Islamic Religious Police Beat Woman Bloody for Not Praying on Time


I don’t know of anything wrong with living under Islamic law? Do you?

A Saudi religious police officer is being investigated after he reportedly attacked an Afghan woman in a Makkah park earlier this week, local media reported.

The Committee for the Promotion of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice officer was on a field tour prior to the evening prayer when he reportedly beat the 27-year-old on her head, which caused bleeding from her forehead, Saudi Arabia-based al-Watan newspaper reported Friday.

The girl’s parents filed a police report on the incident and the girl was transferred to a hospital in the city where she will stay for one week, according to the newspaper which says it has a copy of the woman’s medical report.

Some might ask why the religious police officer was at an amusement park instead of praying, but the answer is obvious.

In Islam, beating up people who aren’t praying is a higher duty than praying.

  • DogmaelJones1

    An amusement park??? In Saudi Arabia???? I guess if you live in Saudi Arabia, you need some amusing diversion now and then. Oh, an amusement park in Saudi Arabia is just ripe for satire!

    • A Z

      Of course. you might not think of it as fun as an American amusement park, but when you scratch the surface they are people.

      In Kuwait, I say Kuwaitis camping more or less like Americans. They would leave the city limits (really hard to do in this day and age … anywhere) set up their tents and picnic and socialize with relatives or friends just like people anywhere.

      Don’t get me wrong the differences are important, but there are similarities.

      If the whole world was Muslim it would not stay Muslim. it would transform or fall apart (as in Asimov’s Foundation or pick you dystopia), but it would not stay Muslim. there would still be all the normal stressors.

    • A Z

      “Oh, an amusement park in Saudi Arabia is just ripe for satire!”

      Could be, but you would have to visit one or more and take notes to be able to do so and make money with a film.

    • john spielman

      …but but there’s supposed to be “NO FUN in ISLAM” Ayatollah Khomeinhi

    • john spielman

      …but but there’s supposed to be “NO FUN in ISLAM” Ayatollah Khomeinhi

  • De Doc

    One could argue that Mecca itself, the most holy site and destination of the Hajj, is KSA’s largest amusement park. They should rename it “Allah’s Magic Kingdom.”

  • bike mike

    As Winston Churchill said “Islam is to man what rabies is to a dog”. Never more true and becoming clearer by the day.

  • Squiggles

    I find it galling that a 27 year old woman is being referred to as a “girl”. That alone says more about the article and the actions portrayed than anything else.