithic. Many Muslims are returning to the original Islam of Mohammad and the first four rightly guided Capliphs. They call this Salafi. We can at least say it is a bona fide strain of Islam. Mohammad is not Muslim?

    MM: He did it without a fatwa
    Answer: “A mother is a boy’s best friend.” – Norman Bates. OK, that’s gratuitous but I couldn’t help it.

  • Lee

    Islam is unequivocal about executing married adulterers. The only Islamic quibble with Dunleavy’s head-chopping of his mother is that while Muhammad promoted chopping people up for “corrupt” behavior, he favored stoning for adulterers.

    The Kuwaiti Encyclopedia of Islamic Jurisprudence:

    “Muslim jurists are unanimous on the fact stoning to death is a specified punishment for married adulterer and adulteress. The punishment is recorded in number of traditions and the practice of the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) stands as an authentic source supporting it. This is the view held by all Companions, Successors and other Muslim scholars…”

    On killing adulterers, see for example the hadith of

    Bukhari Vol 9, Book 83, #17 [my emphasis]:

    ‘…Allah’s Apostle said, “THE BLOOD OF A MUSLIM who confesses that none has the right to be worshipped but Allah and that I am His Apostle, cannot be shed EXCEPT in three cases: In Qisas for murder, A MARRIED PERSON WHO COMMITS ILLEGAL SEXUAL INTERCOURSE, and the one who reverts from Islam (apostate) and leaves the Muslims.”

    Here’s Muhammad in action – killing men and women adulterers:

    Hadith of Bukhari, 60,#79
    ‘…THE PROPHET ORDERED the two adulterers to be STONED TO DEATH, and they were stoned to death near the place where biers used to be placed near the Mosque. I saw her companion (i.e. the adulterer) bowing over her so as to protect her from the stones.’

    Sunan Abu-Dawud Book 38, Number 4429:
    Narrated AbuBakrah: The Prophet (peace_be_upon_him) had a woman stoned and a pit was dug up to her breasts.

    In defense of Dunleavy’s choice of execution though, one could point to Muhammad’s Koran 5.33
    “The only reward of those who..strive after corruption in the land will be that
    they will be KILLED or CRUCIFIED or have their HANDS and FEET on
    alternate sides CUT OFF”

    The blame for Islamic killings in civilized countries lies not only with Islam, but also with the elites who openly allow Islam’s CRIMINAL INCITEMENT to be taught to impressionable or naturally violent people, instead of make such incitement to crime ILLEGAL, as every other form of criminal incitement is.

    • Positive Thinker

      I realize this is an anti islamic site. so i cannot expect positive comments. any ways. once upon a time, i used to get confused with these sites and regret to e muslim, but it made me read about islam, and now that i have read the real picture of islam, i realized all these anti sites are posting craps, and to my surprise, these sites had motived many muslims to learn islam and become good rather than being hater like hoster of many anti sites. ANy ways, Punishments in islamic society is governed by Goverment or leader with full proof and evidence and quite naturally cannot be taken by individual. So what this person has done is bad and he will be judged by god. All major punishments are purely not just to punish but also to prevent these crime and it helps and evident. I agree what this person has done is wrong, and at the same time, taking this as an example to generalize is also very bad. Logically, if islam teaches killing, there wont be any one left to speak all these, and not many people will revert to islam. i am witnessing plenty becoming muslim here every day. The killing of reverted people started happening when some jewish people became muslim and converted back just to show of something not right in the religion. The same people repeated the act of converting to islam and reverting for painting bad picture and history has recorded it. When the law of reverter be killed came, how many people became muslim for fun, zero. there is a lot of logic behind every act and it had helped in many cases. every question can be answered if people step out of box of hattedness and wants to think with sense. I have answers for almost everthing and i am happy these sites motived me to read. So, if some people dont like islam, i request them to come out of box and think without hattedness.

      • Lee

        Sorry for the delay responding. I was interested that you didn’t DENOUNCE Muhammad’s stoning to death of women and men, or his teaching of killing apostates, and adulterers, and chopping up “corrupt” people. Do you think you’re *naturally* the kind of person who likes people to be stoned or chopped up? Or is it only because you got indoctrinated in Muhammad’s cult that you feel this way?

        You write “Logically, if islam teaches killing, there wont be any one left to speak” – and you’re right. In Islamic countries NO ONE can speak freely. The threat of murder hangs over anyone who thinks differently from Muhammad – in accordance with his murderous teachings.

        Tell me, in the ideal State, should Non-Muslims be free to say publicly that we think Muhammad was a liar in his claim to speak for “Allah” (which is why nearly 6 BILLION of us don’t follow him) – or draw cartoons of him?

        Should Muslims be allowed to leave Islam, and criticize its inventor Muhammad?

        Should Muslims be allowed to practice homosexuality without punishment?

        Should Muslims be allowed to practice adultery without punishment?

  • OhioAhmad

    Damn he crazy.
    Probobly can’t get that momma love. All oedipussy jealous. He can’t get no real wifey? That boy just on one. He look all crazy. Just like his momma. If his momma be Muslim, boy, she woulda wooping on that kid. You better check your kids.

  • kal

    this has nothing to do with Islam whats wrong with you people!!!1

  • carltjohnson

    I think I have just identified the main problem here. Praying 5 times a day to the moon goddess doesn’t give one much time to grow up and become a conscious human being…what a way to enslave a society. Joey binladen would be proud..”.putting them back in chains”.

  • Wolfthatknowsall

    Mamas, don’t let your babies grow up to be …
    Muslims …

  • Simon Timothy

    When people do whatever they believe, it is their right! And there is nothing wrong in it like ‘same sex marriage’ and ‘abortion’ as our ‘Human rights’ people say.. He is correct as the ‘US political correctness’ goes about. There is nothing ‘right’ or ‘wrong’! We are free people!