J Street Accuses Jews of Racism, Blames Jews for Anti-Semitism


After Hamas violated yet another ceasefire, anti-Israel group J Street stepped up to do what it does best. Attack Jews and Israel.

Jeremy Ben Ami, Soros’ J Street errand boy, began his missive by lying and claiming that Hamas did not break the ceasefire.

“With the resumption of rocket fire from Gaza at the very moment the cease-fire expired this morning, all of us at J Street feel sick that the fighting is starting up again. “

Even the New York Times had acknowledged that Hamas had violated the ceasefire. What does it say about J Street that the New York Times is likelier to tell the truth about Israel than Jeremy Ben Ami?

Jeremy Ben Ami then launched into a pitch for letting Hamas smuggle as many weapons as it wants “Occupation, Blockade, Frustration, etc…), accused Israel of racism, warned Israel to “heed to the advice of its friends in the White House and the State Department and at a minimum should show them the respect that the country’s closest ally deserves”.

Shorter Ben Ami. “Bow to Obama and Kerry, you Jewish dogs.”

Then Jeremy Ben Ami claimed that the conflict was promoting anti-Semitism and ranted about “growth and extent of hatred of the other, intolerance and outright racism in our own Jewish community.”

That’s obviously true. Just look at the existence of J Street.

George Soros, J Street’s real boss, agrees with the idea that Jews are to blame for anti-Semitism. Jeremy is just parroting the rhetoric of the billionaire who bought his soul and family name.

However according to Jeremy Ben Ami, Jews are racists and also to blame for the anti-Semitism directed against them.

  • Pete

    Is there a Jewish ceremony or process whereby you can do something like excommunicate Jeremy Ben Ami?

    • yoelk

      Yes, actually, but it is difficult to do in practice.

      • Pete

        The Roman Catholic Church (for example) should have excommunicated Nancy Pelosi and several others decades ago.

        When a person understands communion as freedom of association and that the groups of people have a set of agreed upon rules, then excommunication makes a lot of sense.

        I don’t think most American really understand the word communion in all its’ definitions. The majority of people see excommunication as a mean thing to do by “authorities”.
        They may understand the word in a generic sense, but not in the religions sense and not the word’s construction from the Latin.

        In a small parish let’s say in Scotland excommunication would have been done not by a Roman Catholic hierarchy but by the local elders of the church. It is no different than a bunch of people on a Pacific island somewhere ‘excommunicating’ one of their own for breaking the rules of the local society.

      • carpe diem 36

        it will not help, they are many who support him and they have Soros’ money to help.

    • mackykam

      Yes. It’s called ISIS. They’ll take good care of him. Permanently.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      Yes there is, but that sort of thing would only matter to a religious person

      • Pete

        True, but it would matter to two type of people. Those who were trying to be religious ( and perhaps failed) and those who wear religion.

        For the latter being excommunicated could be detrimental to getting elected or getting listened to. Nancy Pelosi would still be in a safe seat, but some other people might not. If they win an election by 3 points instead of 10 points, then the next go around the opposition party might put more resources to picking them of in what looks now like a contestable seat.

        It might matter in public opinion polls. Nancy Pelosi might have harder time saying “As a good Catholic …” She might have to use “As a good American … and that might not work with as many voters,.

        In the past it might have mattered in Massachusetts in the 1980s of example. It might have.

    • UCSPanther

      I would use a more direct method: Branding him a traitor and refusing to help him when his “allies” turn on him.

    • tickletik

      All kidding aside, yes there is. But it doesn’t remove his status as a Jew. The process is called “kahreit”. Which effectively means “excision”. Religious Jews are banned from association with the offender and there are spiritual consequences as well.

      But someone like Ben Ami would merely find such a thing amusing.

  • yoelk

    First criticism I ever been able to find: he did not buy his soul. No rather he sold his soul and bought his family name. Otherwise , you are correct, as always, Daniel

    • yoelk

      Ah, I misread. It was Soros who bought J Street’s man’s soul and family name. It was in Hungary working for the Germans that the former sold his soul, and later changed his Jewish sounding name. I stand corrected. Sorry.

      • rrebelll


      • carpe diem 36

        he had no soul to sell. I do not know what it was he sold but having no soul he had something else to sell, maybe his inner devil. Yimach Shemo!!!

  • drygoldfeld

    The wealth of Mr Soros , the organization of J Street and the demonic hatred of Mr Ben Ami combine in an Protocol-of-the Elders-of-Zion inspired attack on Israel .Pathetic brainwashed defeatists that you are , a produce of Christian and Muslim age long persecution and defamation . Return to your senses , you are wrong , you confuse the aggressor with the victim .Check your five senses and your commonsense .

  • Viet Vet

    Soros is a former Nazi turned communist. A despicable reprobate.

  • mackykam

    Logical conclusion: kill all the Jews and end anti-Semitism.
    No. 1 on list: Jeremy Ben Ami
    No. 2 on list: George Soros
    Top 100 on list: J Street

  • MukeNecca

    @ D. Greenfield:

    “Jeremy Ben Ami … began his missive by lying and claiming that Hamas did not break the ceasefire.

    And you illustrated it with quoting Ben Ami’s words:

    “With the resumption of rocket fire from Gaza at the very moment the
    cease-fire expired this morning, all of us at J Street feel sick that
    the fighting is starting up again”.

    But isn’t saying “…rocket firing from Gaza” a clear admission that indeed Hamas broke the cease fire?
    Do I misunderstand something here?

  • Gee

    Blacks are never blamed for the hatred directed at them. Homosexuals are not blamed for homophobia. Etc. etc.

    Only Jews are blamed for the bigots against them. Have to wonder why

  • Wolfthatknowsall

    Kristallnacht …

    When the Naz!s targeted Jewish synagogues, stores, and homes, the government decided that someone had to pay for all the damage. Hermann Goring came up with a unique solution. Since the violence and damage was caused by the presence of the Jews, they should have to pay for the damages.

    However according to Jeremy Ben Ami, Jews are racists and also to blame for the anti-Semitism directed against them.

    Sounds like Herr Ben Ami has taken a page out of the Naz! playbook …

    • UCSPanther

      Victim blaming at its finest (or worst for accuracy).

  • carpe diem 36

    during the WWII we had capos in the concentration camps, they were Jews torturing the prisoners and helping Nazis send them to the gas chambers. Today we have the same Capos on J Street. This cannot be explained by saying they are self hating Jews, they are of course worse, but this does not explain their mind set. I wish I could have someone explain to me how it is possible to have such people, and of course Soros is the best known, and he started it when he was merely 14 years old.

    • Michael Garfinkel

      It’s not that complicated.

      Some are disloyal by nature, but all have experienced Jewish family life and culture, however peripherally, and found it wanting – even distasteful.

      As such, they have few if any qualms about turning on their fellow Jews.

      The rewards from the greater, anti-semitic culture, can be considerable.

      During the Holocaust, self-interest and self-preservation were paramount.

      A Jewish policeman in the ghetto, a Kapo in the camps – these were positions of relative security.

      Oskar Schindler himself described in his letters the horrible sadism of a Jewish female Kapo in the camp near his factory, but this was not always the case.

      • Michael Garfinkel

        Most were motivated by expediency rather than sadism.

        Today, secular Jewish life, so vast and pervasive into the mid-twentieth century, is all but gone.

        But the culture still rewards the anti-semite Jew.

        And because the culture is essential Left, Jews are attacked these days “for their own good.”

        Hence our J steet friends, who represent, after all, a long tradition.

  • Tzipporah

    Jews against Jews are a sick phenomena of the worst type. What an affliction to hate oneself. Let’s see them defend themselves against a coming wave of anti-Semitism that they are promoting out of hatred for themselves. They will be the first to be swallowed up. Hatred and viciousness are despicable. They are siding with these evil enemies of Jews. Ben Ami, means son of my nation. Is he brain dead?

    • Michael Garfinkel

      More likely just a reptilian opportunist.

  • Andy_Lewis

    Obviously the J in J Street stands for Jim Baker.

  • uleaveuswithnoalternative

    Jews belonging to J Street are not Jews; they are Progressives first and foremost.
    It’s exactly like Christians who join Marxist/socialist groups operating under the guise of “social justice” or a peace movement that seeks to only disarm America.

    An Islamic leader recently called for the extermination of all Jews from the planet, even Jews who support “Palestinians in Gaza. ”
    Do these Progressive/Marxist/Leftists understand that the forces seeking to destroy Israel and the Jewish people, will make no distinction for members of J Street?

  • http://CoSy.com/ Bob Armstrong

    Oh , come on . You slaughter thousands of captive indigenous humans , ” mow the grass” , enough times , and you’ve got to figure some people will start thinking you are not the most moral of people .

  • Itsik

    The phenomenon of the self hating Jew. J Street is taking of leadership in this regard from Chomsky. But J Street could not be successful were it not for “useful idiots” who treat them as part of the family. Remember in the time of the Inquisition a Jew or Jews would convert to Catholicism and, armed with knowledge of Talmud etc would enter into disputations with Rabbis in order discredit Judaism. Same thing.

  • PAthena

    George Soros, born a Jew, collaborated with the Hungarian Nazis in 1944. He is unrepentant and he seems to want to kill off millions more Jews and to destroy Israel. A multi-billionaire, he has bankrolled President Obama, I believe.