It’s Hard to See Racism When You’re a Collectivist

iybA few years ago, Newsweek’s glossy cover asked “Is Your Baby Racist?” The baby looking back at supermarket shoppers, airline passengers waiting for their flight and patients in the dental office had blue eyes.

The labeling of racists as white has itself become a racial stereotype. And it’s not an accidental stereotype.

Behind the left’s support for affirmative action is the belief that white racism is the only kind of racism that exists. Black racism they insist is really called “reverse racism” and is a myth made up by white people.

It’s not that the left believes that affirmative action isn’t racist. It’s that it believes that there is no such thing as racism against white people. Like the Knockout Game or white students who qualify on merit but can’t get into college because of racial diversity quotas; it’s an invalid category. A myth.

And if it’s a myth, then there’s nothing wrong with a little racial violence or a few racial preferences.

Our system isn’t immune to bouts of niche insanity. A sizable portion of Hollywood believes that their souls originated on another planet and that they will eventually gain superpowers. Much of Washington D.C. believes that money can be printed infinitely with infinite economic benefits. And the academic and non-profit establishment believes that anti-white racism doesn’t exist.

The left is delusional, but it isn’t completely insane. It doesn’t deny that black hate crimes can take place. It won’t even deny the occasional act of institutional discrimination. But it only recognizes racism as a collective phenomenon.

The debate over affirmative action is about the collective and the individual.

“It cannot be entertained as a serious proposition that all individuals of the same race think alike,” Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy wrote in the Schuette v. BAMN decision that permits a ban on racial affirmative action discrimination in Michigan.

But that’s exactly what the left believes.

Racism, to the left, exists systemically. It exists institutionally. It exists collectively, but not individually.

All white people are racist. All black people are victims of racism. Any events to the contrary are exceptions to the rule. Racism can only exist one way between the majority and the minority.

Anything else is a mythical ‘reverse racism’.

Conservatives view people as individuals. Leftists view them as parts of a system. To a conservative, racism is something that happens between individuals. To a leftist, it’s the attribute of a system. Trying to convince a leftist that black racism exists or that affirmative action is racist is like trying to convince him that some of the cells in his body are plotting against him.

He doesn’t see individuals, he sees a system.

The debate over affirmative action is really the debate over whether we see people as individuals or cells, whether the white and black students who want to be seen as individuals will prevail, or whether the totalitarian left with its insistence on viewing them as differently colored marbles in a single system will continue to get its way.

Similarly in politics, conservatives reach out to people who agree with their policies, regardless of race, leading to less diverse, but more intellectually robust groups, while liberals form racial coalitions. Liberals accuse conservatives of racism because they assume that they are not a coalition of individuals, but a racial collective, just like them.

And yet racial healing hasn’t happened in America on a collective level. We haven’t been readjusted as a system. We have changed individually.

That is what the left, with its obsession with systems, cannot see and cannot cope with it. The Great Society failed miserably because we were a great society all along. We weren’t a great society because we were perfect, but because we were constantly striving to better ourselves as individuals.

And it is this trait which affirmative action and the left’s collectivist view undermines.

Systems don’t reject racism. Individuals do.

It is this fundamental truth that Newsweek’s obsession with baby racism and the indoctrination of white privilege are meant to combat. Their collective message is that individuals are products of the system, puppets of their biology, forever damned by an original sin of racism that so thoroughly pervades every part of their being and mental state that they can never escape it.

Not unless the system changes.

That was the left’s totalitarian response to class. The failure of its systems of economic management and the success of capitalism destroyed its credibility on class. The notion that the working class can never escape poverty under private enterprise has been buried as thoroughly as the statues of Marx and Lenin.

But instead of rethinking its paradigm, the left substituted race for class. The working class could succeed under private enterprise, but only as long as it was white.

And that’s still wrong.

Race, like class, is not a problem of the system, but of the individual. There is no single collective solution, only the solutions that individuals find for themselves. We are not a nation divided between black and white, or between the colorless whites and the ‘people of color’.

We are individuals. We always were.

Affirmative action denies that race is an individual experience. It denies that race is not the sum of the individual. It denies the suffering of those who are caught between the gears of the system because they are members of the ‘wrong race.’

It denies the individual. It denies his identity, his worth and his agency. It puts the system above the individual and takes away the rights of everyone, of all races, genders and assorted identities.

The left is obsessed with the ‘whiteness’ of the system. Its obsession is not only racist, but it replaces an open system in which people can change and are changing… with a closed system under which they cannot. This totalitarian aspect of the system has been hidden under a sham of empowerment and the rituals of victimization that reward those who play the race card over those who try to do their best.

What will determine the outcome of the affirmative action debate and the larger debates over race and class is whether we approach them as individuals or as parts of a system. Americans resist being treated like interchangeable parts of a system, but the individual narratives that the left uses so effectively are cover for systemic approaches and systemic solutions.

The left has responded to institutionalized racism with institutionalized racism until it became the very racist institution that it was once fighting against. Institutions don’t fight racism, they create it. The most compelling argument against the left’s collective racial policies has always been the individual.

Organizations and collectives can create hate, but only individuals can replace it with love.

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  • Joe The Gentile

    To the article, largely true. However, it gives a little too much credit to the Leftist mentality. Conservatives favor the individual. But it is not quite right that Leftists favor the collective. More correctly, Leftists favor Leftism, and their power, and if and when a collective view suits them, they promote it. Whatever view suits their narrative, they take, selectively.

    Disparity of performance between different ethnic/racial groups even when equal opportunity is present is a stubborn reality. This situation is OPPORTUNITY for the leftist mind to meddle. The Leftist is incorrigibly biased towards interpretations of reality which justify his meddling. If he accepts that there is actually equal opportunity, he doesn’t get to meddle, so he rejects the reality of equal opportunity. He then treats Blacks and Whites collectively, as if they were Black Inc. and White Inc, two corporate bodies in competition with each other, with individuals as shareholders. But while he has discarded the rights of the individual here, he has not entirely embraced the rights of these collective groups. If he did, he would have to agree that White Inc. has to have SOME reward for better collective behavior, and he would not like to say what that reward should be. His real commitment is to the Leftist mindset–he is the Anointed Shepherd, the successful (whites) are the oppressor-Wolves, and the unsuccessful (blacks) are the oppressed-Sheep and he must enjoy Power in writing these wrongs.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      Individually leftists favor their own self-interest, but their ideology is a collective mechanism.

      • Joe The Gentile

        I would agree that the Left focuses on the collective in its narratives. But not in a consistent and balanced fashion. To the Leftist, Blacks have a right to affirmative action, collectively. But whites do not have a right, collectively, to the fruits of their labor, study, thrift and low criminality. In other words, blacks are collectively entitled to have black failure paid for by whites. But to the Leftist, whites are not collectively entitled to their white success. Leftist emphasis on the collective is very much only part of the story.

        • Daniel Greenfield

          Because as a collective, whites are considered privileged and empowered, and therefore have to have their property redistributed.

          If it impacts poor white people as individuals, it doesn’t matter.

          • Joe The Gentile

            To your last point, yes. But a collective is not allowed to be more successful based on merit. Which is the important addendum. Leftism is much more than collectivism. It also contains bias against/hate of the successful groups, whether The Rich, The Whites or The Men or The West.

          • Joe The Gentile

            Daniel, I should not have put this forward as a disagreement to your article. I should have put it forward as another important angle. Because I am adding to what you say, not invalidating what you say.

          • Judahlevi

            This is the problem with collective grouping of any skin color. It denies the individuality of members of the group.

            A racist puts everyone of a certain skin color into a group and assigns a negative value to them.

            The leftist puts everyone of a certain skin color into a group and assigns a negative value to them.

            The thinking is identical. The left believes that thinking like a racist will cure racism. It doesn’t, it perpetuates it.

            Only by viewing people as individuals, not groups, can we ever get away from racism, sexism, or other collective identifications which harm human relations.

          • Joe The Gentile

            Hi Judahlevi, you need that and bias against the strong/successful, to define leftism.

            The difference between the leftist-racist and the ordinary racist is that the racist puts people into racial groups and assigns a negative value to those groups generally not his own; while the leftist-racist puts everyone into racial groups and assigns a negative value to the more successful race(s), whether his own or not. If the successful(negative) race is his own, he gets to cleanse himself (demonstrate his righteousness) by putting it down.

          • Mark T

            I strongly suspect you agree with the “Peace Now!” activist in this video. His ideas are nearly identical to yours but he is from the Left. Go figure.


          • true lies

            Funny video but sadly typical of leftists. The problem with this collectivism – bad vs individualism – good way of thinking is that it can so easily be turned around. Consider the “knock-out game” going on all over the country. We have one racial group (blacks) targeting another racial group (whites) for violence. Whites are being targeted specifically by race. Yet, according to the leftists in the media, we are not to notice this at all. These are not racially motivated crimes carried out by one race against another. These are merely attacks carried out by individuals and race has NOTHING to do with it. We must never focus the spotlight of truth on the actions carried out by a specific collectively identifiable group of people but rather must only consider the individual attacker.

            This is how leftists want us to think. Race has nothing to do with it. Don’t believe your lying eyes, race doesn’t even exist.

          • JR

            This “all people are only individuals” is also the basis for the Leftist-inspired anti-profiling laws that Obama made his cause de Jour in his early political career.

            Forget about what decades of experience has taught police about drug traffickers or who to screen in airports, profiling is bad, oh so bad, because people are potential suspects based on collective group identification and not as individuals.

            Forget about the statistical fact that an Arab Muslim is far far more likely to blow up an airplane. According to Leftist doctrine, a 71 year-old Norwegian granny is to be considered just as likely to do such a thing.

            Again, “Liberalism is a mental disorder.” — Michael Savage

          • Joe The Gentile

            Yes! The Lefts collectivizes when it suits his narrative (I am shepherd, strong/successful group are wolves, weaker/unsuccessful group are sheep, I should be lord and protect the sheep). But then he individualizes when individualizing serves his narrative and helps him maintain his shepherd-to-the-sheep-against-the-wolves posture. You bring up a great example–interracial violence. When this is white-on-black, it is analyzed with bias towards the black side of the story, assumed to be racial and interpreted collectively (see Trayvon Martin and the famous white-on-black rape cases including Duke Lacrosse team, as well as the Rodney King beating and others). The statistically *far* more prominent black-on-white violence receives a different treatment entirely. It is treated as individuals acting badly and there is rarely if ever a racial narrative added to it by the media, even if the attacker is very much a racist.

          • Judahlevi

            I think the video is satire – but what do I know?

            If he agrees that the mind defines the person not the body then, yes, in this area we can agree. That is not a leftist position since leftists are the strongest supporters of multiculturalism group identification or stereotypes.

      • Crazycatkid

        I’ve never seen such greed and self centered self interest as from devoutly leftist individuals (who will rip your head off for a small business advantage, lie blatantly to “get over” on a deal or cheat on their records or taxes) and then simper the popular phrases about redistribution, compassion and giving. I am still undecided if such leftist individuals see themselves as “good” or are aware they are lacking in all decency on an individual interaction basis. Perhaps, this article provides an answer…finally. In Individual interactions by Leftists they are free to be dishonest, selfish immoral and corrupt. But, when espousing beliefs applied to large groups-and when voting- collective groups are either good or bad. Hmmmm.

        • Daniel Greenfield

          It’s like any other religion. The people who denounce others the loudest and trumpet their own virtues are usually the worst.

  • DaCoachK

    Now the same tactic is being used to with homosexuality. Everything the nation has endured with the Civil Rights Act of 1964, it will now endure with homosexuals: thought control, quotas, etc. There will be a new civil rights act for homosexuals, and you are hateful if you find it ridiculous.

    • Lightbringer

      May I still laugh in the privacy of my own home, or will that be considered a thought crime as it is in Canada?

      • DaCoachK

        Don’t worry. It will be against the law to be a white heterosexual Christian male soon in both Canada and the USA, punishable by the stocks, a Scarlet Letter of a sort and jail.

  • Jason P

    An excellent review of the left’s racism and its roots in collectivism. Some ignorant people still think the left is talking about individual prejudice when it is merely talking insuring equal results.

    The same thing happens with this “equal pay for women” ploy. The right goes into detail about how there are factors the account for differences that have nothing to do with prejudice. The left says “I don’t care” and demands that the results conform to an “equal outcome,” period. The ignorant public still thinks the left is arguing that unequal outcome is the smoke that proves the bigoted fire burning in the soul of employers. They know better. It’s the public that doesn’t see the bait-and-switch.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      The left plays a bait and switch. It launches individual accusations of racism when it really is making a collective racial accusation.

      White privilege is really giving the game away.

      • truebearing

        You could say that it is axiomatic that the population that is dominant in a country targeted for Marxist revolution will be the one demonized in whatever way possible. It flows directly from the two principles of evil that the Left and Islam adhere to: total power is everything; and the ends justify the means. Pretty simple stuff, yet millions of Americans have no clue.

        • Daniel Greenfield

          It’s the simplest D and C means.

  • johnlac

    The leftist myth of white supremacy is utterly destroyed by the success of east Asian and Jews….both groups which were heavily discriminated against many decades ago. If the “white establishment” was hell-bent on keeping all their supposed power, they would not have allowed a system that permitted Asians and Jews to get ahead of the “white” class. Of course, Jews are just another ethnic “white” group, but the fact that they weren’t Christians meant they were heavily discriminated against at one time.
    So how did those two groups manage to succeed and get ahead of everybody else? Because they worked and studied harder. That simple fact seems lost on the leftists who still insist that some white ” patriarchy” is holding back “people of color” ( gawd, I hate that term.) The only thing holding back “people of color” is themselves. The opportunity is there, they have to take advantage of it.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      And as has been pointed out, some African and Latin American immigrant groups have a track record of success.

      Lebanese Christians have done quite well in the US.

      • Marcus

        Case in point is Peoria Illinois.

        -Maloof – Former mayor of Peoria & wealthy realtor Maloof
        -Shadid – Peoria county Sheriff
        -LaHood – Congressman & Secretary of Transportation
        -LaHood Construction Company
        -Joseph = Realtors, Lawyers & social worker
        -Alwan- Landmark/well known (in tri-county area) Grocery store
        -Kouri or Couri – restaurants, bars , grocery store (closed) & other businesses

        Apparently the Maloofs in California do much better than the Maloofs of Illinois
        The Lebanese community does just fine in Illinois. When Muslims might complaints of racism, it has more to do with their religion and how adherent to it treat other people than with problems with Americans.

        • Daniel Greenfield

          Interestingly, Muslims perform worse than Christians from the same ethnic group. Muslim minorities in non-Muslim countries also perform better than Muslim majorities.

          It’s a real cultural problem.

          • truebearing

            Maybe raising people in a culture obsessed with hate isn’t the wisest thing to do if you desire success. Modern black culture is another example.

          • Aito Huroshita

            In Japan they don’t have these problems and this topic would never even be brought up. They are an overwhelmingly homogenous nation and are therefore not “enriched” collective diversity. In Japan, the masses seeing each other as individuals is the norm because they are all members of the same collective group known as the Japanese.

          • Judahlevi

            Even in Japan you have diversity.

            There is not a monolithic ‘Japanese’ block anymore than any other collective of people. Each human mind is unique whether they share the same culture or not.

          • JBisback

            It’s a religious problem.

    • Judahlevi

      The leftist myth of white supremacy is destroyed when one quits buying into their premise – that people are defined by their skin color and should be grouped and measured as such.

      Making that mental adjustment will cause one to know that there is no monolithic “white group” which can be measured in any fashion. There are only individuals achieving what their best efforts and talents allow them to.

      Groups are abstract creations that don’t exist in reality. Individuals do exist and represent the real minority. There are no groups, there are only individuals.

      • truebearing

        The Left contradicts itself when, on one hand, it makes whites a monolithically racist group, but then uses the “One Percenter” class warfare tactic. They lump the poor whites with blacks, etc, so they have to give poor whites a pass on the racism charge. The same is true when they champion white women, whether lesbians, single mothers, or any other subset. White women are essential to the Left in winning elections. They can’t be racists or the Left itself is racist, so white women are exempted, unless they are married and/or Christian. It finally boils down to white men, but even then their category of racism breaks down. What about gay white men? And if we go further, there are white men running the Left’s whole scheme. Are they not racists for being white? And let’s not forget atheist white men. They are are exonerated simply because they hate Christianity. The Left’s lies simply can’t withstand even casual scrutiny.

        • Judahlevi

          I would not want to keep track of how often the left is irrational. Their arguments are always full of holes and double standards.

      • Fred

        Simple question: is diversity a strength or advantageous?

        All people of course individuals but they are also members of collective groups. Republicans and Democrats. Protestants and Catholics. Jews and Muslims. Italians and Irish. African and European.

        • Judahlevi

          Better question: How do you define diversity?

          • currahee6769

            It should be diversity of thought and ideas instead of liberal color preference

        • Drakken

          There ain’t no unity in diversity, never has, never will, and the idiots that push this garbage always end up against a wall or lined up in ditches. We are all tribal by nature and when push comes to shove, we turn to our own kind in times of crisis.

          • Edward E

            Plan for White geNOcide that “anti-racists” implement:

            1) Flood EVERY & ONLY White countries with MILLIONS of non-Whites

            2) Force integrate these immigrants into White communities. This is done with the aid of Federal Laws

            3) Push interracial relationships night and day in the media & newspaper

            advertisements, in ONLY White countries

            4) Anyone that objects is called the r-word!

            5) Then, inform the Whites of their inevitable brown future

            Anti-Racist is a code for anti-White

          • The Right Fight

            Flagged for posting spam … … for repetitive inappropriate comments.

    • Rob Paydon

      They know it’s not true 90 cents of every dollar generated since Obame came into office has gone to the top 1% but it’s polarizing and keeps minorities voting democrat

    • BagLady

      Perhaps that is true in some areas but, looking around the world, I still see class structures based on colour. Go down through Mexico, Central and South America and the blacker the skin the poorer the person. One can argue the genetic predisposition to ‘sitting down’ while others tramp the treadmill daily from dawn ’til dusk.

      As far as opportunity being there equally for black people is concerned, I would take you to Lake Malawi. The villagers have always lived a simple life with nothing but a few ears or corn, onions and tomatoes to sustain them. No education, save the Christian missionaries who did little but change the names of the children to nice Christian names like John and Matthew and teach them how to scrawl these new names. Not a dollar in their pockets nor a pair of shoes to their name. You suggest that such people have the opportunity to rise against the avalanche of foreigners who would fence off the entire lake for profit.

      Let’s not pretend there is anything near a level playing field.

      • JBisback

        So Blacks fail wherever they live?


  • Gylippus

    Thank you for these important insights Daniel. There more I think about it, the more it seems like the tension between the individual and the group (next to the competition for resources) is at the heart of everything: Art, literature, philosophy, history, politics… It is the key dynamic that drives social evolution, for better or for worse!

    • Daniel Greenfield

      certainly in an individualistic society

  • Seek

    The problem is not “racism.” As soon as we use that “r” word we unknowingly buy into the Left’s main premise that racism is something, OMG, horrible. If someone calls me a racist, I simply respond, “Okay, what’s your point?” It isn’t to retort, “Liberals are the REAL racists, nyah, nyah, nyah.” That will never work. There’s no point trying to outdo the Left at their own game. Better simply to assert pride in being white.

    • Judahlevi

      Better to assert that you are not defined by your skin color but by your mind – because this is the truth. Skin color by itself says nothing about you.

    • David G

      I agree with you on that. Not much use in arguing with the lefties. Whites and ONLY whites must act and think as individuals, never joining forces with other whites collectively, but always as individuals who are easily outnumbered and defeated by groups that stand strong and united as a collective force for their cause. Whites must never do this. Ever!


    newsweek is now a web only blog – where newsweek can “stand out” with 100,000,000 other blogs.

    The people have spoken – and didn’t buy the dead tree version – or the bit bucket version.


      Sorry. newsweek is back in print – as of March 2014. From January 2013 to March 2014, 14 months, it was online only.

      • Moa

        Back in print, but for how long?

    • Daniel Greenfield

      blink twice it’ll be a blog and then a Tumblr and finally a distant memory

  • CaoMoo

    “Trying to convince a leftist that black racism exists or that affirmative action is racist is like trying to convince him that some of the cells in his body are plotting against him.

    That would be cancer :)

    • Daniel Greenfield

      the post office is America’s Chernobyl

      • CaoMoo

        best description ever

      • truebearing

        I wish we could entomb the post office in a concrete sarcophagus, and let the private sector deliver the mail.

    • DennisMets

      yea will try this on in a veterans clinic in jacksonville fl they have a black man in charge of hiring, henley he only hires black females will 90 percent of the time, thing is when you have blacks hiring you can forget any white male getting a job

    • Wolfthatknowsall

      My brother-in-law and I decided to take the civil service exam for the Post Office, some years ago. Both of us had a raw score of 99.

      But the Post Office Department uses uses “multiplers”. If you’re a white woman, you get a multiplier. If you’re a minority woman, you get two multipliers (three, if you’re a veteran). If you’re this same minority woman, and you also have a disability, you get four multipliers. This would explain why the “Mail Man” is disappearing, and being replaced by the “Mail Lady”.

      So, black man who was in the Army who scores 72% on the exam might get a final score of 125%, after multipliers. All this means is that the two white fellows who were never veterans and scored 99% will never be called back (and note that I got a multiplier because I was a veteran). For all I know, there’s a negative multiplier for white men.

      Discrimination on the basis race, gender, ethnicity … or anything else … is not what the Founders envisioned, I think.

  • justquitnow

    I think race relations haven’t healed because FPM hasn’t run enough articles showing blacks are violent, lazy and the actual racists. When I think of the races getting along and being fair with each other, my first thought is FPM and then “white girl bleed a lot”. Then again I’m just a poor goy, so what do i know.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      “Then again I’m just a poor goy, so what do i know.”

      Race-baiting condemnations of racism are liberalism at its awesomest.

      • justquitnow

        That’s not race baiting you humorless square….I’m making fun of you and the other writers at FPM that cry jewish victimhood all the time but can’t stop writing articles about african-american victimhood and in the most gross and outlandish terms. You can keep your leftist ideology in the clean room where you work on it.

        • laura r

          hello! we know blks are a protected class. jews are not.

          • trickyblain

            Religious Jews are protected under the CRA of ’64.

          • laura r

            maybe the othodox but not the rest of jews. im not sure if i believe in protected classes of people. possibly elderly or disabled, but not ethnic.

          • trickyblain

            Ethnicity was the entire reason for the CRA. That said, nowadays, unless you are a non-obese, white, healthy male who is 39 or younger, you’re in a protected class.

          • Samwise

            How did protected class help Scott Adams? It didn’t it screwd him.
            You get an education and the black female head of HR says it does not matter.

          • Daniel Greenfield

            In picture form

          • reader

            Yeah, just like Obama is supposed to enforce border security. But he is not – in the real world.

          • trickyblain

            EEOC statistics on claims and resolutions tell us otherwise. They are virtually the same annual numbers from 2009-2013 as they’ve been since the CRA ’64 was enacted.

          • reader

            And? Did you compare these claims with those peddled by jessee jacksons type? No, you didn’t. I suppose, you’re missing the point. I wonder why.

          • justquitnow

            The point was he was responding to laura r. But thanks for butting in your contributed soooo much.

          • reader

            Huh? I’m not even asking you what your point is. This is pretty much an equivalent of a flatulence sound in an opera house.

          • objectivefactsmatter

            And Al Sharpton is their protector.

        • Daniel Greenfield

          “I’m making fun of you and the other writers at FPM that cry jewish victimhood all the time but can’t stop writing articles about african-american victimhood ”

          Race-baiting condemnations of racism are liberalism at its awesomest.

          Keep up the great work.

          • justquitnow

            Keep your fingers in your ears and keep repeating that…
            Good cultist…

          • Daniel Greenfield

            At least you’ve given up trying to defend your racism.

            There’s hope for you yet.

          • justquitnow

            If use of the word “goy”by me is racist to you, then you are a hopeless hypocrite. WHHAAAAA

          • Moa

            Why else would you use the word , “goy”? it’s because you are a Jew hating racist.

            You have exactly made the point of this article for us. As libtard zombie you have demonstrated great racism while falsely accusing others of the same.

            How dumb are you!

          • justquitnow

            LOL…that is backward and idiotic and what’s more you know it.

            Do you even know what goy or gentile mean? Apparently not. You guys keep proving my point. Complaining about accusations of racism while you scream them with all the force in your being. I never called anyone a racist…or implied that people are racist against me, but by all means keep crying out with intellectual dishonesty. WHAAAA

          • Moa

            Of course i do. And I know exactly the racist manner in which you used it, because you are a Jew hater.

            So stop trying to pretend you are morally superior in any way, when you are proving this article’s exact point – *you* are the disgusting racist, that is so determined to prove that conservatives are racist (when they are, in fact, ‘color blind’ unlike you race-obsessed libtards) that you fictitiously project your racism on to us. You simply cannot fathom how evil you are being with this slander, but hey, to a statist totalitarian like you, “the end justifies the means”. Right?

            ” I never called anyone a racist…or implied that people are racist against me, but by all means keep crying out with intellectual dishonesty.”

            Dude, you are dealing with people who are way, way, way smarter than you are. Your pathetic attempt at playing the victim might work with other mental pygmies of the Left, but not against us. You are even more immoral and obnoxious for following your slanderous tactic with disingenuous playing “the victim”.

            But the great thing is, it simply shows us just how right Daniel’s article is because you are committing the exact moral injustice that he wrote about.

            Keep writing, please, you are providing a clear example of Daniel’s point the more and more you write.

            It is you who is trying to go “WHHHHAAAAA, wight-wing wasists!” – because you have no actual argument. But then, since you are a Leftists all you have is statist collectivist control over individuals justified through baloney mythologies, so it’s not like you can compete on the level of historical and objective facts, is it?


            Moa AKBAR!

          • Moa

            LOL. Cheers :)

          • justquitnow

            Again, you are trying to give me beliefs and you even put words in my mouth. Not interested…
            Flog lefty on your own time you hysterical ninny. I’m not playing the victim…what I am a victim of…bad journalism? I have no idea wtf you’re talking about.

          • Moa

            ” I have no idea wtf you’re talking about.”
            Clearly. I cannot help you with basic comprehension or the knowledge you are missing, sorry.

          • justquitnow

            You’re colorblind, smarter than me, and know what I REALLY mean…so much so that you write out racist comments and attribute them to me and say that I am pretending to be superior. Derp. Why do think I have to take all the crap you attribute to “lefty”? Do you actually think you’re being reasonable and fair and a good debater? No. You’re being intellectually dishonest. Just like I said. You have a good Sunday now.

          • Moa

            You are the one who started the racist debate with your use of “goy” and all its Jew-hating implications. Again you play the victim when you initiated the racism.

            While everyone’s favorite topic is about themselves in this case discussing me is pointless. What matters are the objective facts, and in this case you used the word “goy” in a manner intended to disparage Jews.

            Note: I am a secular atheist, not a ‘cultist’. And it is Monday for me, but thank you for your well-wishes. You have a good Sunday yourself, and ponder on your statements please. The Jews do not run the World. The Cultural Marxists do (propped up by monied interests, whether Gulf, or ideologues like George Soros) – and they comprise many peoples. So you racism is unwarranted and missing the real target.

          • justquitnow

            I don’t believe a thing you say.

          • Moa

            Your belief is not required.

          • Drakken

            Of course you understand nothing, your shortbus special.

          • JBisback

            Seek therapy, trolltard.

          • liberalism is a mental illness

            You can always tell when justquitnow is losing a debate… He calls you a cultist whatever that means!!

          • Daniel Greenfield

            It means you aren’t a member of his cult… so someone got to you first

          • justquitnow

            There is no debate going on here at all. I said FPM and Greenfield are hypocrites on this issue of “racial victimhood” and they are. Some of you are so ready to pop and blow your ugly stack all over “lefty” that you can’t read, you can’t think, you can’t see that you are what you hate…a belief driven, closed minded, dupe. Freedumb!

            And you don’t debate…you troll around after the fact and post one liners.

          • truebearing

            Now you’re just projecting.

          • objectivefactsmatter

            Anyone that disagrees with you is a cultist. You just might have a problem with self-worship.

        • reader

          Your humourness is quite a bit angry. bill mahr wannabe, I suppose, or something else equally sick.

        • Ned

          Bruce Bawer is Jewish?
          Anne Coulter is Jewish?
          Walter E Williams and Thomas Sowell are Jewish?

          etc., etc., etc, …

          Granted there are many Jewish writers, but the concerns they write about affect us all. those would be how the adherents of Islam by and large treat other peoples and how the policies of the Left are ruinous. Those two topics are not peculiar to Jews and many non-Jews find the blogs/essays here edifying so they keep coming back. that there are so many non-Jewish readers is of great concern to you, which is why you feel a need to also come down here and take pot shots.

          ” You can keep your leftist ideology in the clean room where you work on it.”

          That made no sense. I think you were so distraught & flustered you got it 180 degrees out of phase.

          You are going to be apoplectic in the 4 months preceding the election. The web rankings of FPM will climb to the high they had last year of maybe greater than that. You’ll be tearing out your hair.

          • justquitnow

            I didn’t say those people were jewish nor made an issue of their race. Is there a reading comprehension problem?

            I’ve been coming here for over a decade…I can’t say I ever looked up FPMs “ranking” and I really don’t care.

          • Ned

            “….I’m making fun of you and the other writers at FPM that cry jewish victimhood all the time” – Just_Quit_Now
            Naw, you have a problem with Jewish writers spending any amount of time writing about discrimination of Jews by the Left or Muslims. It is why you have been coming here for a decade. You have been trying to throw cold water on the whole thing.
            Lying can be harmful to the psyche. Have you seen a psychiatrist?

          • justquitnow

            Sigh (rubs eyes)…it’s always a strawman. Go find someone else to be what you want to be mad at…

    • laura r

      blame it on the jews once again.

      • justquitnow

        Blame what on the jews….wtf are you talking about? Look at the racial sensitivity when you think it’s about you.

        • laura r

          i saw your response to daniel. ps i have no racial “sensitivity”. i dont need validation 24/7 like the al sharpton crowd.

          • justquitnow

            Yeah but you thought calling myself a goy was racist…
            If that isn’t sensitive I don’t know what is.

          • Drakken

            Just put a COEXIST sticker on your Prius and everything will be all better.

          • justquitnow

            No means no you sick puppy.


            And a cigar is just a cigar.

          • justquitnow

            Will you stop trolling every post with one-line bs. Always a day late, then you go through and sprinkle your crap everywhere. I’ll just flag and collapse everything you write from here.

          • Daniel Greenfield

            Do you really want to get into a flagging contest on a conservative site when you’re slightly to the left of Michael Moore?

          • Wolfthatknowsall

            I haven’t said this, online, for 20 years: LOL …

          • justquitnow

            I won’t get into the pathetic nature of trolling your own articles. I think you’re a hypocrite, so of course I’m your boogeyman. “left” doesn’t even mean commie or socialist anymore to you….it’s a pseudo-religious moniker that keeps you from having to face…well anything really.

            “If you feel guilty, you invent a plot, many plots. And to counter them, you have to organize your own plot. But the more you invent enemy plots, to exonerate your lack of understanding, the more you fall in love with them, and you pattern your own on their model.” –Umberto Eco, “Foucault’s Pendulum”.


          • Drakken

            Whine whine, whine and whine some more.

          • Daniel Greenfield

            Lefty racists are so sophisticated. They even quote Umberto Eco.

            Clearly they’re a higher class of people.

          • Drakken

            Just a tad sensitive aren’t you ? Funny thing is about leftards like you, your all talk, no action, and whine like a little bitch that you are, how quaint.

          • justquitnow

            Well it is an internet forum. If we were sitting around a table together, you’d mind your manners. Big toughies on the internet are usually cowards. Aren’t you old and pissing in a bag? Or were you the young one that still lived with his mom? I can’t keep track of you tough guys.

          • objectivefactsmatter

            I think you too would behave differently sitting at a table. That makes you a hypocrite.

          • reader

            You’re the one who’s always pissed off and blaming others for being humorless.


            justquiltnow should get back to work on his/her Peace Quilt.

          • laura r

            for me its an uneducated word, used by closed minded jews. i may be wrong, but it could be slang. gentile sounds better. my jewish friends are too educted to use these kinds of words. i think of “goy” as a term a jewish shetle peasent would use. i wasnt brought up to speak that way. possibly it does sound kind of hostile to christians. (my projection)?

    • Joe The Gentile

      Troll alert. Consider NOT FEEDING, or else the page gets filled with trollfeed.

      • Daniel Greenfield

        Joe has a point, but I’m guilty of troll feeding myself

  • DennisMets

    So if you are born white you have no shot at being treated fairly and the next generations to come of whites must pay and pay and pay for what the few whites that brought black africians here did? when you give a racist violent group like Muslims and blacks benefits they will hang on to them for ever, and their black caucucas will make sure of that. the only way to do that is appoint racist hacks like sotomeyer and others that obanna have selected to carry out the hate on whites, another reason they bring in millions of black Muslim refugees from places like somalia to wage war on the devil whites

    • laura r

      so now blks & muslims grow up knowing they are superior. they have the white sheep enforcing this. go figure.

  • JohnnyAngel Advocacy Group

    Excellent story on the EVIL THAT IS ….COMMUNISM !!! Call it whatever makes you feel good, but it is EVIL !!!

  • nimbii

    So, we have been told that half the student body of UCLA is Asian and we need affirmative action to combat it….

    Wait a minute!!!

    Is this Asian racism systemic???

    Or, the bigger question: Is racism systemically inherent in Asians???.


  • truebearing

    “Trying to convince a leftist that black racism exists or that affirmative action is racist is like trying to convince him that some of the cells in his body are plotting against him.”

    And then the Leftist gets cancer and finds out that some of the cells in his body are plotting against him. But even that won’t convince him that something far less harmonious than the human body, the humans who make up any given population, are inherently unique and can’t be lumped together according to their “kind”. If all blacks are alike, then why don’t they all act in perfect harmony? This is the malignant racism of the Left. This is the institutionalized racism of the Left. This is why the Left projects its own racism on the Right. They are thralls to their own racist beliefs.

    There is an insidious pragmatism in shifting from class to race, beyond simply needing to avoid the massive failures of the Left’s past. They discovered that it is easier to create envy and hatred between races than classes, and they needed a political stepping stone in America to gain an electoral foothold. They chose blacks for obvious reasons. Blacks had a legitimate historical grievance. They were largely poor and uneducated. They were also vulnerable to false compassion in the form of government handouts. The Left had a ready-made voting bloc, and a group prone to physical violence, should that be necessary to intimidate the majority white culture. For the Left’s revolution to succeed, whites, and everything they traditionally believed, had to be demonized so that the Left could aggregate all of its culled “minorities,” which even included white women. In the end, it was white men the Left targeted as the real racists.

    Whites have to be racist or the Left’s power quest fails. No matter how much evidence piles up against their hypocritical insistence on the singularity of white racism, they have no choice but to goose step along to their drum beat of lies. Without their racial calculus, the engine of envy and hate stalls and their revolution falls apart. It is a lie, wrapped in a lie, for the goal of creating another lie. All the Left wants is power, by any means necessary.

    • Joe The Gentile

      >> Whites have to be racist or the Left’s power quest fails.

      Yes! This is the main leftist circus in the US right now, but there are sideshows for making sexists of men, and imperialists/colonialists of America, Israel and western civilization in general. But if these quests eventually fail, will Leftism die or will it morph into something else? Their belief system is proving very resilient and able to survive extremely hostile contrary reality.

      There is not much to replace the allure of being the Anointed Ones. They won’t give up that drug too quickly. If even these narratives fail will surely find new ways to snort their Leftist cocaine…..

      • truebearing

        They will always find someone that is prone to resentment that can be ratcheted into hate, but if they lose racism as a fulcrum, they will have lost their best weapon.

        I’m not saying they will lose racism, however. There are always those who are prone to hate other races. The same is true for religion, though not as much, except for Muslims. Maybe that is why the Left is enabling Islam. They figure they need a back-up grievance group.

  • trickyblain

    “Our system isn’t immune to bouts of niche insanity. A sizable portion of
    Hollywood believes that their souls originated on another planet and
    that they will eventually gain superpowers.”

    And a much more sizable portion of the rest of the country believes that a man — whose great grandmother was formed from a male rib — gathered two lucky specimens of every species on earth (including dinosaurs, since the Earth in only a few thousand years old) onto a boat and went for a 40 day cruise, while their loving god murdered every other living thing on the planet.

    Amusing when an adherent mocks the feasibility of other religions apart from his on the basis of plausibility.

    • justquitnow

      I think he is trying to reference Scientology…but I would question his “sizable portion”. This is “journalism” around here…making inaccurate points like a snarky teenager.


        More projection by justquiltnow.

    • liberalism is a mental illness

      Who cares what people believe. If we persecute people for the things you’ve mentioned should we persecute gays??

  • mtnhikerdude

    The Left the Real Hitlers

  • Richard

    Of all the articles I have read on Frontpage Mag, these are some of the most intelligent comments and thoughts about how the left uses it’s racism tool. In the past we know they used their class warfare tool, but that has not been working out too well for them these days, so they turn to racism. I have found black leftists putting down Martin L. King, (for his supposed sexual behaviors, that the FBI evedroppers went public with, to disgrace MLK)) because he remarked that a person should be judged by their character and not their color of their skin. Kings remarks didn’t lend themselves to the leftist race warfare game, so the left has behaved like the FBI did in the 60’s. Forget about individuals and their character, lets use a wide brush to paint a whole group to help our leftist cause.

  • David G

    We fight wars collectively, not as individuals. An army collectively will always defeat a group of individuals. My point is that there is strength in numbers. The individual stands alone. I see no problem with Jews defining themselves collectively or any other collective groups. I also see no problem with whites defining themselves collectively and (horrors) being proud of who they are and what their people have accomplished. And that is the real problem, isn’t it? ONLY whites must not define themselves collectively. Its okay for everyone else, but not whites. Their is power in collectivity and we wouldn’t want that for whites now would we….

    • objectivefactsmatter

      “We fight wars collectively, not as individuals. An army collectively will always defeat a group of individuals. My point is that there is strength in numbers. ”

      Wars are rough justice. You can’t get justice and equality before the law until after you win a war and impose a constitution. We don’t want war as the best choice for justice.

      “The individual stands alone. I see no problem with Jews defining themselves collectively or any other collective groups.”

      Acting collectively is not collectivism until you subordinate the importance of the individual as innate to your ideals.

      It’s legitimate to say that since “whites” are targeted under some campaign that collective action is called for in response. That’s not collectivism. Collectivism is when you target enemies for simply not belonging to your group.

      Attacking military targets and soldiers in uniform is collective action, not collectivism. Targeting individuals that are noncombatants or simply spoiling something to punish the group is probably collectivism if it serves no purpose for winning the battle or the war.

      • Martel

        I’m glad you wrote your third paragraph, but an issue remains, that in multi ethnic societies there are always ethnic conflicts which require collective action. To prevent further conflict, and the possibility of greater conflict, whites need to take collective action for a complete overhaul of immigration policies. In the US this means getting rid of the 1965 immigration act, and in Europe getting rid of the EU.

        • objectivefactsmatter

          “I’m glad you wrote your third paragraph, but an issue remains, that in multi ethnic societies there are always ethnic conflicts which require collective action.”

          I disagree about “always.” Once we purge collectivism from our laws and our schools, I think the established justice systems that we have are perfectly suited for obtaining the best justice possible.

          “To prevent further conflict, and the possibility of greater conflict, whites need to take collective action for a complete overhaul of immigration policies. In the US this means getting rid of the 1965 immigration act, and in Europe getting rid of the EU.”

          I might agree with you that collective action is needed, but I might disagree with you about policies and how to identify targets.

          Basically we only deal with people collectively when they are beyond the reach of our laws. That means up to the point of handing out visas. So I absolute agree that our immigration policies and path to citizenship need to be revised significantly.

          And in order to do that the very first thing we need to do is to purge as much mendacity and collectivism as we can so that whatever new policies we come up with will be most consistent with our constitutional values.

  • Marcus

    The right wing also has a strong collectivist element. White nationalists consider themselves conservatives and deplore liberalism. Yet they still believe in collective rights for ethnic groups.

    • Martel

      I’m a white nationalist, and I care little what goes on inside the country and prefer equal rights, I simply don’t want non-white minorities moving into my country, upsetting the ethnic composition as this inevitably changes the very structure of society itself, and ensures the rise of ethnic conflicts. I do support the right to chose who you associate and do business with.

      • Marcus

        At least you are honest in your views, but the wish to be with ‘your own’ is buoyed by your lack of affinity with non-whites. If you don’t consider them fellow beings then you are on a sliding scale towards resentment and hatred. Do you think this is moral?

        If your argument is that there will be less tension with racial homogeneity than you should deem ethno-nationalism as moral only in its practicality in regards to the deficiency in human nature(which by the way is not ‘fixed’, as assumed by racial realists) .rather than it being an ultimate good.

        • Martel

          There are several arguments for ethnic nationalism, one is that we have evolved to trust and prefer those who look like us, which can be observed in real life, as throughout colleges, universities and in communities, the general trend shows that people of different backgrounds stick totheir own, even though the majority of these people, do not have intellectual or ideological reasons for doing so. Science, even if its under pressure from special interest groups and a general consensus amongst the elite to not discuss racially sensitive issues, has discovered this to have scientific merit as well. This doesn’t mean we all share these ”evolutionary instincts” to the same degree, but it does mean we have to take them into account. As people may claim outwardly that they support politically correct standards, in reality they segregate. When the government forces them to live together, tensions grow.

          This is also caused by the fact that evolution has not made us the same. Average intelligence, testosterone levels, physique, impulse control, ability to digest alcohol, and endless other attributes differ amongst ethnic groups. High testosterone levels can be seen at an early age with young blacks, visit any mixed highschool of your choice,it is easy to see that blacks develop differently then Europeans, and Europeans differently then Asians. This is supported by research, but can be observed nby any one of us.

          There are other issues, such as perception, sense of identity and its influence on society, and legitimate fears ethnic groups develop about eachother. The ease of exploiting such fears, such as Biden who claimed the Republicans would put blacks ”back in chains” is another well known issue.

          About morality, I believe preventing ethnic conflict is the only moral reason for doing so, but, I am also tempted by the notion that all people have not only a right to an own homeland, but a right to exist as a distinct people.

          About issues not being fixed, evolution is quite a slow process, and in general is only sped up by any form of eugenics by proxy. An example is Turkey, it will likely score lower on IQ tests in 15 years as educated Turks did not have enough children, while country bumpkins roaming the eastern villages had very high birth rates. When less intelligent people outbreed more intelligent people, this will result in societal changes, already reflected in the success of Erdogan and the slow death of secular forces in Turkey.

          • Marcus

            “About morality, I believe preventing ethnic conflict is the only moral reason for doing so, but, I am also tempted by the notion that all people have not only a right to an own homeland, but a right to exist as a distinct people.” – in regards to the last point, why do you believe that to be a moral truth? The tribalism that fuels ethno-nationalism needs to be dealt with fully. If we are tribes as dictated by human nature shouldn’t we just kill each other until one tribe survives. As long as another tribe exists they are in some way or another a threat to your tribe whether now or in the future. Now I’m sure you admit that killing another human being regardless of immoral, but to admit so would imply that humans share a common universal morality thus dismissing the notion that we are separated by tribes.

            Iv’e seen Philippe Rushton’s presentation on the science of ethnic solidarity but he is himself influenced by his own special interest. If he were honest he would take into account the findings of neuroplasticity, that one’s personality and attitude is completely malleable and influenced by whatever thoughts or perceptions they take into their heads. The neuronal network is continually restructured by what ever we put our attention on. People who gravitate to White nationalism have indulged in degrading thoughts of other races so much so that they they lose empathy at a very real level to non-whites. They then proceed to feel their disdain for others and their want to be around those like them is completely natural/moral/healthy.

            In contrast someone who has had a strong relationship with a non-white, in friendship or family, don’t see the non-white group as outside of their in-group. There isn’t any primal urge that they are overcoming when they come to have this outlook.

          • Martel

            This is why I emphasised the fact that people segregate regardless of their political views. Multiculturalist ideology demands that we are fully malleable, but research and general observation shows we are not, despite decades of the elite pushing diversity, the only thing which has changed is the fact that whites do not dare to be honest about the subject. The recent Spike Lee comments about gentrification are an example, most white journalists, actors and directors live amongst their own ethnic group, but were they to make similar comments, their career would be over. Spike Lee is right, that when the racial composition of a neighbourhood changes, its community declines. Research by Putnam, published in his book Bowling Alone, shows that trust declines were diversity increases, this has been my experience as well.And this is just one of many changes.

            About ”degrading thoughts’. Simply observing differences has nothing to do with degrading thoughts, its an observation of reality. I had many positive experiences with minorities, but they do not outweigh the negative experiences and the fact that ethnic tensions increases where diversity increases. Neighbourhoods fundamentally change when another racial demographic takes over, this can be observed anywhere. For the simple reason that, we are different. Society is following in my footsteps, but most are too afraid to admit, only blacks often speak out about their desire to live amongst their own, but whites and asians do so while claiming other concerns. Again, go to any university, you will see that blacks, Asians, and whites stick together in general. These are the best, the brightest, and the most indoctrinated of your country. The reasons why are understood by research.

            The morality of ”surviving as a people”. Every ethnic group has its own way of life, it is unique and for each, the most comforting is to live amongst their own and pursue their own ways. An example, blacks have higher testosterone then Koreans, this also has an influence on cultural preferences, most black culture is quite hectic, compared to Korean and Chinese culture. Rushton also analysed conflicts between Koreans and US blacks, about which rapper ice cube wrote a song threatening to burn down their stores as frequently happened in those days, and noticed that blacks always thought Koreans were unfriendly and therefore disliked them. Naturally, Koreans are less verbal then blacks, and tend to appear more stoic, which is often mistaken for their dislike of others. Blacks are far more expressive, across the globe, and I also personally noticed that many believe that when whites are less expressive, this is also a sign of dislike. Which contributes to the fact that blacks feel ”racism is everywhere”.

            It has nothing to do with degrading thoughts, and all to do with rationality. You must also realise that even though ethnocentrism is a natural phenomenon, even observed in small children, and backed up by research, it is not equally present in all people. But the dangerous mistake one could make, is to believe that because you prefer a fully mixed social group, to enforce that idea on others. This is a great way not only to lower the quality of the lives of others, as with attempts to mix schools, causing white children to bullied, as a recent court decision pointed out, but to ensure ethnic conflicts arise. other issues are the fact that in Europe crime is now dominated by immigrants, In France more then 85 % of most wanted are not French.Propensity towards crime differs also as we have seen, the Appalachians, home of poor honkeys, has a crime rate which falls below the national average. On the other hand, half of all gangmembers in the US are hispanic.All i want is to shut down the borders, is this so much to ask, or should the existing tensions increase over unrealistic ideals and political aspirations?

          • Drakken

            Very well said!

          • Marcus

            On surviving as a people you say that people want to be around those similar than them in culture, behaviour etc. What has this to do exactly with the population of groups? If there are only ten thousand whites left on Earth they could still be around those like themselves. This is only a minor point though.

            I am very aware of the IQ differences and the crime statistics of various groups. I do not run from them. The point is that you still think people should think in terms of there own race rather than the larger bracket of humanity. There are whites who are just as criminal and intelligent as some black people yet you still consider them part of your group. In the same you should consider blacks as your group. The separation is a conscious decision.

            The ‘degrading’ thoughts come into play when they reinforce the separation. Yes they are rational at an isolated level but when you think ‘Blacks sure do cause a lot of crime’ and repeatedly think variations of that your subconscious mind further entrenches the differences. This is what leads many WN to think disparagingly of individuals of different races – who cares if it is hurtful or mean, they don’t consider that group human worthy of being respected anyway.

            But I still agree with you that the borders should be shut and legal immigration curbed to minimum. This can be argued clinically without even mentioning IQ or crime, rather just the inability of the people to see passed race as of now.

            The utopian world in which race doesn’t matter will only be achieved by fixing the human condition, through a mass spiritual awakening that has already begun.

            Please take the time to watch at least this video, it will, I am sure, improve your life immeasurably.

          • Martel

            For various reasons, people of different ethnicities do not see other ethnic groups as part of their group. You try to promote tabula rasa in a day and age when this is no longer possible, we are not simply a product of nurture, and even nurture has some constraints. Scientific research has pointed out that the instincts which causes people to trust those who resemble them, and have less trust in those who don’t, is a natural phenomenon. It is friendly of you think you can ”cure” me with a DIY video, but don’t you think I have been inundated with all existing arguments promoting a multiculturalist ideology my entire life?

            What you belief is not correct, and does not reflect reality, though I am glad you don’t shy away from these issues.

            The following conclusions can be made:
            1.There are genetic differences between ethnic groups, which lead to different levels of success and different preferences.
            2.Even those who support diversity in practice, segregate in reality. The psychological processes behind this are known.
            3. Different ethnic groups inhabiting the same territory, leads to fragmentation of society and or ethnic conflict, as research points out, cohesion is reduced by diversity, despite the intentions and level of indoctrination of its inhabitants.

            These are correct statements, and help us to understand trends across the world. There is no society where different ethnic groups have the same success which always leads to resentment in the long run.

            You believe that realism would result in degrading thoughts, but a analysis of minor conflicts throughout the western world shows them to be mostly located in areas with high diversity, which are areas mostly run by then left. The political movement which promotes forced diversity. Blacks and Hispanics fight each other in democrat run areas across the US, this has little to do with democrats and more with the decision to increase the level of diversity, and bring in new risks of ethnic conflict.

            A study from the Netherlands showed actually that education promoting multi ethnic societies, often has the opposite effects. Similarly, it never blinded me too reality, people of different ethnicities show different cultural preferences, different behavioural patterns and different levels of success. This per definition, logically means that diversity is a source of conflict, attempts to celebrate differences or obfuscate them, have never worked.

            If you want to reduce ethnic conflict, the only formula is to keep diversity to a minimum, and allow people to live amongst their own ethnic group. All else has failed, and must fail based on all evidence available. ”Racism” has been completely misunderstood for decades.There will be no utopian world, and too much damage has been done trying to build such worlds. You cannot beat nature, ever. This past week alone i had several negative experiences with ”diversity”, you want me to allow generations to inherent this over utopian dreams?

            When i think of what comes close to Utopias, i think of pre diversity Sweden, rural communities in Utah, and other homogeneous areas.

          • Drakken

            You have never been to Africa have you Marcus? Let me explain a very simple truth, where ever multiculturalism and forced living conditions among different races has been tried, it always leads to Balkanization and warfare, every single time. There is no morality where warfare is concerned, only victors and vanquished. Europe right now as we speak, is at the tipping point of a full on Balkans on steroids as more of the 3rd world pours into our 1st world nations, conflict always ensues when that happens. As for the US, we were founded on the melting pot principle, well drunk with our success, we thought we could change the paradigm and change the demographics of a nation and all would be good and moral, when it is obvious to any with two brain cells to rub together that we are no longer a melting pot, but a boiling pot under pressure. One way or another, we are all tribal by human nature and as resources become scare it will get much much worse and you ain’t seen nothing yet, but you certainly will.

          • Marcus

            We are also selfish by human nature but that defect can be cured as can tribalism. I have often heard mention of the race conflicts that will be super charged when the economy collapses or resources run. I highly doubt it will actually be like they say it will. I’m sure most people will band together with their neighbours and communities regardless of race. know I would and I’m sure if it ever gets down to it you will be open to cooperating with people of other races as well.

            Please watch this if you have the time.

    • objectivefactsmatter

      ” Yet they still believe in collective rights for ethnic groups.”

      Please explain.

      • Marcus

        White nationalists will tell you that they(white people) have the right to be around their own people as do other races. I see this is not about rights but collective interests, which they acknowledge to be true and fair.

        • objectivefactsmatter

          “White nationalists will tell you that they(white people) have the right to be around their own people as do other races.”

          OK. I don’t know who’s interrupting them. White nationalists are “right wing” because they’re nationalist? You think that race-based nationalism is a strong idea among conservatives in America? I’m sorry but I don’t see that.

          “I see this is not about rights but collective interests, which they acknowledge to be true and fair.”

          The enemy is neo-Marxism, not nonwhites.

          • Marcus

            I’d say the liberal welfare system aggrandizes the problem, but a strong ethnic majority is always healthier for a country, for both the minority and majority populations.

            My point is that we should see each other on the same team, but as WN correctly point out we are still tribal to a degree. This can be fixed, not by policy or propaganda but by being self realised as described by the religious and spiritual teachings.

            Please take some time to watch this video:

  • GhostFlame

    Nice piece.

    I’d like to see a thumbs up, or down feature, for each post. But for now, Discus has discontinued the thumbs down vote for comments, let alone rating a feature. I know I miss that option for comments. Discus has argued a down vote is too “negative”. I have found a “negative” vote often helpful, even interesting and entertaining, than going without it. What about anyone else?

    • Daniel Greenfield

      I think it has its place

    • hiernonymous

      I think down votes are amusing and harmless. Reasoned disagreement and feedback are much more useful.

      I would say that the down vote feature would be improved by identifying the voter in the same manner as the up vote.

      • JBisback

        Down voting trolltards is prevented by Disqus for the same reason lefties always censor things that make them look bad. Because it makes them look bad. Which they are.

        • hiernonymous

          Disqus is run by the leftist conspiracy?

          You see, I didn’t know that. The things I learn here!

  • Michael Madison

    Twenty years ago I interviewed a young man for a position at our firm. The first words out of his mouth were, “I earned my degree; it wasn’t given to me because I’m black.” He may well have been correct, but the stigma of affirmative action had erected such a chip on this young man’s shoulder that I didn’t consider hiring him for even a second after that intro. Watching this young man assume I saw a N*****, not a lawyer, seated across my desk brought to life the effects of the left’s “racism of lowered expectations.” The left convinced him he had no chance, they set him up for failure, and in my office, the prophesy found fulfillment. Affirmative action is a salve for the left’s own racial angst, nothing more.

    I guarantee you any true conservative sees a lawyer seated across his desk. I guarantee you the Elizabeth Warrens of the world see a tube of salve for her angst-ridden racist souls.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      It’s the real American tragedy.

  • seewithyourowneyes

    Great article. In their eternal battle against racism, the Left have indeed become the racists.
    It seems to me we’ve all suffered from a civil rights “bait and switch.” Other than fringe terrorists like the black panthers, most black civil rights activists of the 50’s and 60’s seemed so reasonable. I remember a televised speech (I’ve forgotten whose) that featured the speaker’s family. Such a nice black family. A leave-it-to-beaver family. Why should racism bar them from a suburban house and white picket fence? Only filthy white racists would think such a family unable to benefit from schooling, or unable to compete in a colorblind workplace!
    Fast forward to 2014, and the positions are reversed. It’s the civil rights activists who insist that blacks can’t possibly succeed without special hand-outs, and the “filthy white racists,” ie conservatives, who insist blacks can succeed on a level playing field. I once tutored a smart black kid at my daughter’s school who’d somehow missed out on learning his multiplication tables. Despite his eagerness, and the pride he took in his progress, the teacher wouldn’t let us continue our drill! Rote learning is apparently oppression for black kids. Black kids can only learn in social groups and by playing games. And so the child was thrown into a humiliating long-division competition without ever having learned his multiplication tables. – The Left complains that the Right is racist, but they themselves go even further – they seem to want to define blacks as a whole new species.

  • ricpic

    Greenfield writes a long carefully thought through carefully worded article dismantling the Left’s contention that racism is inherent in whites as whites. The Left in response has a slogan: White Privilege. Although response is not the correct term. The Left simply advances one specious claim, in encapsulated form, short and catchy – White Privilege – after another – The War On Women – and thereby goes on WINNING.

    • Martel

      As long as you are white, there is literally nothing you can do to stop being accused of being a racist, until you embrace the fact that in multi-etnic societies, races are never treated equally. Hence, guarding against great racial demographic changes by forcing the government to bring non-white immigration to as close to zero as possible, is a must. Naturally this upsets many conservatives, raised to be proper “anti-racists”, hence they will have Hispanic mayor running their city within the next three presidential elections. As we know from Miami, Americans of European descent can kiss that position good buy.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      It goes on winning because it commands the high ground of the culture and these days it’s united while the right is fragmented and confused

  • Softly Bob

    Any body who could even think of titling an article ‘Is your baby racist?’ other than a tongue-in-cheek one, should be sent for psychiatric treatment. At the very least they should be mocked, towel-slapped and disgraced from all public life.

    • Martel

      The fact that those articles do not upset the majority of America, shows the conservatives will never win again(in their current form) once Amnesty has passed. People have been thoroughly indoctrinated with leftist ideology, couple this with the natural existence of racial animosities, and the implicitly white (but practically opposed to white interests) conservatives will never gain the favour of minorities. Whites will become more conservative though.

  • Hard Little Machine

    I don’t worry about this because the left is for the most part talking to itself about this and nearly everything else they utter. After a long long absence of looking at websites like Salon and Politico I took a today and I thought I was reading The Onion making fun of the left.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      The left usually leapfrogs satire

  • Rob Paydon

    Very well said and I get the point but as far as the strides made on the civil rights front and the dem party being so popular despite it making no logical sense it’s because they stand up and fight for each other as a group, on the contrary republicans, Christians and white people ( and I’m not saying promote white to the detriment of anyone else just stick up for ourselves)don’t do that and we end up playing to someone else’s tune so I see why it’s done but as far as making changes that deal with right and wrong then the individual is def most important

  • American1969

    People are individuals. We are not “the Collective” or The Borg, we are not drones and clones.
    The Left is like The Borg from Star Trek: the Collective, everyone in lockstep and thinking the same. No individuality. Or “Invasion of the Body Snatchers”, where everyone is taken over and it’s all one, big collective.
    So because conservatives feel that people should be treated as individuals, it’s racist? Would someone explain that to me, because I don’t get it. How is judging an individual by the content of their character racist? Either a person is an upstanding person or they’re not. What’s race got to do with it?
    The idea that whites are the only racists is a racist statement. But consider the source. Maybe that’s why Newsweek only sold for $1.00.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      To a collectivist, it’s not what you do that makes you racist, it’s the member of the group that you are.

      You as a person don’t matter.

  • knightsman

    White people who see this baby picture should not be defensive about this. They should be offended!

    • justquitnow

      People who saw….past tense…this cover is a few years old. To the time machine!

      • knightsman

        I just saw this picture today. I am offended rights now.

        • justquitnow

          The cover is pretty offensive and strange, but it’s just not current…it’s from 2009. The research discussed in the article wasn’t about racism really, but how small children who (one would think) haven’t had much exposure to culture biases or race problems in general, already have preconceived ideas about what is “good or bad” (my simplification) based on skin color and other physical attributes. Way to go editor….I’m sure the researchers loved taking the avalanche of crap they got at the time.

          • Daniel Greenfield

            “I’m sure the researchers loved taking the avalanche of crap they got at the time.”


      • knightsman

        You just saw this baby picture. The time machine is working perfect.

  • glissando


  • Nabukuduriuzhur

    At different times I worked for three different Federal Departments. At one point, I was even considered for running one of them.

    Ten years ago, I became persona-non-grata in federal civil service because I was white and male.

    More than 1500 times I was turned down for jobs both at and far below my actual skill level.

    According to OPM rules, I rate at the following:

    Ecology Series GS-0408-12*
    General Biological Science Series GS-0401-12*
    Environmental Protection Specialist GS-0028-12
    Natural Resources Management Specialist GS-0401-12
    Fishery Biology Series GS-0482-12
    Bio Science Tech GS-0404-9
    Wildlife Biology Series GS-0486-9
    General Engineering Series GS-0801-7
    Engineering Technician Series GS-0802-7
    Materials Engineering Series GS-0806-7
    Civil Engineering Tech Series GS-0810-7
    Civil Engineering Series GS-0801-7
    Geology Series GS-1350-5
    General Physical Science Series GS-1301-5
    Hydrology Series GS-1315-5
    Hydrologic Technician Series GS-1316-5
    Botany Series GS-0430-4
    Soil Conservation Series GS-0457-4
    Soil Conservation Technician Series GS-0458-4
    Soil Science Series GS-0470-4
    Land Surveying Series GS-1373-4

    *Occasionally rated as GS-13 by agencies when a job was applied for.

    Somehow, if you are white and male, it’s “OK” to tell you that you can’t be hired because of your race and gender.

    For 21 years the Federal government has hired on the basis of race and gender. Most Federal employees now are female, do not have the required degree for their job slot, do not have the required experience, and are thus beholden to the Democrat Party for their continued employment.

    Seems to me that the taxpayers deserve better than that.

    • JBisback

      The tax payers voted for Obama. Twice.

  • shazam iam

    It’s pretty obvious that in our lifetimes our standard of living will collapse. When native-born have to compete for survival resources such as food the race wars will start. Sad but it’s coming.

  • Zrinski

    How can you anti-whites say w/ a straight face that the policies & propaganda that have already resulted in MANY fewer White people & lead to no more White people isn’t White GENOCIDE & that you’re not anti-white?

    You can’t be against Genocide & say race is irrelevant or doesn’t exist at the same time. By definition that’s impossible. RACE is in the GENOcide law, RACE is in the word GENOcide. Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white.

  • Maynard

    Isn’t it possible that the fear of being labelled a racist may cause one to avoid someone of another race?