It’s Not the ‘Occupation’ —- It’s Islam

ISRAEL-PALESTINIANS-CONFLICT-KIDNAPPINGThe bodies of three murdered Israeli teenagers, 16-year-old Naftali who liked to play basketball, 16-year-old Gilad who had just finished a scuba diving course and 19-year-old Eyal with his guitar, will be met by the same ghastly parade of pallbearers who accompany every victim of terrorism.

The reporters will scribble down something about “settlements” and the “Cycle of Violence.” The diplomats will urge restraint and remind everyone that the only solution can be found through negotiations with the terrorists. And the pundits will put it all into perspective burying them under layers of words and weighting their coffins down with stones of forgetfulness.

But all the empty words about the “Occupation” and the “Cycle of Violence,” the invocation of a peaceful solution that is always about to arrive, but never does, and the maps that cede more territory to terrorists are addressing a problem that doesn’t exist.

It’s not about physical territory. It’s about spiritual territory. It’s not about nationalism. It’s about Islamism.

It’s not about the “Occupation.” It’s about Islam.

“I raised my children on the knees of the [Islamic] religion, they are religious guys, honest and clean-handed, and their goal is to bring the victory of Islam,” the mother of one of the Hamas killers said.

Not a Palestinian nation. Not a Two State Solution. Not forty percent of this and sixty percent of that.

The victory of Islam.

Naftali, Gilad and Eyal were murdered for the same reason that countless people have been killed in Syria, Iraq, Egypt, Afghanistan, Nigeria and Pakistan.

Not to mention the United Kingdom and the United States.

They were murdered in the name of a religious war that has been going on for over a thousand years. Muslims did not suddenly begin killing Jews in 1948 or 1929. They did not begin killing Christians over American foreign policy or the oil business.

Muslims did not begin killing Jews and Christians over foreign policy. They began persecuting and killing their Christian and Jewish neighbors because their religion told them to.

Hamas, the terror group that murdered the three teens, is not a Palestinian nationalist organization, though it occasionally plays the part. Its charter begins with Allah and ends with Allah. Article Five of its charter states that the group extends to “wherever on earth there are Muslims, who adopt Islam as their way of life.”

Its goal is to create an Islamic state. Everything else is secondary.

The Hamas charter describes it as part of the worldwide “Muslim Brotherhood Movement.” Brotherhood terrorists kill Jews in Israel for the same reason that they kill Shiites in Syria or Christian Copts in Egypt.

Article Seven of the Hamas charter concludes with the infamous Islamic Hadith which proclaims that the Muslim end times will come only when “Muslims will fight the Jews (and kill them); until the Jews hide behind rocks and trees, which will cry: O Muslim! There is a Jew hiding behind me, come on and kill him!”

Aside from the obvious genocidal bigotry, this is a quote from a text that is over a thousand years old. Its author was not preaching the mass murder of Jews because of settlements in the West Bank. At the time Muslims had subjugated and ruled over the Jewish population of the Middle East. The Jews were no threat to them. The idea of a Jewish army was as ridiculous as traveling to the moon.

The hatred that leaks out of that text has nothing to do with Israel and everything to do with Islam.

The insistence on a foreign policy explanation for Muslim anti-Semitism is as ahistorical as claiming that Hitler only hated Jews because of the Yom Kippur War. Except that at least both of these events took place in the twentieth century. Islam has been hating and persecuting Jews for over 1300 years before the rebirth of the modern State of Israel.

There are two ways of looking at the worldwide plague of Muslim terrorism. One is to treat every Islamic conflict with Christians, Jews, Buddhists, Hindus and a dozen other religions as being due to some local political grievance of recent vintage. The other is to understand them as local expressions of a historical religious war and the continuation of the wave of conquests that made Islam into a worldwide religion.

We can be like the six blind men feeling around the Islamic elephant and assuming that its trunk and tusks are entirely separate phenomena. Or we can open our eyes and see the elephant in the room.

Hamas’ charter begins with the Koran’s praise for Muslims “as the best people” and damns Christians and Jews to be “smitten with abasement” for having “incurred the wrath of Allah.”

This is not a statement of Palestinian nationalism. It’s Islamic supremacism.

There is nothing negotiable about supremacism. Supremacism cannot be appeased. Supremacism does not want a piece of the pie. It wants the whole pie. The allies learned that the hard way with Hitler. So did the countless kingdoms that attempted to live in peace with the armies of the Mohammedan conquerors.

If Israel had never existed, Hamas would still exist, just as the other branches of the Muslim Brotherhood exist elsewhere throughout the Middle East. Even if Zionism did not exist, the Muslim Brotherhood would persecute the Jews under its control, just like the Christians in Egypt and Syria.

If Netanyahu, Sharon, Begin and a thousand other Israeli villains of the apologists of Islam had never been born, the followers of Mohammed would have gone on killing Jews just as they had for over a thousand years.

If the blue and white had never waved over Jerusalem, if Jews had remained as downtrodden and persecuted in the lands of Islam as the Copts and the Zoroastrians, Naftali, Gilad and Eyal would still have been murdered by two killers who were raised by their mothers to usher in “the victory of Islam.”

There is no political solution to a supremacist conflict. There is no amount of withdrawals that can make bigotry go away. If a thousand years of Jewish humiliation and persecution did not satisfy the ancestors of the murderers of those three teenagers, how will handing over part of Jerusalem do the job?

Solutions begin with truth. The truth is that Islamic violence against Jews is not recent or exceptional. The murder of Jews by Muslims, whether in Israel or Belgium, is not any different than the Muslim butchery of Christians. Hindus, Buddhists and even minority Muslim splinter faiths. These conflicts cannot be resolved through appeasement. They can only be addressed through resistance.

It is not the victims of a thousand year old supremacist campaign who need to appease their conquerors. It is the conquerors who must come to terms with the horrors that they have inflicted through a campaign of colonialism and ethnic cleansing and seek the forgiveness of their victims.

There can be no peace until Muslims understand that the Mohammedan conquests were a genocidal atrocity that destroyed entire peoples and cultures. Only then can they honestly condemn ISIS for trying to repeat those atrocities. And only then will they be able to live in peace with the rest of the world.

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  • John

    The west can’t not see no more, they are blinded by political correctness. Secularism has thrown out the God of the Bible. The Government now is God that;s what they are taught in school. What you are seeing is blind leading the blind into a ditch. Jesus said people need a heart, but their hearts have turn to stone. They see by man’s eyes not God. No morals decay and rot. Benjamin Franklin said give away your liberty for security, you will have neither.

  • Tim

    If I were the US, I’d start aiming some of my nukes at Mecca and others at Baghdad. WWIII is gonna be a defensive war against Islam, I predict, once the West pulls its collective head out of the sand.

  • Rosasolis

    What would happen if a group of Christians would try to gain permission to build a church in one of the Orthodox
    Jewish settlements? What would happen if a hard-working
    simple Christian family would try to buy or rent a house
    in one of those settlements?

    • Daniel Greenfield

      There are Christians already living in Israeli villages and farms in the West Bank.

  • megapotamus

    We still have not heard a cause of death, have we? Likewise we have not heard under what conditions Gilad Shalit was held or his condition now. Why not? The only reason could be that this information would be ‘inciting’. To the Jews, of course. Understand, any infidel that falls into the Muslim maw may, at best, expect a brutal slavery including routine rape. This is the fact of life AMONG Muslims so you can be certain as kaffir you will fare no better. Ransoming such prisoners or even discussing ransom (no doubt there was anger in some filthy living rooms that full market value was not realized for these captives) is to invite MORE kidnapping, more demands and more violence of all sorts. Hamas is the duly elected govt of this enclave. Remove the local Jews and smash it all flat. Then smash it again. Or get used to this sort of thing and much much worse. Forward.

  • doruss03

    The worst disease on this earth is ISLAM


      The regressive and fascist parts of Islam need to be eliminated.

      Should be easy considering the claim that only a tiny minority of Muslims are terrorists- 10% of 1.4 billion – 140,000,000.

      And the majority good, sane Muslims, the 1.26 billions Muslims, will have the support of 6 billion Infidels.

      • Thomas Brown

        they’re all part of the same cult system.

  • Dan Knight

    Greenfield is right. Pun intended.

    I rarely post of late; work and life get in the way. But as I criticized Shapiro’s column this morning, I figured I should weigh in on Greenfield’s. (Today is my first day off in weeks)

    No doubt Daniel knows full well the Anti-Semitism of the Left and of the current administration and its allies, but David puts his outrage as close to a target as is possible in a single blog. Sure, one can quibble, but it takes time and effort to write a blog and it’s difficult to cover every nuance. Daniel always handles his blog well, even if his posts are sometimes too short.

    Nonetheless, Daniel Greenfield always brightens my day.

    Why? Why, he confirms my reality. And that I suppose makes me middle-class …
    yes, it’s a joke … ;-)

    • Dan Knight

      correction ‘Daniel’ – sorry, I just typed David for some reason. Aging brain cells I suppose.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      enjoy your vacation and thank you


    Allahu Akbar!

    • Thomas Brown

      go to h e l l


    Happy Ramadan!

    • Thomas Brown

      yeah celebrate it while you still can…while your evil death cult is still legal. pretty soon it won’t be.

  • johnnywood

    Islam is a religion for wild men and evil beasts.

  • Simon

    There are some truly dreadful,uneducated,overpaid,overpensioned people in the UK public sector that blithely ignore the catastrophe that is upon us,or indeed are entirely ignorant of history and current affairs.They really believe in the idea of “minorities” that are “oppressed” by English,Welsh or Scottish non Muslims.

    Just how destructive can a persons career be?

    If you know one of these people,please,please take them to task before the whole country is overwhelmed by this utter disaster.

    Perhaps you are one of these people.

    Sort yourself out and speak up before it’s too late.

  • Z.H.H

    Absolutely on target! At the core of the Palestinian Arab – Arab – Israeli conflict isn’t territorial. If it was just that, it could have been solved. As with passed murderous acts, the murder of Gilat, Eyal and Naftali was born of hatred: they hate Jews because the breath, they hate Jews because they live! They hate Jews because Jews prosper despite all the obstacles hurled their way. Peace is an affair of the heart – peace is an attitude a way of life. It is the realization that peace is a pre-requisite for a society to thrive and to improve the wellbeing of all its citizens. The Arabs just don’t seem to have, never mind the intellectual acuity, but they don’t seem to be cognizant of the rational common sense practicality of the concept of peace. Whereas Judaism’s teaching is about peace, acceptance, protection of the stranger (“for remember you were once a stranger in a strange land”) etc., and whereas Judaism is not only a religion but also a life style, Islam is a force for death and destruction a tool for political indoctrination and the spread of terror.
    There are decent Muslims out there. Let us not paint all of them with a single stroke of the brush. The problem however, unfortunately it is the fanatical, radical Jihadis and their radical leftist lunatic cheer leaders who run the show.