Islamist Turkey Plans “Gay Prisons”


No sorry, nothing to see here. It’s a Muslim government which means it can’t be bigoted. Time to get outraged about an Italian pasta company or a failing internet browser.

Turkish homosexual rights groups expressed alarm at a government-led project to build prisons only for criminals who declare themselves as homosexuals, saying it would lead to more discrimination in the country.

“This is a medieval-age practice. This kind of segregation is nothing but a punishment,” said Murat Koylu, a spokesman for the Ankara-based rights group Kaos GL.

Turkey is a secular nation where prostitution and sex change operations are legal, as are same-sex relationships, however, homosexuals are effectively kept in solitary confinement in existing prisons, according to the justice ministry. Activists groups find that building a separate prison would only take discrimination a step further.

“This will lead to the profiling of gay prisoners, as well as their families and the prison itself. How will the government be able to protect those prisoners who are not openly gay?” Koylu said.

Turkey hasn’t been a secular nation since Erdogan took over and creating special prisons for homosexuals is a gateway to locking up people for being gay as the Islamic law that is the endgame of the AKP mandates.

  • A Z

    Turkey is the only Muslim country that has had a gay pride Parade.

    I don’t like Gay Pride parades, but at least it showed a level of tolerance.

    So where now all those gay bloggers you ballyhooed the Turkish parades. Dan the Savage like to say things are getting better. Are they?

    The same people setting up gay prisons in Turkey have relatives in Europe and America. So are things getting better?

    The Left are delusional twits.

  • laura r

    50% of turkey is secular, 50% muslim.