Israeli Defense Minister: “All That Can Save Us is for John Kerry to Win a Nobel Prize and Leave Us in Peace”

hanoi john kerry

The good news for Israel is that the bar for mediocre Democratic politicians winning a Nobel Peace prize without accomplishing anything of note is a lot lower these days. Both Gore and Obama have their Nobel Peace prizes. It can’t be that hard to hand one to John Kerry.

Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon lashed into US Secretary of State John Kerry and savaged US-led peace talks with the Palestinians in private conversations, according to a Tuesday report in a major Israeli daily.

The unsourced report in the Yedioth Ahronoth newspaper recounts Ya’alon lambasting the security proposals drawn up by Kerry as part of his peace plan as being “not worth the paper it is printed on” and something that won’t provide security for Israel.

The report also quotes Ya’alon calling Kerry “inexplicably obsessive” and “messianic” in his efforts to coax the two sides into a peace agreement. Ya’alon said Kerry has “nothing to teach me about the conflict with the Palestinians.

“All that can ‘save us’ is for John Kerry to win a Nobel Prize and leave us in peace,” the paper quotes him saying.

“What are you talking about?” Ya’alon was said to have directly retorted to assertions by Kerry recently that his security proposal would render Israel’s eastern border more tranquil that the US-Canada border.

“You’ve given us a plan based on advanced technologies — satellites, sensors, war rooms with TV screens — but with no presence in the field of our forces. How is that technology going to help when a Salafist or an Islamic Jihad terror cell tries to attack Israeli targets?” Ya’alon reportedly wondered.

“How are satellites going to quash the rocket-building industry that’s developing in Nablus and that will launch rockets at Tel Aviv and the center of the country?”

Ya’alon was quoted saying. “In practical terms for the last few months we’ve been holding talks not with the Palestinians, but with the Americans.”

He also lamented that the Palestinians had yet to give up anything in the ongoing peace negotiations, while Israel had “released murderers,” a reference to a series of prisoner discharges in which 78 longtime Palestinian terror convicts have been freed in recent months. “Enough is enough.”

Ya’alon is a good guy and it’s not implausible that he has some of these opinions, but Yedioth Ahronoth is a tabloid with very little credibility and plenty of agenda. Everything Ya’alon supposedly said is right and true enough. But whether he actually said it may be more doubtful.

Israeli tabloids and newspapers and Israeli officials have a tendency to make up quotes whenever they feel like it. Kerry is clearly getting on Israeli nerves. The left-wing politician has decided to stake his reputation on pushing through a final status agreement while remaining as clueless about the realities on the ground in other countries as ever.

  • Erudite Mavin

    Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon nailed Kerry.
    Kerry is a retro out of the so called diplomats of the
    FDR 30s era, above it all while disaster plays out.


      FDR? Chamberlain wasn’t American.

      • Erudite Mavin

        FDR ‘s adm looked the other way during the 30s when the Jews were rounded up for the concentration camps.

        Also the MS St. Louis was a German ocean liner in 1939, in which her captain, Gustav Schröder, tried to find homes for 937 German Jewish refugees after they were denied entry to the United States because FDR would not let them dock.
        They had to return and many died in internment camps, in hiding or attempting to evade the Nazis.


          All true, but this article is about Kerry, who is an American Chamberlain, accepting the words of liars like the Pal-e-SWINIANS and Fascist Iran and its “peaceful” nuke program.

          Plus Fascist iran holds Nuremburg style rallies calling for death to America.

          I say DEATH to Fascist iran!

  • truebearing

    Based on what the tabloid reported, and assuming they made it up, I submit that the writer for this tabloid should be negotiating with Kerry. He/she is clearly smarter than Kerry — admittedly not much of a comparative compliment — and has analyzed the situation pretty well.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      Probably the best way to deal with Kerry right now would be to wear him out, do what the Pallies do, endlessly revise everything, play at being helpful, but constantly pull back at the last minute until he reaches his breaking point.

      • truebearing

        It seems to work when the Palestinians do it, endlessly, but if Israel does it, they’ll start measuring with a different ruler. We’ll instantly hear that Israel is dragging its feet…Israel doesn’t want peace…yada, yada, yada.

        • tickletik

          Then maybe the best way to deal with him, is to bluntly tell him to f*** off.

          • truebearing

            Tempting, but then Israel gives its enemies something they can use against them. Better to do as Greenfield suggested and pretend to cooperate, but with endless revisions.

        • Daniel Greenfield

          We hear it anyway.

          • truebearing

            It has to be wearying to realize that nothing will satisfy the Palestinians other than dying en masse. Well, the rest of the non-Muslim world better take note because that is what Muslims will eventually demand from all of us, if we don’t stop them.

      • defcon 4

        Maybe Kerry will suffer a coronary from the stress induced by such a strategy, not that it will make much difference to the current US regime.


        And Fascist Iran does the same thing. Drag out “negotiations”, threaten to leave if they don’t get their way – and because the feckless West desperately wants ANY agreement, the West agrees to Fascist Iran’s demands – getting NOTHING but Taqiyya based “promises” to slow down their nuke program.

        “Peace” at ANY PRICE is a recipe for War. Proven in the 1930’s.

        “Those who forget the past are doomed to repeat it.”
        – George Santayana

      • Drakken

        Then the problem becomes, whether it is best to deal with the devil we know, or the devil we don’t know? What a brutal dilemma to be in.

  • ZZ

    I’m sure Ketchup Kerry has another Madame Binh style, seven point plan for Israeli surrender to the Psuedostinian terrorists, just like he had for American surrender to al qaeda in Iraq. Why not? All the commies have the same plan: The New Zealand Breastfeeding Authority, the Eurozone, Andrew Cuomo’s gun confiscastion strikeforce, the Michigan Supreme Court, the LA city council, the Peace Corps, Microsoft, Sinn Fein, the UN, CPUSA, and pretty much every other terrorist organization out there.

    The world went insane while we wrote angry letters.


      I like Heinz KETCHUP (NOT catsup) and Vegetarian Baked Beans.

  • Gee

    I think that Boogie has over-rated the Secretary of State. The man is so stupid that he can only have one thought per year.

    It’s always Israel’s fault when the Arabs say no. Time to end the stupidity and tell Kerry to go find another issue to screw up

  • carpe diem 36

    i said many times that Mr. Kerry is a bully, but he only bullies Israel, trying to bully it into submission. his only ambition in this tiresome action is his desire for the Nobel Peace Prize. this is what is driving him and I hope Bibi will not give him any more time to waste on this “mission” that is obviously doomed because the PA will not budge even one iota from their original stand. he will not accomplish peace, but I hope that on the same basis that Obama won the Nobel Prize Mr.Kerry will also receive it.