Israel is Kurdistan’s First Customer for Iraqi Oil


Let a thousand conspiracy theories bloom. But the common sense explanation is that it’s hard to threaten a country with a boycott if you’re already boycotting it.

Iraq can’t boycott Israel twice over.

A Iraqi-Kurdish crude oil tanker docked in Israel on Saturday night.

The Kurdish Regional Government (KRG) has been looking for a client to buy its tanker oil, after the Iraqi government threatened legal action against any buyers who purchased Kurdish oil independently and not through the Iraq central government, according to a Reuters report on Friday.

The SCF Altai was loaded with oil barrels from the Turkish port city of Ceyhan, the final destination of a disputed pipeline designed by Kurds to bypass the Iraqi government. The Kurdish Regional Government’s pipeline, according to Reuters, is currently pumping around 120,000 barrels per day to Ceyhan. The region’s natural resources minister is aiming to export 400,000 barrels a day by the end of the year, Reuters said.

Iraq already boycotts Israel, and won’t sell oil to the Jewish state, so Israel is not overly concerned with Iraqi threats of sanctions, unlike other countries who have oil contracts with Iraq.

Iraqi parliamentarian Abad el-Mahdi al-Hafaji said in response to the report, “The export of oil from Kurdistan to Israel is treason to Iraq, the Arab nation, and to the Palestinian cause.”

The question is whether Maliki will be able to get Obama to pressure Israel into not buying Kurdish oil. At the rate things are going, I wouldn’t be too surprised if that were the outcome.

  • objectivefactsmatter

    “The export of oil from Kurdistan to Israel is treason to Iraq, the Arab nation, and to the Palestinian cause.”

    Yes. Of course it is.

    • Raymond_in_DC

      It’s not treason; it’s an understandable position. The Kurds were made part of Iraq (by the British) without their consent. They’re not Arabs. And they could only resent a “new” people that so many think deserve a state while the Kurds, a real people, have long been denied a state.

      • objectivefactsmatter

        I was actually being sarcastic.

  • Pete

    An Arab nation? I thought being Muslims was the end all be all. That pretty much leaves the Iranians, Indonesians, Malaysians and many others out in the cold.

    Of course they can serve the royal Muslim tribe, the Arabs.

    Some sneetches are better than others. “They have stars on thars!”

    You are better if you are Sayyid, Arab, …

    So much for le égalité

    • Daniel Greenfield

      The big tent always ends up being an Arab-Muslim tent and then it becomes the tent of a particular family.

      Tribals don’t do long term coalitions

    • Demetrius Minneapolis

      What would be an absolute masterpiece is having the Arab muslims (already fighting each other) battling the Southeast Asian muslims. This battle being waged in Iraq now is entertaining enough, but 197 million Indonesians vs 150 million Arabs would be the icing on the cake.
      Islam can die and they will be the one’s responsible.

  • Jason P

    Kurds selling to Israel? To quote Rick at the end of Casablanca, “Louis, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.”

  • Gee

    To all those supporters of the BDS movement – the Arabs invented it in 1947 BEFORE there was a Jewish state.

    We have become stronger every single year since. In fact we are more powerful than ALL the Arab regimes combined. Some more powerful than all Islam. Keep on boycotting, you are only hurting yourself

  • Johnnnyboy

    We will see what happens, but if I were Israel I would be only slightly concerned with what Obama thinks about anything. He is not really a supporter except to the extent that politics dictates it. As the Kurds have never been able to trust the Arabs, they have little to lose. And as the Turks are Turks and seem to harbor feelings that they should still be running the whole place, perhaps there is a natural split here.

    • Ri Ho

      No, I do think they need to be concerned. Unless Israel is prepared to return the $3.4 billion in aid the President budgeted for Israel. Seems everyone “forgets to remember” what country is ‘enabling’ Israel.

      • Gee

        Okay – we can take it out of the annual $15 billion in aid that we give the US.

        You might want to consider facts before cutting off your own nose. We supply a lot more aid than we get

        • Ri Ho

          Who is giving the US $15 billion in aid?? I believe the fiscal aid to Israel is about 20-30% of our total foreign aid budget. And the only one who is cutting off the nose from his own face is Netanyahooo.

  • wileyvet

    What a bunch of miserable SOBs. Carrying on the same anti-Semitic, anti-Israel policies of Saddam. A country and government that failed to get its act together, rebuild itself and protect its citizens, is now being torn apart by the same Islam that vilifies Israel. While Iraq burns, their priority is to condemn the Kurds, and continue the anti-Israel boycotts and promote the “Palestinian” terrorists. One Hussein is gone from Iraq, but the one in the White House will continue to find this acceptable. To the bitter end Iraqi animus toward Jews and Israel is more important than their own country. It defies comprehension that Arabs and Iraqis expect the world to help them and respect them as a people, yet do not consider Jews as people and deserving of rights or peace. The same Iraqi people were brutal to the Jews of Iraq after 1948, and thousand year old Jewish communities vanished in short order. Just like the N#zis, while they were being crushed on all sides by allied armies, there was no let up in the Holocaust, as they diverted men and materiel to deport Hungarian Jews, and march victims from one camp to another as the Russians moved in. Absolutely sickening.

    • Ri Ho

      Get a grip, Wiley.Under 2014 budget proposal submitted by U.S. President Barack Obama to Congress, Israel is receiving $3.4 billion in total military aid, including $220 million for the Iron Dome anti-rocket system. So it’s about time Israel started listening to Our President cause the Iraqi’s didn’t and look what’s happening to that country.
      Oh, I forgot a relative of mine just delivered some Ospreys to the Israeli military. So get a grip and remember to thank Your President, and stop being such a snide SOB.

      • Gee

        You better get a grip on yourself Ri Ho. Odumba cut ALL spending on Iron Dome and about 20% of the aid to Israel.

        Congress passed the increase by over an 80% margin. Odumba knew that his veto would not work. Your President is taking credit for what he opposed.

        Just like the Iran sanctions – he fought them tooth and nail and Congress overwhelming passed them anyway.

        Sorry but those are facts and you should learn them before showing us your ignorance

        • Ri Ho

          Say again…

          Despite pledges by US President Barack Obama and key congressional leaders to shield the Israeli Iron Dome from sequestration cuts, Israel has offered to waive funding protection, reports Defense News, which says Israel has been “insisting it should bear its share of the burden.”

          Dig deeper and you will find out the “why” they were willing to waive funding…

        • Ri Ho

          Also, the politicians in Washington are more concerned about the funds they receive from AIPAC and others then they are about resolving the issue confronting/caused by the Israelis.

          As we say in the business, when you piss everyone off you must be making the best decisions.

          All Netanyahu is interested in is keeping the money flowing; not peace. And the same could be said for Abbas; they both loose if peace comes in that region. You might want to get in touch with more of the Israeli’s – and if you are one then you know them’s the facts.

        • Ri Ho

          And that “congress” you mention also “brilliantly” voted for the war in 2002…So much for the gravitas of Congress.

  • Ri Ho

    The last paragraph is the ideologically correct dribble for this web site. Obama is no more going to do that than to suspend the ‘illegal’ military aid he assures Israel of receiving.

    The Kurds are the best thing going for us (U.S) right now in the region. Guess is we are funding their defense either directly or through the aid we give Israel. Notice that ISIS is not moving in their (Kurds) direction and the Kurds just moved into Kirkuk (was there recently, not a bad place to live; though Erbil is a lot nicer and safer).

    Most of the material on this site reads like mellifluous text in the Pyongyang Times. The authors must come from the same school.

  • Dave Eboch

    I am understanding now why the USA is back in Iraq! Israel convinced the goyim again to fight for one of their secret causes!