Japan Gives Up on Obama, Unchains its Army

Japan's Prime Minister Shinzo Abe reviews Japan Self-Defence Forces troops in Asaka, Japan

No country went quite as far down the pacifism hole as Japan, but with North Korea and China moving in, and Obama laser focused on tranny bathrooms, Green Energy and making nuns pay for contraceptives, the land of the Rising Sun has gotten the message.

There’s no longer any reason to expect the United States to do anything. Japan is going to have to take care of itself.

Japan’s cabinet this week tore up what remains of the country’s war-renouncing constitution by declaring Tokyo’s right to defend its allies. Japan will thus join the ranks of other, presumably war-rejoicing, nations who maintain the same right, including known rabble-rousers such as New Zealand and Sweden.

Article Nine, the so-called “pacifist clause”, says: “The Japanese people forever renounce war as a sovereign right.” To achieve that, it says: “Land, sea and air forces, as well as other war potential, will never be maintained.” Japanese soldiers, it is true, have not fired a shot at an enemy in nearly 70 years. Yet the idea that Japan has no army, navy or air force does not bear scrutiny. Its “self-defence forces” are a modern fighting machine in all but name.

Abe’s cabinet adopted a resolution outlining the shift, which also relaxes limits on activities in U.N.-led peace-keeping operations and “grey zone” incidents short of full-scale war, Defence Minister Itsunori Onodera told reporters.

“There is no change in the general principle that we cannot send troops overseas,” Abe told a televised news conference, flanked by a poster showing Japanese mothers and infants fleeing a theoretical combat zone on a U.S. vessel under attack.

This is still a long way from militarism, but it’s informed by an awareness that the US can no longer be counted on. In this brave new world, Japan is going to have to shoulder much more of the responsibility for its own defense.

  • Johnny Palestine

    Not only can the New USA be no longer relied on but its deterrent force is shrinking. Russia and China are the new rising powers. These countries do not view as gold and silver as trades but real assets signifying power, strength and durability.

    Sad that the USA does not view gold and silver the same. Too many people are going to be wiped out when Google, Facebook, Linkd, etc. all CIA creations, in part, tumble when the RoRo gang turns off the fiat juice.

    • Pete

      Japan changing its defense posture is just one sign of Obama’s weak leadership. Another is the status of the dollar as a reserve currency.

      The BRIC countries are busy dethroning the dollar as a reserve currency. There really is no reason for a person such as Obama, who was widely admired in 2008/2009 because his farts smelled so sweet, should have India and Brasil give him the cold shoulder.

      China and South Korea are doing direct currency exchange as are Russia and China.

      I can see where this where this will hurt America and make life more difficult. Perhaps we need a morel difficult life because too many people are on the hammock and never wonder where Obama gets his stash.

      The Democrat Party will suffer the most if the FED cannot print money.

      • http://sohereandnow.wordpress.com/ Just Me

        The USA should have stopped getting involved in overseas issues a long time ago, except in the cases of our allies. We have no business in support of Middle East terrorist groups but owe the Christians defense. That is a human rights issue that needs protecting around the world, as well as the protection of other religious beliefs willingly held. Winning wars ought not create an obligation to rebuild when the other country was the aggressor. Every single problem America faces was able to take root because we were a nation of undereducated citizens in the field of American History and World History. Not until one gets into a formal education, or serious reading, does one realize all the bullshit spoon fed during grades K-12. Now that knowledge is even more necessary if we want to survive the New World Order, attempting a take over and supported by the first President Bush and every President thereafter. Scary!

        • Pete

          The Japanese are not allies?

          The Japanese pay a significant proportion of the expenses of bases in Japan.

          How much of our GDP depends on foreign trade?
          If we did not have foreign trade or branches of U.S. companies operating in other countries how much smaller would our GDP be?

          New England whalers did not get rich by being victims. the ability of whalers to make money and to grow the American economy was made possible by Pax Britannica and French and American warships.

          The only reason American overseas companies are not helping lifting the U.S. out of recession/depression is that the LEFT insist on punitive tax rate much higher than most other countries.

          How long can America last without SLOC?

          • http://sohereandnow.wordpress.com/ Just Me

            Did I say that we shouldn’t help Japan?? NO, I DID NOT!!

          • Pete

            You did not. I apologize.

            However given the articles lede and the fact that you did not list who our allies are, it makes me wonder who you think they are.

            Who are or allies? Just the G7?

          • http://sohereandnow.wordpress.com/ Just Me

            Pete, sigh, the article in full, if you read it, did not talk about a list of our allies, and you are not going to deflect the point I made by giving me a pop quiz on foreign policy. People, who find themselves in a kerfuffle during a debate, do not use their educated intellect during the back and forth exchange. If you seriously want to speak to the issue, which is, “to what degree the US should be involved in foreign affairs,” we’ll have to keep it on point and respectful. Otherwise, I am not interested.

          • Erudite Mavin

            Yes, see my post at the top

        • EXPAT SA

          1000 Thumbs UP!

  • thinkabout10

    We the people are being over run. Propagating in the schools, media, public positions held.

  • cxt

    Unintended consequences—as Obama retreats formerly peaceful nations have to arm to defend themselves.

    We don’t need to be the world police—but when nations like Japan start to sharpen their swords, it ain’t good.

    The Chinese are equally to blame–they run around flexing their muscles and it makes Japan, Vietnam, etc, very, very, nervous. As it should.

    • Drakken

      Sorry to rain on your parade but, Japan has watched since the Clinton administration and how feckless and weak the democrats are and have taken the precaution of arming themselves in typical Japanese fashion, quietly. The Japanese are a fierce warrior culture and have been for 2,000 years. They will act accordingly now with or without US permission or intervention. So with Obummer and his minions in mind, an robust Japanese Armed Forces is a good thing, not a bad thing.

  • kevinstroup

    Any culture that values itself must and will defend itself. Why is American culture not doing this?

    • Erudite Mavin

      Many Americans who voted for Obama, sat at home election day or voted third party rather than the Republican who supports America now has the nerve to whine.

      • blarg

        better things go to hell with a democrat president than a republican.
        Better to let the democrats win than vote another treasonous neo-con in.

    • objectivefactsmatter

      Because a large portion of “Americans” (by citizenship) hate America. You can thank our public schools and biased “journalists,” Hollywood film producers and other civilization jihadis for “socialism.”

      • EXPAT SA

        OMG! I never thought about that … hmmm? Guess that because being an immigrant myself, I just assumed every immigrant would kiss the ground, respect, honour and uphold the laws, tradtions and customs of thei host country and new home. I cringe.. when ever I see such disrespect such as burning the US flag. That should have been stomped out the day it happened. After all, it’s under THAT FLAG and it’s nation that we swear allegiance to. One has to have rules and people to enforce them or you eventually land up with mayhem. Seems like all the immigration rules apply only to those of us who followed the rules and did it the right way. What a slap in the face for being honest, having integrity. Seems like, ignoring all the rules is rewarded. Thanks to the far left and always putting the illegal rights of others above law abiding citizens. As for those who hate America and live here, you are traitors.. GO HOME .. Go back to your so called wonderful country you abandoned to come and live here. Yes go back to the hell hole you escaped .. you don’t deserve living in the best country in the world or it’s freedoms and golden opportunities.

    • DB1954

      Because the left controls the government, the schools, and the media?

    • http://a-albionic.com/ Lloyd Miller

      Because our Elite, lead by David Rockefeller from his wheelchair, value progress toward UN/world government, NOT AMERICA!

  • Erudite Mavin

    and Japan has been trained by the best.
    Both Japan and South Korea are boxed in with China and North Korea
    only waiting to take over Japan and South. Korea

    http://www.nytimes.com/2014/02/23/world/asia/in-japans-drill-with-the-us-a-message-for-beijing.html?_r=0 (photos)

    Feb. 2014

    CAMP PENDLETON, San Diego County , Calif. — In the early morning along a barren stretch of beach here last week, Japanese soldiers and American Marines practiced how to invade and retake an island captured by hostile forces.

    Memo to Beijing: Be forewarned.

    One Marine sergeant yelled for his men, guns drawn, to push into the right building as they climbed through the window of an empty house meant to simulate a seaside dwelling. The Marines had poured out of four amphibious assault vehicles as another group of smaller inflatable boats carrying soldiers of Japan’s Western Army Infantry Regiment landed in an accompanying beachhead assault.

    There were shouts in Japanese. There were shouts in Marine English. There was air support, from Huey and Cobra helicopters hovering above. Then larger Navy hovercrafts roared in, spitting up a spray of seawater before burping out Humvees and more Japanese troops, their faces blackened with camouflage paint.

    American military officials, viewing the cooperative action of the former World War II enemies from a nearby hillside, insisted that the annual exercise, called Iron Fist, had nothing, nothing to do with last fall’s game of chicken between Tokyo and Beijing over islands that are largely piles of rocks in the East China Sea. But Lt. Col. John O’Neal, commander of the 15th Marine Expeditionary Unit, said that this year, the Japanese team came with “a new sense of purpose.”

    “There are certainly current events that have added emphasis to this exercise,” he said, as Japanese soldiers made their way up into the rocks before disappearing into the hills above the beach. “Is there a heightened awareness? Yes.”

    In the United States military, commanders are increasingly allied in alarm with Japan over China’s flexing of military muscle. Capt. James Fanell, director of intelligence and information operations with the United States Pacific Fleet, recently said in San Diego that China was training its forces to be capable of carrying out a “short, sharp” war with Japan in the East China Sea……

    • http://sohereandnow.wordpress.com/ Just Me

      If N Korea extends its borders southward, all hell will break loose if, and only if, conservatives take the Senate and keep the House. bho would be removed and replaced with a docile Joe Biden, if he’s not also impeached and removed, because Biden is all about money. As long as his income remains, he’ll play along. Biden is narcissistic but not a clinical narcissist like obama is, and he has no need for absolute power as does bho.
      Thanks for the links.

  • Land of Sinking Fun

    I have a yen for J-girls.

  • Sam_boy

    Watch out Chinks. Japan is a good businessman but also excellent warrior. China stealing frenzy is over. Give back what you steal from Vietnamese…

  • Gordon Fraser

    Defence pact to lead way for joint submarine venture


  • Luong the Viet

    I totally support a strong Japan with a strong military that will put a stop to evil china’s expansion in Asia. Japan must stop Vietnam, the Philipinnes and other nations fight against these chinese Nazis.

  • TL

    or. . . Japan is signing on to help keep NK in check? I don’t get how everyone assumes this has anything to do with Obama or use it as an excuse to say it is Obama’s failure. How do you know Obama didn’t suggest Japan start getting more involved?

  • Andy

    I’m not really sure if Japan will be able to throw away their old habit of invading other countries in the name of “Jusitice” as they say. If Japan wants to mobilize their army once again, they’ll need to discuss it with all the east asia counties first. They need to first confirm that they won’t be related to any war actions that might seem suspicious and apologize for the past crimes they committed.