Islamist Militias Lash Syrian Man for Cursing Electricity

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And they say Islamists are backward types. Look at how they’re embracing the worship of electricity.

Islamist militiamen in Syria’s Hama province have publicly lashed a man for committing blasphemy when he cursed the electricity situation, pro-opposition websites said Tuesday.

The accused, identified as Mutasim Dahrouj, was removing illegal connections to the electricity grid in the town of Latamneh, Hama, when he uttered a standard curse, which translates literally as “may the religion of electricity be damned” (yilaan din al-kahraba).

The court ordered that he receive 80 lashes, have his head shaved and be imprisoned for three days.

A video on YouTube purports to show the man being punished, and displays copies of the Shariah court paperwork connected to the case. A commentator on YouTube objected to the punishment, noting that “electricity doesn’t have a religion.”

Apparently Islam has decided it’s the religion of electricity. Just wait till it decides it’s the religion of the internal combustion engine. If you curse while trying to start your car, it’s blasphemy against Islam.


  • DogmaelJones1

    All cursing, except about the Jews, infidels, and non-halal meals are hereby forbidden. Watch your mouth, or we’ll do worse than wash it out with soap.

  • Habbgun

    Man oh man. We think we have it bad when the cops have quotas for parking tickets. You can only imagine what the supervisors are like under sharia.

  • Shadowwind

    Since moonlight is fairly unreliable, maybe the religion of peacers are finally switching to worshiping an electricity god instead of a moon god. I just hope it’s “clean” electricity – wouldn’t want to alienate their enviro-leftist useful idiot friends.

  • chelmer

    If you emerge from an encounter with these people with your life and a complete set of testicles, be thankful.

  • Gee

    Just when you think that Islam has hit absolute rock bottom – that they cannot possibly get any lower than they have already. Thats when they go and surprise you by getting a bigger shovel.

  • Todd


    You are NOT representing our Creator, the Almighty God Jehovah. You are representing the DEVIL, Satan! You will pay for your wicked behavior from God himself. Repent, before the angel of destruction wipes you from the face of the earth.


    “Divine justice is sensitive to the needs of the afflicted. Jehovah’s concern for disadvantaged ones is evident in the Law he gave to Israel. For example, the Law made special provisions to ensure that orphans and widows were cared for. (Deuteronomy 24:17-21) Recognizing how difficult life could be for such families, Jehovah himself became their fatherly Judge and Protector, the one “executing judgment for the fatherless boy and the widow.” * (Deuteronomy 10:18; Psalm 68:5) Jehovah warned the Israelites that if they victimized defenseless women and children, he would unfailingly hear the outcry of such ones. He stated: “My anger will indeed blaze.” (Exodus 22:22-24) While anger is not one of Jehovah’s dominant qualities, he is provoked to righteous indignation by deliberate acts of injustice, especially when the victims are the lowly and the helpless.—Psalm 103:6.

    This is all a wicked hoax to create animosity between Muslims and Christians, in order to take control of the oil…ISIS’s barbaric acts require divine justice to be meted out.