Is Russia Bringing Down Turkey’s Islamic Government Over Syrian Civil War?


The timeline of this is certainly interesting.

While Erdogan’s support of the Muslim Brotherhood’s Palestinian branch – Hamas, of Morsi in Egypt, and of al Qaeda fighters in Syria did not seem to upset the Obama Administration, it has made the Russians nervous. With good reason: The large Chechen community in Turkey that supports the separatist and Islamist terrorists in Russia’s Caucasus.

Indeed, Erdogan’s current crisis began with a 2011 Russian crack-down on a drug-money-laundering ring in this area, which laundered revenues from trading Afghan opium with the Taliban. The investigation also revealed illegal gold transactions in Russian banks, which the Chechens shared with their Turkish counterparts. This probe led to the December 17, 2013, arrests of the sons of a Turkish minister and 34 other suspects, and to mass demonstrations against the government.

The unraveling mess does date back to the period of the Syrian Civil War and the intricacies of the triangle of Turkey-Syria-Iran.  In the convoluted politics of the current Middle East, Turkey is fighting Iran in Syria, but collaborating with it on sanctions dodging.

Unfortunately for Turkey, that put Russia and Iran in a position to learn about a lot of the dirty business that Turkey was involved in.

Zerrab, arrested last week in the investigation, is claimed to have distributed TL 137 million ($66 million) in bribes to three ministers and their sons to cover up faked exports and money laundering, which are reported to be largely connected with Iran. Ş.D. reportedly sent tip-offs to the Ministry of Finance about Zerrab’s alleged bribery, as well as to the offices of the prime minister and president.

According to the daily’s report, the Russian Federal Customs Service laid the foundations of the investigation when it discovered, in December 2011, millions of dollars in cash in a suitcase belonging to an individual returning to Russia from Turkey. When the Russian investigation revealed money laundering activities between Russia and Turkey, the Russian authorities informed Turkey of the illegal activity, the daily stated. The information provided by Ş.D., a year after Russia notified Turkey of the illegal activity, assisted Turkish authorities in discovering how the money laundering was being performed.

According to the daily, on Dec. 14, 2011 Russian police discovered a total of $18.5 million in a suitcase at Moscow’s Vnukovo Airport. The Russian authorities found that four suspects detained in Russia were involved in money laundering and had transported, in 37 trips, a total of $40 million and 10 million euros between Russia and Turkey.

Russian officials would not crack down on large scale money laundering like this ordinarily, because anyone running that much money through the system has already paid the appropriate bribes. That would have been as true in Turkey as in Russia.

But after Erdogan’s push into Syria, the Russians may have decided that the price of alienating Turkey from NATO is no longer worth paying.

  • De Doc

    Erdogan is a typical Islamist – corrupt, larcenous, and authoritarian all in the interest of his religious vision. Should anything ill ever befall this AKP creep, I’ll be the first to toast to his bones.

  • edlancey

    We (Britain) should have never got involved in the crimean war, we should have the russians destroy the ottomans.

    • A Z

      Britain and France opposed Russian not because they loved the Turks, but because they thought if Russia got too big they would roll over Europe. It is that simple.

      • edlancey

        Sure, stopping the Russkies getting a port on the Med et al. Quite why we were sucking up to the French 40 years after Waterloo is anyone’s guess

        Now Europe is getting swamped by mahometans.

        However, imo it was a bad move – almost as bad as getting dragged into WWI – at least in terms of long-term FUBAR-itude.

        • A Z

          I know why the French and British governments did it.

          Looking at alternative history I do not know that it would have been better off for the Russians to roll over them.

          If the Mongols had won at Ain Julat it might have been better.

        • Drakken

          Funny how the parallels with WW 1 are apt aren’t they, now everybody is posturing for another go round, except everyone in Europe and Russia will have to work together to rid themselves of the muslim threat, possibly pushing back across the Bospherous into asia minor. Funny that no one is keeping their eye on the ball in the Balkans since the turks and the Saudis are pumping jihadist,money, virulent imams and arms into Bosnia like never before for another go round, and this time Russia isn’t going to stay out of it.

      • blert

        Actually, it was the Russian imperial threat to northern India that had London all astir. Moscow was pushing in all directions durinng the 19th Century. The Crimea was the one locale that would allow the Royal Navy’s dominance to influence events.

        As a side note, the Crimean campaign was ultimately the financial motivation for the Russian sale of Alaska. The Tzar had run up quite a tab. Further, it proved to the Tzar just how shaky his hold was on Alaska — seeings how the British navy ruled the waves — and were now getting hyper-active even in the far Pacific.

        So, taking a page from the Louisiana Purchase, Moscow cashed out. Logically the buyer should’ve been Canada/ the British Empire — so they sold to Washington to spite London.

        ‘Tis lucky to be American, no?

        • A Z

          Blurt 1. to utter suddenly or inadvertently; divulge impulsively or unadvisedly

          Your post name is an ironic homonym and no doubt purposefully so.

          I forgot the name for your appellation. But to say you blurt is to call an unwashed hobo by the name Soapy.

      • Nebula Retina

        Retarded and uneducated comments, read a book please, all three were allies attacking Ottomans, French and Brits were NOT supporting the Turks, only the Germans and the Turks oxymoron….

    • Softly Bob

      The Ottomans weren’t the problem, they were destined to fall anyway, and they did. Turkey became a secular republic. Turkey is only becoming Muslim again because the real cancer was never cured.
      What the British should have done when they controlled most of the Middle East was destroy Mecca and completely eradicate the religion of Islam.

      • Drakken

        The Ottomans have always been a problem, as they are stirring up the Balkans again, and getting involved in both Romanian and Bulgaria national affairs. Yes the Brits should have destroyed Mecca when they had the chance, but that chance is coming full circle.

        • hakan

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  • blert

    “Russian police discovered a total of $18.5 million in a suitcase”…

    It’s impossible to lug $18,500,000 in $100 bills. So, the currency had to be 500euro banknotes. (with a serial number suffix of X, no doubt)

    Forget the lugging… just obtaining that many 500euro banknotes is a chore. It sounds like a Swiss bank job.

    Daniel… don’t overlook the weird side dealings in Iranian natural gas being vectored to Turkey.

    It’s impossible to stay on top of this circuis without a playbill. There are more crooks on stage than the Marx Brothers could stuff into a ship’s cabin. Don’t touch that door handle!

    • Drakken

      That is it in a nutshell, frankly my money (dollars) are on the Russians to throw a really nice monkey wrench into the Turkish works.

      • hakan

        Drakken, if I were you I would shut up, as displaying your stupidity and jealous mentality only makes you the laughing stock of all readers. What is so wrong to deal with countries producing natural gas or oil. The Turks made the biggest mistake allowing those Arab camel riders to take false protection under the British,
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        • Softly Bob

          If Drakken’s comments make him the laughing stock of all readers, how come you’re the one who seems to get the most dislikes?
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          • hakan

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