It’s Me vs. Obama for “Islamophobe of the Year”

This Islamophobe may be hard to beat

This Islamophobe may be hard to beat

If you’ve ever wanted to vote for me in an election against Obama, here’s your chance. After being featured as an official one-man hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center (the richest poverty group ever), this latest honor was inevitable.

Still the competition here is pretty stiff. There’s Obama, but he’s a pushover. But there’s also Dick Cheney, Stephen Harper, Daniel Pipes and Bare Naked Islam. And that’s just in the US category.


Globally, I’m up against General Sisi, Francois Hollande (for pushing Al Qaeda out of Mali), Aung San Suu Kyi, Geert Wilders and the Bahrain monarchy.

Sure, some of them are Muslims, but the Islamophobe of the Year Awards is dedicated to making the term Islamophobe even more meaningless by using it to refer to Muslims that Islamists dislike, including, “Raheem Kasaam (Student Rights), for demonising Muslims on issue of gender segregation.”

Douglas Murray, a nominee from the UK, has more to say about this wackiness.

Secondly, I have always desired the award because the term ‘Islamophobia’ itself is so fantastical and ridiculous. Winning an award with it in the title would be like waking up to discover I had been given a prize by the Queen of Wonderland.

And thirdly – perhaps indeed the main impetus – is that this award is given by the ‘Islamic Human Rights Commission’ (IHRC). This hilariously misnamed body has been a force behind many key human rights advances of recent years, such as the annual ‘Al-Quds day march’ where Hezbollah supporters and others march through the centre of London calling for the destruction of the Jewish state.

Anyhow – I hope I do win. As a Khomeinist organisation the IHRC may wish to celebrate by hanging me from a crane, as is customary in Iran. As it is, I am content with my nomination and can only keep my fingers crossed that I make their cut.

If I lose, all I can do is promise the IHRC that I will do everything in my power to do better next year.

If I don’t beat Obama this year, there’s always next year.

  • Porky The Crusader

    I hope you win Daniel, you deserve it,lolllll

    • Mullah Lodabullah

      Pick me! Pick me! :)

      • Porky The Crusader

        Adelaide citizens are forbidden :-)

        • Mullah Lodabullah

          I bow to your good taste and judgement.

          Wear your ‘Pork of Distinction’ medal with pride :)

  • Nitzachon

    ISLAMALEK is about to discover that Hashem and 80% of Planet Earth are all islamophobes! Did these wretches really think they were going to win?

    • Mullah Lodabullah

      Their ‘god’ thinks it has a chance (or knows its time is running out).

  • Jason P

    Congrats on the honor of being nominated. You’ll join the SPLC honor roll: Geller, Spencer, Gaffney, and Yerushalmi.

    What qualifies for this honor? An Islamophobe is anyone who says that Islamism is a bona fide variant of Islam. It means you agree with the majority of Muslims in countries like Egypt, Turkey, and Algeria that have shown by the electoral votes that Islamism is Islam.

    The SPLC obviously believes that most Muslims don’t understand “the real Islam” (TM) and we shouldn’t be agreeing with them. Given that the SPLC is critical of the majority of Muslims could it be that they … oh, never mind–this is too silly.

  • bob smith

    Daniel, if this wasn’t so funny, it would and should be sad.

    on the subject of islam and phobia, have a look at this Berkley professor advocating his students set up twitter accounts to shout from the roof tops at passersby of the scourge of islamophobia in America.

  • kilfincelt

    Maybe all of us so-called Islamophobes should get t-shirts that read something like: “Don’t support the murder of Christians, Jews, apostates and others described in the Qur’an. Be a proud Islamophobe.” And on the back of the t-shirt: “To Islamists: Truth hurts, doesn’t it.”

    • pen44

      kilfincelt, I love that idea….but the front message needs to shortened a tab, or printed in small letters, with “Be a proud Islamophobe!” In bold print!!

  • glpage

    Do those fools have a category for Most Hateful Supposedly Anti-Hate Organization? They could nominate themselves and maybe win every year, but they might have some competition.

    • pen44


  • Jim Deavenport

    Do we get to vote? I’ll vote for you twice!

  • truebearing

    Congratulations Daniel! Finally an award that actually means something, and from a group with such a stellar reputation and history of expertise in bigotry.

    Is there any cash award or a trophy? Maybe a plaque?

    Now that you’ve garnered their attention, more awards will inevitably follow, recognising you for your war on women, homophobia, global warming denial, and yes, the big one, being the Racist of the Year.

  • Aditya Vivek Barot

    Mazel Tov Sultan!
    My Guruji (Lawrnce Auster (RIP)) and I had a bit of a chuckle over last years list when he didn’t make the cut and I suggested that he was slacking off.

    I really hope I didn’t jinx you by noting that you’d escaped the Party’s scrutiny on your Blog (“Groundhog Day for Islam”). $PLC is the Party’s catpaw and while in offer my heartiest congratulations I would, with equal sincerity, urge you to watch your back.

    This country will not stand up for you. That most commentators herein are anonymous should tell you all you need to know about the public perception of free and vigorous debate.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      Oh I’m well aware of it. But the left’s power is largely derived from the fear of social sanction.

      • Aditya Vivek Barot

        That’s why I indict John Q. Public for aiding and abetting Leftoids.

        While it is true that the Dissident Right becoming increasingly popular. In fact, even our friends at the Dark Enlightenment got a bit of publicity. Still, our lack of popularity is pathetic, in the truest sense of the word, and it is the John Q. Public that I pity.

        For every person who reads this Webzine, a thousand trot over to or the Onion. The Left, like the Jesuits, like to hook them young. With Devilish genius and a bit of help from apathetic Americans, its taken over pop culture, the ultimate intellectual contagion.

        Unlike the Left, I believe in Free Will. I know people are perfectly capable of making choices. And I know, only too well, that more often than not, we make the wrong choice.

        The Left was able to own (literally) pop culture and the youth because the American have always been left wing. A man with the depth and breathe of your knowledge will agree that, prior to the establishment of the post-War Order, America was more Left-Wing than any Continental Power. Even the Soviet Union was less Left-Wing, at least, after 1942, once Stalin opened up the Churches. Further, Soviet-style Leftism didn’t involve exhuming ones ancestors to desecrate them, over and over again, to the applause of eternally-offended minorities.

        Also, another remarkable difference between Sovietism and Americanism is that Americans believe their own BS. In the Soviet Union, pledges to the Proletariat and the Revolution were akin to a religious mantra, blindly repeated, and then they carried on with regular business. It was nothing more than loot and plunder justified by a 19th Century fad. The Red Tsars didn’t apologize for Russian Conquests and, to date, not a single Russian feels the need to examine his “invisible knapsack.” Did the Soviet Union ever have “affirmative action?” Did the Soviets try to destroy their war machine by forcing integration of women, less-qualified minorites and openly-gay “soldiers?” And, would the G-dless, Soulless, “Evil Empire” ever permit “gay marriage?”

        It all starts and ends with Equality. Coupled with a pungent anti-intellectual tradition that actively despises men who make a fuss and upset the apple cart, we countenance a situation wherein dissidents, are despised. That’s why the Left doesn’t “get away” with anything. The Left does what it does in broad daylight since most Americans agree with it.

        • Daniel Greenfield

          Pop culture is a powerful force which has become that way because of the erosion of culture and religion.

          The youth have always been easy to hook, but the problem is that these days that’s a flexible category that includes men and women in their thirties and even forties.

          In a youth oriented culture, everyone wants to be young and to think youthfully and thast is what has undermined us more than anything else.

          • Pilgrim786

            And Youth Worship itself is a form of Leftism.

            Traditional societies demand deference to age. America’s Youth Obsession flowered when Leftism was freed of all constraints.

            Ever since the dawn of the Republic, the conservative, traditional side has fought a losing battle against innovation. I wish I could cite the Reverend who said (I paraphrase) that conservatives weakly resist innovation, then then they attempt to weaken it, ultimately, they accept is as Tradition and then find themselves facing the next innovation.

            Take “Civil Rights.” The Old Right was opposed to this evil interference in rights that were as old as Man. Ever since we have been wandering in groups, we have had the right to choose the group for such wandering. The USG has destroyed our right to pick our neighbors, employees, drinking buddies, golf buddies, and today’s Conservatives fiercely defend this wicked “law” as if it were the Ten Commandments.

            Ditto for Universal Suffrage. The Old, Old Right, Carlyle, Maine, Burke and continental stalwarts like de Maistre, von Salomon or Pobedonostsev would conclude that America has suffered a collective nervous breakdown and Pobedonostsev would probably send troops to restore sanity.

            I really cannot think of a Leftist innovation which is resisted by the mass of the American people. Even the opposition to Amnesty and the Tea Party are soft-Left fighting hard-Left. If the Left hadn’t overreached, neither movement would exist.

            You can’t fight illegal immigration without fighting immigration. Yet, everyone knows only “extremists” want to restrict immigration.

            You can’t have decent men in office unless you have decent men electing them. Of course, only a Nazi would restrict the franchise (actually, he wouldn’t, at least in 1932 Germany, since he would need illiterate fanatics like Obama voters to win).

            You can’t talk about crime unless you talk about race. Are you suggesting that certain races may have a biological proclivity towards violence (in addition to an implacable hatred against the Historical Majority) Nazi!

            What! You want to slash school funding because, what! You think some children are smarter than others? Nazi

            You want to militarize the border? Oh my G-d, someone call 911, the Secret Service, Simon Wiesenthal, anybody, we have a rabid Nazi in the house!

            Mr. Greenfield, there isn’t the slightest exaggeration herein. Most American hold these views. They dismiss any contrarian ideas as “extremist” without even considering the merits.

            Do nothing as your nation is flooded with inassimilable and hostile low IQ Democrats and Welfare moochers. Change the channel when you learn that the IRS targets Conservatives (evil bastards deserve it anyway), do nothing as the Court drives a small business bankrupt for not kissing the ground some homosexual walked on (serves them right, the fundie haters!).

            Honestly, I don’t know why men such as you try so hard. Men like you, Larry, Peter Brimelow who could’ve become millionaires by playing ball. Instead you’re trying to save these swine. When has the American Nation done anything that would indicate that they suffering under an oppressive regime as opposed to abettors?

            Again, if the Left hadn’t messed with the demographics, and if America still had a 90% white majority, I am confident that we would have a single payer system. This is a losing proposition and only a madman or a true Romantic would try to fight it. I like to think I’m the latter, but I could just as well be the former. I’m still more sane than a good eighty per cent of the American population and 99.99% of Los Angeles.

          • logdon

            ‘The youth have always been easy to hook’

            Which is precisely why the British Labour Party wanted to lower the voting age to sixteen.

            We’re all airhead idealists at that age and extremely susceptible to the bland assertions of fairness and equality without reading between the lines or the critical wherewithal which only experience and a few hard knocks offers.

            Trouble is these days the lack of educational yardsticks ie they’re all winners, offers the reward without that critical or analytical wherewithal and even the thickest dummo seems to think that they are not just budding, but fully fledged Einsteins.

  • defcon 4

    Is it at all possible to sue the SPLC for defamation of character or libel for their designation of Mr. Greenfield as a hate group? I imagine the SPLC must have pretty deep pockets that are well lined w/islam0nazi petrodollars.

    • pen44

      And the ACLU……….don’t forget that Marxist, anti-American outfit!

    • laura r

      he should.

  • iluvisrael

    I call it as I see it – I’m islamosavvy

    • pen44

      Good one, iluvisrael!! I’m not an Islamophobe, but I am being very Islamosavvy…..I like it!!

  • wileyvet

    Congratulations Mr. Greenfield. No offense but I think I must root for my Prime Minister Mr. Stephen Harper. Keep up the great work though.

  • pen44

    GO DANNY!!!!!!!

  • truebearing

    Daniel, is one person being a terror group anything like those “lone wolf” terrorists that are part of a group?

  • Dan Mesa/AZ

    ‘atta boy Daniel.
    When the time comes, mosey on down here to AZ, we’ll take care of you.

  • Anukem Jihadi

    Can’t figure out what Obama is on the list for?
    Embarrassing Muslims by being such a zero as president or just the drone strikes?

    • logdon

      For a start he professes to be American.

      Note: not is.

  • laura r

    daniel, just think of the perks. you can also be banned like the rest of my heros. fame os right around the corner.

  • DogmaelJones1

    I’m rooting for you, Daniel!