Is Opposition to ObamaCare Racist, Sexist or Anti-Mormon?


The left never can seem to get its ObamaCare game together. And I’m not talking about the dysfunctional website or even more dysfunctional program. Those are functional things that the left doesn’t care that much about. Every time it screws up is just a reason for it to demand more money and power so that it can fix its last screw up by screwing it up even more.

I’m talking about what really counts. Assigning blame.

Theme 1 is that ObamaCare failed because Republicans are racist. A sample of that rhetoric comes from Gloria J. Browne-Marshall from the  John Jay College of Criminal Justice.

In January, President Barack Obama began his second term. However, southern White radicals vowed to stop implementation of the Obama-care law leading one to wonder if Tea Party members would oppose affordable healthcare if it came from a nonBlack President.

Because if there’s one thing that Tea Party members love it’s big government social entitlements as long as they come from white men.

It’s striking how little many politically active black people in urban areas know about the Tea Party. But they keep referencing it nonetheless. Instead they adopt the MSNBC attitude of conflating it with the KKK.

But ObamaCare is just HillaryCare in drag. And even if Bill Clinton was our first black president, I don’t think that privilege extends to Hillary. No amount of blurred vision will let her pass as a soul sister.

If opposition to ObamaCare is racist, then why did Republicans oppose HillaryCare? Sexism obviously.

But wait…

Theme 2, the main theme in the pro liberal ranks, is that ObamaCare is just RomneyCare. Michael Moore’s op-ed just used that same talking point.

So if ObamaCare is really RomneyCare then opposition to it can’t be racist, it must be Anti-Mormon.

The left has been claiming that Obama adopted a Republican program and that Republicans only hate it because it was proposed by a black man. If only it had been proposed by a Republican president, they would have gone for it.

But if you believe that, then there are no policy differences. Only racial differences. If only Bill Clinton could run for a third term, Republicans would go along with everything he says and they wouldn’t try to impeach him.

We’ve run out racism, sexism and anti-mormonism. So why did Republicans oppose Bill Clinton?

  • Omar

    Once again, it is necessary to point out that 1. Obama is a mixed-race president who is not directly descended from the original African diaspora to the Western Hemisphere and 2. Opposition to the president’s agenda and policies is not racist. We should remind the left about their hypocritically racist behavior towards Herman Cain and other conservatives who happen to be of a racial or ethnic minority. We need to fight back against the left’s lies and propaganda.

  • Elizabeth Cape Cod

    I believe opposition to obamacare is ‘anti-MORON’. Only those who support it are PRO-moron.

  • Mike Rieker

    Is Opposition to ObamaCare Racist”?
    Good Lord, I hope so.

  • darnellecheri

    This article could be humorous if it wasn’t so tragically and truthfully pathetic. I began to laugh when reading it, then my heart broke, once again. Oh no, the “ism’s” have not been exhausted! We are in Communism/Socialism territory. Ok, maybe it’s that “soft European Socialism,” but when I travel to Europe and am surrounded by Europeans, all they complain about is their damn Socialist governments. They will never admit it, but they love the idea of an America that is not Socialist like them. Who do they have to love/hate if we become like them? Who would they covertly aspire to emulate if we become like them? Who would inspire them to innovation, free enterprise, and inclusion? One German told me once: “Perhaps, you don’t understand, but whatever America does or doesn’t do affects us and our well-being. You may not realize that, but we do.”

    • Nixonfan

      Vote UKIP!

  • Lovejoy

    “Anti-morman”? I remember what the Democrat party did to Mitt during the election. So if anyone is “anti-morman” it’s the Democrats.

  • carpe diem 36

    “In January, President Barack Obama began his second term. However,
    southern White radicals vowed to stop implementation of the Obama-care
    law leading one to wonder if Tea Party members would oppose affordable
    healthcare if it came from a nonBlack President.” quoted from above article. if obamacare were affordable and provided care no one would care if the author is black or white. obamacare is not affordable and does not provide care, so no one cares if the author is black or white. all they care about is that it does not work, that people could not keep their health insurance or their doctor. this fact is not racially based, it is just a reality. making this a racial thing is not relevant.

  • Nixonfan

    The political facts on this issue are interesting. Because of racism or whatever, Obamacare is playing out as a political disaster for the Democrats. Get this: the most recent CNN poll showed white approval for ACA at 27% and disapproval at 71%, which is not too far off from Obama’s overall approval numbers among white voters. If the ACA was intended to drive the remains of the white electorate out of the Democratic party, it has succeeded. This is why the Blue Dogs are all on their defibrillators.