ISIS: Killing Shiites More Important Than Killing Jews

For Islamic terrorists it’s all about priorities. Do you shoot the Christians first or the Jews? Do you kill the woman with a 9th grade education or the 12th grade education? Do you burn a library or a museum?

The Islamic State’s Caliph has rendered his verdict of priorities. First kill the Shiites. Then any of the Gulfies who don’t give him money.

And then kill the Jews.

The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIS), which is now known as the “Islamic State” after declaring an Islamic caliphate, says it won’t fight Israel – for the time being.

According to Israel’s Channel 2 News, an ISIS spokesman said Monday on Twitter, in response to questions about the organization’s intentions with regards to Israel, that ISIS first has to deal with “Muslims who have become infidels”.

“The greatest answer to this question is in the Qur’an, where Allah speaks about the nearby enemy – those Muslims who have become infidels – as they are more dangerous than those which were already infidels,” the spokesman tweeted, according to Channel 2 News.

“Jerusalem will not be freed until we get rid of the idolaters, such as the wealthy families and the players appointed by the colonial government and who control the fate of the Islamic world,” he was quoted as having said.

For Iran, this will be proof that Al Qaeda really is a Zionist conspiracy. I mean it’s only planning to kill the Jews third. That clearly means the Jews are behind it.

Since the shiny new ISIS Caliphate believes that everyone except it are infidels, it can’t be expected to prioritize the infidels in Jerusalem over all the other infidels everywhere else. This is a bold new non-discriminatory policy that all Muslims ought to adapt.

Why single out killing Jews, when you can spend your time shooting at other Sunni and Shiite Islamic militias while looting luxury watches from the corpses of wealthy families.

It’s not like Mohammed headed for Jerusalem as soon as he found a donkey that could tolerate his presence.

Instead he spent a lot of time killing and robbing locals, including Jews, and then his followers had to make up a story about him flying on a flying horse to Jerusalem, so they could displace the indigenous Jewish inhabitants.

Even if Bagdadi never makes it to Jerusalem, he can always claim he flew there on a flying horse and then flew away before the IDF could shoot his My Little Jihadist Pony down.

(And yes the flying horse had a woman’s head, for some creepy Islamic reason.)

  • James Foard

    Finally, some good news, sort of.

  • emptorpreempted

    Now wait a second here. Aren’t we getting a little carried away with such heated over-the-top anti-Shiite rhetoric?

    • ssgncng

      NO! We need more “the Shi’ites are worse than the Jews” rhetoric coming out! In fact, “the Sunnis are worse than the Jews”. Hey, Rodney King, don’t go crazy with this “cant we all just get along” nonsense. Sell them bullets and put it on pay per view.

  • Habbgun

    I just got demoted from Great Satan to temp work Satan. The economy is that bad.


      Do you get enough hours to qualify for benefits?

      • Habbgun

        No I don’t. Temp work Satan is the adjunct professor of evil.

  • Muslim_Canadian

    This site is a joke… right? I mean educated people don’t actually take these articles of slander seriously… do they…

    • ssgncng

      That’s the response those of us in the sane community have towards Islam pal.

      • peace

        Okay your response just shows how illiterate you are. My suggestion is that you should read a little about history. Don’t compare the shiite muslims with the fake psychopathic isis clan, they are sort of like the kkk which we don’t compare you with. The shia religion promotes peace with people of all religion, and to do good to one another. Just because isis claim to be muslims, doesn’t mean they actually are. I wonder why they want to kill the shias though? Why do they hate every other religion and especially shias?

    • Anukem Jihadi

      About as seriously as most Muslims take the Quran.

    • Jason P

      I only wished we made ISIS up. Indeed, go back a decade and anyone who warned that such a beast as ISIS could rise from the Islamic caldron was called a bigot. Next you’ll be telling us that we made up Boko Harem.

      • Daniel Greenfield

        He’s an ISIS supporter

        • Jason P

          Yes, a little fact checking and it is apparent he is an ISIS supporter. He has a disqus trail a mile long.

          • Daniel Greenfield

            but he’s a moderate….

      • awfulorv

        Boko Haram, a blacker shade of hell…

    • ObamaYoMoma

      Let me guess…you are a so-called “moderate Muslim” and all the violence we see around the world perpetrated by Muslims doesn’t have a thing to do with Islam, just like the reason you migrated to Canada, i.e., mass Muslim infiltration and eventual demographic conquest, also doesn’t have a thing to do with Islam too.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      Islamic State seizes Syria’s key oil field

      Muslim_Canadian • 4 days ago

      Subhan’Allah. Victory after victory, it would appear the Caliphate State is returning all land to Muslims as they promised.

      Islamic State claims Shia mosque destruction

      Muslim_Canadian • 4 days ago

      What nonsense, these are houses of Shirk and must be removed from Muslim lands, they did nothing wrong. If you are Muslim you should learn your religion.

      …shouldn’t you leave Calgary and go join your fellow Jihadists in the new Islamic state?


        HELL has lots of room for a Caliphate.

        Ask Mohammed.

    • Drakken

      The only joke here is you raghead, it is a bloody wonderful sight to behold as you bloody savages slaughter each other, the more, the merrier, so sit back and grab a bourbon and watch the sh*tshow.

    • Webb

      Why are you complaining? You’re the one who gets the 72 he-goat virgins if you do a good job.

      • awfulorv

        Think of it, A Muslim male’s life, on this side, is shaped by promises made to them about 72 virgins, on the other side.
        Tell ya what I’m going to do.
        I’ll promise you the winnings from a $3,500,000 lottery ticket, when you die, if you’ll just act like a civilized person, while you are alive. There now, took care of that for you and, isn’t that much better?

    • wileyvet

      You are NOT a Canadian. You are a Muslim.

    • KyraNelson

      Just curious what “education” has ever done for Muzzies. You study & study, getting advanced degrees in chemistry, engineering, medicine, computers, and then you go blow sh*t up and kill everyone else for your supremacist fantasies.


      “The Religion of Peace”? That’s a joke. Right?

      • Ijaz Khan

        and same question about crusaders who slaughtered jews after taking the city of jerusalam.. killing even their own fellow chirstians

      • Ijaz Khan

        what they are doin is worst atrocity… but that isn’t wat islam told them to do… its just that they are misusing then name to justify their atrocities

        • Pete

          They are misusing the name?

          Usama bin Laden trained 20,000 jihadis.

          ISIS is expected to train 200,000 in a few years.

          It seems the rule not the exception.

          I have a Muslim neighbor and he told me that his parents are from Turkey. He said that Bibles are not allowed to be imported into Turkey and that is a good thing. He said there were few Jews in Turkey and that was a good thing. Yet he is able to worship in a mosque in America no problem. There is no RECIPROCITY.

          Now he is not a jihadi even though he has expressed his bigotry.

          He is the relatively mild mannered Muslim next door.

          Is he mild mannered merely because there are not many Muslims in this area yet. If there were would we see the real Muslim next door?

          • Ijaz Khan

            did u read my other comment? Christians have done much worse that this.. and who by the way funded usama and isis and trained them in the first place ? Our religon? or US and Nato? Jihad doesn’t mean at all to go out and kill everyone ..i mean where do u all study all this… Jihad has many forms and the “Jihad by sword” means to fight anyone who attacks you and want to kill u and defend urself and your people.. isn’t it a human nature and basic right? or should everyone just sit down and let US n Israel cut the throats of each one of us? you seriously don’t believe muslims are that arrogant and want to terrorise countries as US and Israel.. do u?

            ur neighbour may not be bad at all…he maybe a better human than u are… maybe he or someother muslim will be more helpful to people around in your country than u are… but its your own mentality that has made our people that much frustrated and disgusted with your countries.. he hasn’t done anything bad but u have in mind that he is a worst person and he will turn into a monster one day. who is funding ISIS in Syria against Asad regime and openly admitting it..infact passing resolutions to train them.
            I am a muslim… i disapprove ISIS and Alqaeda both ,, i think both of them and someothers brought destruction on my people and tried to disgraced the name of my religon.. Who is america n france n uk to support them and their jihad in syria if me being a muslim dont approve it as jihad. And u know the best thing is that here in pakistan almost 90% + people are sunni and look on any fb page people hate these so called jihadi groups who are killing people of shia sect. though we aren’t shia ourselves … it isn’t what we is what west wants us to be. read the comments below your people are talking to nuke muslim countries isn;t that terrorism to u… i will never want any f**king country in this world to be nuked wheather my enemy or friend.

          • Pete

            The U.S. did not fund or create Usama or Zawahiri.

            Read the books

            “Charley Wilson’s War” & “The Looming Tower”


            It is said Allah is the greatest deceiver. He is letting you think you are ascendant, on top. He is giving you rope and letting you run with the rope. That is an ancient American proverb.

            When it is all done there will be a nuclear exchange in the Middle East (maybe elsewhere too). Enjoy.

          • Ijaz Khan

            u see ISIS ..u see Alqaeda … both of them we hate more than you do… but have u ever ever ever looked at what israel is doing to palestine? have u ever called that wrong? palestinians dont have army, airforce, navy, marines, armoured corps,artillary or anything like that.. their homes destroyed.. they r beaten..disgraced… and killed… But wait u wont see all this… u wont see israeli jets flying over Gaza n refugee camps and bombing civilians.. u wont see anything like that… all u would see will be a rocket that hamas fired at isreal knowing v well that it wont land there but thats the best they can do… or u ll see a child whom family is devastated n he comes out to throw a rock at their tanks.. and then u ll say see this kid is the making of a terrorist..all muslims are terrorists..kill and you want to teach us what humanity is and how inhuman we are? :D

          • Pete

            I look at what the Palestinians do to the Israelis everyday.

            When Sharon tore down the settlements in Gaza all the the Palestinians had to do was wait and do nothing.

            The West Bank would have been totally under their control by now and maybe without settlements.

            But you could not help yourself. As soon as Israel was out of Gaza the rockets came.

            You know how to turn Eden into He!!. We shall never forgive you. Neither shall G-d.

          • Ijaz Khan

            i was right about what u see.. now imagine for a second.. if some country capture ur land to give it to other people..then those people gradually take all of ur country .. demolish ur home n make u stay in a refugee camp .. bomb u..kill u…rape ur women.. demolish ur surroundings .. disgracce u.. and then as they ll be v merciful they ll make a plan to not make another settlement in the refugee camp u r living in… and then after thousands of u dead, some of u get furious n throw a rocket at them which by the way has no power to counter or even challenge the military strength of the occupier and they say look they r so bad people..they are terrorists.. they throw rockets at me while i shower flowers on them from jets n tanks..they r so mean.. and people like me agree with him n tell u “We shall never forgive you ..neither shall God” .. there are many people who think v rationally.. and there are others who according to my holy book become “blind dumb n deaf” to the reality because of their ego.. u know v well that u r wrong but u ll never accept because it will hurt ur ego and ur patriotism.

            u showed me some atrocities from muslims and i condemned them more than u did because my religon told me to say bad to watever is bad n good to watever is good regardless of his race religion or nationality. But u won’t admit. ok another question … Hitler (a german and christian) did the holocaust right? in germany rite? wat has it to do with palestinians that to give them home u had to make other people who had nothin to do with ur wars suffer n leave their homes?

          • Pete

            The invaders came in 632.

            My memory is longer than yours.

          • Ijaz Khan

            in 70 AD actually ;) please right click and refresh your memory

          • Ijaz Khan

            israelis have right to self defence by bombing, killing, committing atrocities in refugee camps ..using jets tanks artillary army navy..blockades and all that… while palestineans cant have this right by throwing rocks or rockets that by the way never reaches israel? u know its not that u think israel is right n palestineans are wrong… its just that u hate muslims… just like u mentioned ur neighbour… u simply hate n watever others do to hurt them u ll rejoice :) Allah is Just. and may Allah decide who was right and who was wrong in this world.

          • Pete

            Homeowner has a right to self defense using a shotgun while the burglar only has a knife.

            See the problem here?

            Of course not.

          • Pete

            Oh, oh the poor burglar, he is out gunned!

            Stop the presses!

          • Ijaz Khan

            well u said it opposit… burglars normally come with good weapons depending on the area they r targeting… n 2nd thing let assume u r right then …. israel is the home owner..? ROFL .. they stole the lands with the help of Britian n US…again please refresh ur memory. but u know there is a saying.. dont argue with stupid cuz first he ll drag u down to his level and then beat you with his experience… why dont u simply tell me that u know wat u r sayin is utter nonsense but u will stick to it anyway. Go on.. there is a limit of giving logics n trying to make sense… in urdu wat i am doin rite now is known as “bhens ke aghe been bajana”.. (playing flute in front of a dumb cow)

          • Ijaz Khan

            you remain in what you want to believe is right… and i will remain in what i believe is right. trust me if u had given me a single good reason n logic i would have certainly certainly hear to it and try to understand it. and i expected the same from u. not to play the love for one n hate for other game but to go on ground realities and witness as a 3rd neutral person n decide. anyways goodluck

          • lionsandlambs7

            If we wish for God to forgive us our sins we must also forgive others. We are all sinners and all fall short.
            This is to both of you and anyone who will use the brain you are given. What will hate, killings and wars bring about?
            Dose it really solve anything?

    • awfulorv

      I’m afraid that what you call yourself, disallows your commenting on educated people.
      I see where your cohorts are destroying centuries old antiquities, even as I write.
      God help Italy, and France, loaded as they are with beautiful artwork, if your gangs ever get loose in those lands.

  • ObamaYoMoma

    I don’t blame Bagdadi, since the Jews would simply obliterate them off the map.

    Meanwhile, I hope the jihad between the Sunni backed ISIS and the Iranian back Shiites will last forever. Indeed, the longer the better, and I also hope that thousands of Muslim jihadists on both sides of the equation get one way tickets to Allah’s version of carnal paradise. Allah Akbar!

    Indeed, there is a lot at stake here for Iran, if ISIS is able to conquer Iraq, then that means it’s coming for Shiite Iran next. Hey, in my book, that’s pretty cool.

    Also, neocons on here and on Fox news are steadily advocating that we bomb ISIS and at the same time assist Iran to develop nukes ever faster. They are also acting like we actually lost something we never had in Iraq like peace and stability, and never mind the fact that we never had garnered anything in Iraq to lose. What is going on currently in Iraq nonetheless was preordained as soon as Saddam was ousted. Now that vacuum left behind by Saddam’s ouster and our exit from Iraq is in the process of being filled, and I don’t know about everybody else, but I’m going to sit back, sip few cold ones, and enjoy watching the action.

  • Pete

    Once a jihadi loots a rolex. The victim is no longer wealthy but the jihadi is.

    So should not Al Baghdadi also pass sentence on himself?

    • Ijaz Khan

      i expect the same sense of humor if (God forbid) same things happen in ur country :)

      • Pete

        I do not preach kill the rich.

        I preach go after someone if they got rich by defrauding someone or something like that.

        Bad things are happening in my country. We got Obama.

        I’ll trade you Obama for Maliki.

  • Jakareh

    They’re only saying that because there are no Jews around for them to kill. The grapes are green.

  • victor

    The guy after all is not all that stupid. He knows that if he confronts Israel, that will be the end of his terroritic ambitions and the end of his people. It is simply a good startegy from a terrorist’s standpoint. I think Israel should confront him and wipe him off the map. No one in the Muslim countries particularly, Iran and the oil rich nations will condemn Israel for that. In fact thay will celebrate it. Secretly, of course.

  • Webb

    Wow, answers the question of why muslim women have horse faces to the point of needing to wear a burka. For example, Huma Danger-Weenie They probably have a feed bag strapped to their jowls in there. Ew!

  • marko56

    Let the muslims kill each other..its good for mankind


      Sunni/Shiite – LIke two scorpions in a bottle.

  • MrUniteUs1

    Well that could change with the escalating violence between Israel and Palestinians. I was hoping Israel could keep a low profile this year. Maybe hold off building more settlements. But instead Muslims around the world will hear Jews killing Muslims, and that will radicalize more Muslims against Israel and the United States.

    • Webb

      Good. Get them to mass and nuke them. A beautiful thing.

      • Ijaz Khan

        and then people say muslims are psychopaths n Terrorists :D lol

  • Ivan Ewan

    Fun With Muhammad is awfully good.

  • Ijaz Khan

    the post shows how logical u people actually are.. always teaching muslims how to live, muslims lived in peace until u invaded palestine, chechniya, iraq, libiya,syria,jordan,afghanistan,kashmir,yemen,sudan,bosnia,algeria,kuwait and now planning to murder the rest by ur own puppet isis and alqaeda. didn’t US built alqaeda? isn’t ISIS being supported by US n Nato in Syria? wasn’t saddam supported by US n Nato? weren’t afghan taliban created by US n allies? and now we are the culprits haan?’ u brought extremism in our countries.. u used ur money to destroy us… to divide us into sects.. to destroy us.. do u think it won’t hit back any day? actually astonished by the hate u people have for us in ur n sunni r scorpions in a bottle han.. u people see wat hitler did to jews but u dont see wat isreal is doin to palestinians? palestinieans dont have navy or airforce or army or armoured corps or marines..wat kind of war is this? isn’t it a genocide bombing refugee camps? n after all this u come to teach us wat humanity is? and how inhuman WE are? shame on all of u.. and which islamic text told u that the horse had a woman head.. i mean wat kind of propaganda n lies do u tell ur people to make them hate us? n when did muslims take jerusalam from jews? muslims took it 2 times both from christians …and according to ur own history author Karen Amstrong “Both times the muslim rule was the most peaceful era jerusalam has ever witnessed”. it were U cristians who slaughtered jews after taking the city from them not muslims.. saladin invited them to live in the city with muslims. please read the history before commenting and sayin rubbish. christians massacared jews in jerusalam twice and in rome. and the holocaust..was that by muslims too? for God sake .. Hitler did that why punish palestinians for that? why not take a part of germany to settle them there? why palestinians… you throw people out of their homes disgrace them beat them kill them and when they shout at u and throw a rock at ur tanks u call him a terrorist? U people are going to teach us what humanity is? Shame on u

    • ssgncng

      Muzzrats do not “live in peace” anywhere or in any time. The millions upon millions of slaughtered Hindus, Christians, Zoarastrians, Jews, Yezhidis, and others scream from their graves to indict this “religion of peace”.

      It is a religion from and for bandits, pirates, rapists, child molesters, and murderers. It is a savage “religion” that is more closely related to Nazism than any other religion. Islam has no theological relationship to Judaism or Christianity. That is a perverse lie created by the pedophile that invented Islam. Get over it.

  • Ijaz Khan

    first read about the man u mentioned… read about him and then judge ur own words

  • Zak

    You will never kill all the shia, but like sad dam or rubbish bin lad or piss behind the bush u all will die before u can ever think of touching Iran. If the Muslims were united then 120 people would not be murdered in Palestine. And the horse did not have a womens head, it is were you have stolen the unicorn from. Plus no Prophet ever looted people they all the Prophets are Gods messengers…

  • Pan AM

    How long will it take to KILL all the Jews in the world…toghether by Christians and Muslims???? May few days…….

  • Bob R.

    Islamist = Muslim; there is no difference. Radical, moderate, whatever- it’s all the same.

  • bob

    Lol christfuckers

  • ssgncng

    ISIS is actually a practicing a very strict and austere form of Sunni Islam that is quite normative and compatible with the Wahabbi interpretation of the religion.

    They are quite authentic in their Islamic theology. The Shi’ites are, as Sunnis claim, corrupting Islam with the introduction of ideas anathema to the Koran and the Haddiths. You claim Shia Islam is about peace, if that was any truth in your statement that would be one of the ideas anathema to Islam I just mentioned.

    That said, as a non-Muslim, I don’t care, corrupt away, to the Sunnis the Shi’ites deserve death because of this fitna.

    Whether ISIS kill some Shi’ites or all Shi’ites the civilized world has no reason to intervene in this intra-Islamic theologically based civil war.

    Shia Islam is just as bloodthirsty and repressive towards non-Muslims as Sunni Islam is. For the rest of us, that the two groups are willing to butcher each other is simply a big bonus.

  • alex

    Mossad runs ISIS. Only reaosn they are not fighting israel