ISIS Massacred 796 Yazidis, While Obama Campaigned Against Iraq War

In July 2007, Obama said that preventing genocide wasn’t a good enough reason to be in Iraq.

Al Qaeda in Iraq, currently known as ISIS, took him at his word. In August 2007, it murdered over 796 Yazidis, as Tom Gross reminds us.

When two tons of explosives detonated in four coordinated explosions in the northern Iraqi villages of Qahtaniya and Jazeera on August 14, 2007, the target was Iraq’s Yazidi ethnic and religious minority.

796 people died and over 1,500 were wounded as a fireball led to the collapse of mud and stone buildings on families trapped inside; many were then burned alive.

The bombers that day, and those behind them, were the Muslim Sunni supremacists of al-Qaeda in Iraq. And they openly say that the moment they get the chance (i.e. when the Americans leave) they will wipe out every last Yazidi man, woman and child.

On September 3, the U.S. military killed the mastermind of the bombings, Abu Mohammed al-Afri. But Islamist websites have since vowed that they will “finish al-Afri’s job.”

This is what it was like.

Behind a curtain in a corner of the intensive care unit in Dohuk’s emergency hospital, six-year-old Ferhad lay motionless on a bed yesterday, his head shrouded in bandages. He did not stir as his older brother, Amin, leant across and wiped his body with a flannel.

“I am afraid he is a hopeless case,” said Abdullah Ibrahim, the chief trauma surgeon, holding up an x-ray. “A large piece of shrapnel has destroyed his brain. All we can do now is provide a quiet place for him to die.”

“The Islamic terrorists had made it very clear that they wanted to see rivers of Yezidi blood,” said Prince Tahseen. But no one, least of all the US army, which is nominally in control of the region, was listening.

In the split second it took for the first truck bomb to destroy Kahtaniya, Sanar Salim, 10, became the hero of the house.

He could hear his brother, 8, and sister, 2, screaming, but he could not see them through the smoke and dust, he said on Wednesday. The clay walls of his parents’ bedroom had collapsed, burying them.

“When I found them, my sister’s crib had flipped over, and my brother was covered in blood,” Sanar said.

“I picked up my sister and took my brother and went outside, but I was crying too.”

Despite media claims that this genocide came out of nowhere, it didn’t. This had been going on since at least 2007. It just didn’t get as much coverage because in the spring and summer of 2007, the media had been obsessed with… what else… Gaza.

Obama insisted on pretending this wasn’t an issue in 2007. He went on pretending until very recently when he once again “found out from the news” that it was an issue.

The question is what else is he deliberately ignoring now that will blow up tomorrow?

  • Contemptuous Maximus

    A: the American economy
    B: Israel
    C: the civilized world

  • DogmaelJones1

    One is confused about whether or not to sympathize with the Yazidis. The video above, for example, shows the stoning of a teenage girl to death by her fellow Yazidis because she converted to Islam and wanted to marry a Sunni Muslim. Is that any less brutal than Iranian Shi’ites stoning women to death, or Saudis, or Iraquis? I don’t see the difference. Yazidism is just another brutal, primitive, insular, wacko creed.

  • truebearing

    Obama took credit for not only winning in Iraq, but getting the troops out. Now he says it wasn’t his decision — presidents don’t have any control over the military, sometimes. Now he is disavowing knowledge of the early threat of ISIS, which clearly was apparent in 2007. If he keeps claiming he knew nothing, he has to admit he is incompetent, or at least too lazy to attend security briefings. His lies have him backing up in a circle.

  • edofseasia

    The masterful fool and his artful incompetence. Obama putting all responsibility in the likes of Sibelius, Johnson, Lerner, and assuming none. His level of incompetence appears to be a deliberate act. He appears in support of his brothers directive for a caliphate. Not proven yet of Malik’s tie to ISIS yet though. Once a terrorist, always a terrorist.

  • Cappy1437

    Too bad he’s not vacationing in Iraq. That’s where he should’ve taken his family for their vacation. They could experience all of this first hand. That’s what evil, greed, and hypocrisy deserves. Americans are fed up. Kick the bums out!