Jay Carney: True Liar

carneyIn 2008, Jay Carney went from covering the White House to lying for the White House. Carney’s lies weren’t unusual among his media colleagues, but unlike them he began lying in an official capacity, assuring his former colleagues that his bosses were completely unaware of what they were doing.

Carney went from covering the presidential campaign for TIME and CNN to covering up for the same people he had been covering.  He didn’t do it for the money. TIME was paying Carney $60,000 more than Obama would. He did it because he believed.

You don’t take on the thankless job of being Biden’s Director of Communications when you have a prestigious position at the top of your profession because your big dream involves chasing after the gaffes of a professional idiot whose whiskey-pickled brain has convinced him that he’s a political genius.

You take it because you believe in the agenda.

Jay Carney was a compulsive liar who truly believed in the cause he was lying for. Like the Communist hacks he had dealt with while working in TIME’s Moscow Bureau, he had faith in the revolution.

In 2008, while still working for TIME, he praised Obama’s “refreshingly non-ideological declaration about how best to govern” and called it a “welcome change from the ideology-first recent past.”

“Are conservatives really so blind to Gov. Sarah Palin’s true liabilities that they believe this is the reason she was mauled in the press? How appalling,” he ranted.

During the election, Carney had cheered for Obama and booed McCain. He had “fact checked” Republican press releases while drawing pink hearts on anything that came from Obama Inc.

It was as if he had already been on Obama’s payroll without bothering to inform his bosses.

Before Obama began paying him $172,000 a year to lie, Jay Carney was lying for him on his own. But it was when Carney began being paid to lie, when the content of his lies was dictated to him by the White House, when he had to stand in front of his former colleagues and recite the talking points that he used to organically insert into his TIME screeds that everything went wrong.

On his first day on the job, he was already in his familiar defensive mode looking and sounding like a yuppie complaining about a spoiled organic banana. “Look, he is leading,” he whined. “He led for two years. I mean, this is a president who had done big things. He has tackled hard issues.”

Despite his experience on the other side of the table and his claim that he liked being up there, he was nervous and uncomfortable. Carney had been a good liar when he was reporting on the White House, but he was a bad liar as the White House Press Secretary.

Carney sweated and mumbled, he showed a hundred liar’s tells from sudden abruptness to looking down. Robert Gibbs, his predecessor, had played the cheerful jackass. Carney was forced into the role of a little boy with a pocketful of stolen candy overcompensating to hide his fear of being caught.

Whatever revolutionary faith had taken him from TIME to the White House had deserted him at the podium. A briefing with Carney meant hearing a hundred “I Don’t Knows” and a thousand talking point buzzwords of the week. “Sensible,” “Common sense,” “Winning the future” and “investing in the future” were just some of the soulless slogans that he mumbled like magic formulas against the truth.

It was clumsy hackwork. The press corps already knew the talking points. They were only useful for selling the product to the public which wasn’t watching the press briefing.

Carney’s job was to make it look like the White House believed the lies it was telling the media so that its political allies in the press could claim plausible deniability when they dismissed the scandals. Instead he was talking to his former colleagues as if they were the chumps who read their own papers and watched their own broadcasts.

He was treating the media like the public and there wasn’t a worse insult than that.

Jay Carney didn’t get better with time. He got worse until the enduring meme of his career was the words “At no point in time was the Obama Administration aware of what the Obama Administration was doing” running above and below his perpetually befuddled face.

On Friday, the day when bad news is dumped on a lazy media and a bored public, he followed the VA’s Eric Shinseki out the door. Top Democrats had demanded Shinseki’s head in the hopes of holding on to the Senate, but Obama popped in to give Carney a personal sendoff.

And if Carney seemed less than enthusiastic, uncomfortably cracking jokes and taking Obama’s awkward hug with the good grace of a victim of the Boston Strangler, it may just have been him.

Or it may have been something else.

Why did Jay Carney fail so miserably? A clue can be found in his predecessor and his successor. Robert Gibbs was a professional press secretary who had spent decades in politics. Josh Earnest, Carney’s successor, is a newer creature cut from the same cloth. Gibbs never lost any credibility while lying. That was his whole job. He never believed in anything because that would have just gotten in the way.

Carney however represented a media that shamelessly loved Obama, but whose true love was not reciprocated by the White House.

Obama didn’t love his media fans. He treated them with contempt. He locked them in closets and cut them out of the loop. He passed along photos from a White House photographer while closing events to the press. His people reacted to any negative news story with furious phone calls and threats. Reporters who challenged him were fired or smeared. And there were allegations of worse.

The Obama White House was paranoid when it came to the press and Carney was a member of the press brought in to deceive and manipulate his former colleagues. Like an informant at a cop party, he could never really fit in. The awkward hug was the physical manifestation of a behind-the-scenes reality.

Carney was a media rat there to sell out his own kind. Instead of affirming what he believed, he denied what he knew to be true. His old job had been to tell a story, his new job was to say as little as possible.

He had joined Obama Inc. in pursuit of the progressive spirituality of political meaning only to kill his own soul.

Whatever he believed in had died a miserable death at that podium.

Jay Carney had taken a $60,000 pay cut to prostitute himself to a man he believed in only to become a joke to his own colleagues. Now he can go back to journalism and try to recapture whatever it was he believed in or cash in by following other press secretaries into a consulting and communications gig.

Carney’s dilemma is bigger than one man. It’s also the question facing his media colleagues who traded whatever they believed in to believe in Obama. It’s the question faced by liberals who put Obama over everything and now realize that if he goes down, their tattered ideology may go down with him.

They believed that they were lying for a true cause. Now can they ever find the truth?

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  • Anukem Jihadi

    The truth is whatever gets decided by consensus for these people and so journalism is in a way intrinsically redundant even though it’s what they do.
    So Carney didn’t really betray journalism. He’s never really been one.

  • Hktony

    Great heading , a true liar. As opposed to a liar liar! The whole of the political establishment both in the USA and Europe are liars! This guy got paid to make a fool of himself! And lie his head off. Thanks to moral relativism we no longer need the truth. It appears as long as the truth destroys true honest values then anything goes. Odumbo traded a traitor for Muslim killers and claims it is a moral victory for America . Well done and another step closer to a military run USA .

  • truebearing

    For this time, this president, this media, and this electorate, Carney was the perfect Press Secretary. His boss is a pathological liar and a traitor. The media he addressed was the same foul swamp he slithered from. The majority of voters apparently wanted to be lied to, are too lazy to do their own due diligence, or just don’t care.

    Jay Carney’s pathetic stint as Press Secretary was emblematic of the corruption in Washington, that has risen like a backed up sewer and lasted so long that the stench is becoming the new normal.

    A Marxist/Muslim President with his communist press secretary, Carney’s time as Press Secretary is an ignominious testimonial to the fathomless falling off there has been for this great nation. It is the Left’s fault for corrupting the nation but it is the voter’s fault for falling for their lies.

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      • johnlac

        Can I make as much as a president’s press secretary? I’d very much like to know. If not, then bugger off.

      • BEN JABO

        Admit it, your the aunt is a whore and you are the pimp

      • mackykam

        She might want to move from the computer to a bed: much more comfortable!

      • tagalog

        Sixty-eight dollars an hour? I know how she can double that. But she’ll probably have to stay up all night.

      • Wolfthatknowsall

        Off-topic …

    • bigjulie

      In the land of habitual liars, a one-truth man is God…and all the Gods seem to be at FPM.

      • truebearing

        In the land of habitual liars the man who occasionally fibs is a saint.

    • CurmudgyOne

      But only some of the voters’ faults … if we can get conservative truth-lovers off their a$$es for elections, we can turn this tide.

      • Mike

        It is greater than just getting votes. The Repblican Party has to learn to fight to win and stop playing like they are afraid to go for the jugular!

        • CurmudgyOne

          I absolutely agree with that. We are always on the defensive, and we never defend “aggressively” enough.

  • Elizabeth Cape Cod

    He especially angered me when he was dismissive toward FOX correspondents and treated them and their questions so disrespectfully, as if any questions from them were purely baseless. Weasel!!!

    • CapitalistPig

      I honestly believe that was a preconceived strategy—to diminish Fox News.
      To an extent it’s worked. Virtually all liberals & a lot of independents dismiss anything reported on Fox as somehow “tainted”.

      • Elizabeth Cape Cod

        OMGosh – yes They have made a concerted effort to marginalize and villainize FOX because, as we know, FOX is the only TV media that holds these people accountable.
        Right out of the playbook – demonize your opponent.

      • Mike

        Everything the left does is part of a calculated strategy. Whether it is scripted “talking points” or maintaining the party line. With the MSM in their camp it is easy to influence the uninformed public.

        • Will R

          “Everything the left does is part of a calculated strategy.”

          Correct, and nothing the right does is part of any logical strategy. That’s what is allowing the left to ruin the country.

  • watchdog

    requesting answers to a question made Carney immediately defensive as the question was interpreted as being politically motivated drove many including me up the wall..Carney just could not give an answer that was the simple truth,,

    • CapitalistPig

      That was his job…………Presidential Spokesliar.

    • Guest

      Now hear this: Carney most likely bailed when he did to avoid having to lie, lie and lie some more regarding Obysmal’s release of the five worst Jihadi’s at Gitmo. Even a lying ideologue can only fall on his sword too many times.

  • watchdog

    Soviet leaders during the cold war use to drone on for hours without making a single statement that had any basis in fact. Carney and Obama have learned from the same playbook.

  • haywood jablowme

    die already liar,,,,,,,,,,,,

    • Wolfthatknowsall

      But not until he’s out of office. God knows we don’t need Obama to turn into John Kennedy, in death …

      • UCSPanther

        That’s always the problem with false martyrdom. If Che Guevera had mutated into a stuffy commie bureaucrat in Cuba, he probably wouldn’t have been revered like he is now.

        • Wolfthatknowsall

          True, indeed.

  • Lanna

    Its easier for these people to lie than tell the truth…Eventually the mouths of liars will be silenced.

    • CurmudgyOne

      … and when can we expect that will begin happening?

  • Hard Little Machine

    What Carney brings is a new era of the relationship between the President and the country. As of now the President does not care what you think what you believe what you understand about his lies. He’s trolling you and he knows you know it. And doesn’t care in the least. The White House press corps is nothing more than a bullet item for the evening TV line up to use as a launching off point to scream and pout and whine about the President’s enemies

  • Demo P. Seal; PouponMarks

    If you took Breznev’s or any other Soviet-era press official, and placed him in the same position, you would notice no difference. Carney and his Jewish Marxist Atheist True Believer wife, believe in Communism, but assume they will always be in the 2%, the Party nomenklatura and apparats.

    • Johnson

      You, sir, are a schnook. Why is Carney’s wife being Jewish relevant to all this?

      • Demo P. Seal; PouponMarks

        There are essentially two different kinds of Jews. One is the Marxist/Progressive/Communist/Socialist/Democrat/Atheist/Reformed Judaism. This is an adherent to Marx, not Moses. They are the tear down, Alinsky, collectivist, amoral, subversive, anti American Democratic Republic, anti individualism cult. They never supported the view, ideals, and visions of the Founders. They want to control the population through a massive, centralized elite authoritarian bureaucracy.
        Marxism is perverted alternative to those Jews who rejected God and The Divine. It’s a story as old as the Bible: creating false gods out of Material Determinism and attempting to control the divine from so-called “Laws” and “Science”-which they consistently misrepresent and falsify.

        Contrast the above mentally ill with Conservative Jews, who recognize eternal Truths and respect God. They are inwardly guided by eternal laws and structure as laid out in ancient wisdom. These are the bright lights of Western Civilization, and are smart enough to receive and welcome the love and support of Christians.

        My opinions are hardly unique. Read Rabbi Daniel Lapin and David Horowitz, Burt Prelutsky, etc.




        You begin to get the picture?

  • Shel Zahav

    Carney was a sniveling little weasel.

  • 1Indioviejo1

    Well labeled. Jay Carney is a habitual liar

  • Pepe Turcon

    Read truebearing below….he said exactly what I wanted to say and what is actually happening in the USA.
    Let’s hope the USA won’t need another Pearl Harbor to wake up cause…this time….it could be nuclear.
    Let’s be positive and support the Tea Party and the NRA and be prepared to use your first 3 ammendments if need be.

  • cecil91

    A man like Carney knows the difference between fiction and truth and he almost surely valued truth over lies before he took the PR job at the WH. But his new job required a political loyalty that valued ideology over truth, and thus required him to lie, distort, and spin like any dedicated Obamabot. That he did it for three years is testimony to his lack of moral fiber; if he went in as a loyal believer, he came out as just another spinmeister political hack. He is young enough to redeem himself, however. All he has to do is write a book that tells the truth about this rotten administration.

    • K. Smith

      There’s no reason to believe that he valued truth over lies before he got to the WH. The Democrat party is LOADED with liars, schemers, con-artists, and various criminal minds who get involved in their respective fields for the sole purpose of shilling for the party. Hollywood is full of celebrities that are in the entertainment business precisely as agents for the Demo-cult. The same goes for many churches masquerading as Christian. They are believers for real — but not in Christianity. These celebrities and journalists and pseudo-Christians are all political agents.

  • mackykam

    Like his boss Obama, Carney is and was an incompetent liar. One could almost refer to him as an incompetent affirmative action liar for an incompetent affirmative action president.
    I could never look at Carney on TV without wondering about the brown smudge across the bridge of his nose and dripping from the corner of his mouth.

    • kasandra

      I don’t know. I think Obama is a very competent liar. Lord knows, he’s had enough practice at it.

      • K. Smith

        I agree, kasandra. They are competent. They know exactly what they’re doing. Skilled practitioners — and yes, Obama’s been lying his whole life. I actually would take a leap and guess that he’s pathological from childhood.

        • roz

          0 is a great liar, he’s amazing, that’s why Hollyweird loves him, he’s a great actor, but if you look into his eyes you see NOTHING – Carney is just a fool, and a tool, and will never have any legitimacy in any way again, except maybe on msnbc with the other screaming zombies

          • ca1

            you’re right!………..nothing!!

      • mackykam

        Were he truly a competent liar we wouldn’t recognize the lying.

  • tagalog

    It was cringe-inducing every time to watch Carney tell such transparent lies and spin so hard you might think he was some kind of top. I’m glad he’s gone. I hated when he would argue with the reporters and the reporters argue with him.

    • Wolfthatknowsall

      I’m sure that you won’t like his replacement, any better. Obama doesn’t have the commonsense to appoint someone with class and the ability to speak like Tony Snow or Dana Perino.

      • ca1

        re: commonsense…. you sell him short… he(and others) have a plan and carney was no longer useful to that end… it will be interesting to experience the next spokesperson liar who has been culled from the herd of those eager to please….

        • Wolfthatknowsall

          Sadly, I think that you are correct in your assessment.

        • tagalog

          I think Carney decided to abandon the sinking ship. I still hope that the Obama administration will be held accountable for their many scandals.

  • doubleblack4

    About time the word liar was used and used effectively. He was not misinformed or lacked info, he is and was just a plain LIAR.

  • seewithyourowneyes

    I actually feel a little sorry for the guy. He will never get his soul back, and I suspect he knows it.

    • The March Hare

      This may be true, but I could never feel sorry in the least little bit for the guy. I believe his soul was surrendered when he first subscribed to the leftist movement, probably as a teenager or college student.

  • Cappy1437

    Very well said. I don’t think Jay Carney will ever be able to reinvent himself. When I look at him I see only a liar. He does not deserve to be listened to or respected for anything he says or does.

    • laura r


      • Cappy1437

        That’s the garbage channel. Ya, maybe he should apply there.

  • DontMessWithAmerica

    Thanks for the eye-opener. I had misjudged him thinking he was an innocent dummy who just became overwhelmed with the volume of lies he was asked to tell. Well, he won’t have to go on Welfare. He should be able to find a spot on the NY Pravda (NYT)

  • K. Smith

    Oh I love this piece!! Yes, yes, YES. He lied because HE BELIEVED. I keep saying this over and over, and have been for years: Democrats are cultists. The Democrat party IS A CULT. Its adherents (Fellow Travelers) are die-hard cultists who will say and do anything to protect their cult’s agenda. The more than the public/world can understand the phenomena of cults and the psychological hold they have on cult-adherents, the better the public/world can understand Democrats and defeat them. We will continue to be helpless, mewling kittens as long as we erroneously and naively continue to believe that the Democrats are just about “politics”. The Democrat party is ONE BRANCH of a global Left-cult. KNOW THIS.

  • RogerDane

    Baby steps. Going back to, say, the ‘1930s’ you will see similar duplicity in pre-Nazi Germany. But how does one rise to the pinnacle of depravity even while sensible folks in other nations; for example, America and Lindberg’s outspoken support of Hitler, isolationism and perhaps even antisemitism. Of course Lindberg was not the only prominent voice to support or at least not oppose the brutality that would become the Third Reich but the question remains, what is it in mankind (I chose not to use ‘humanity’) that allows such miscreants a voice even to the point of world tragedy?

    How has America fallen to the depth of moral destitution and lack of social virtue after heralding for so long the exact opposite? Across the board we have failed systems (that, at least from a results perspective, worked well for so many decades and generations) which have lead us to becoming a shadow of what was once the great shining hope.

    Certainly corruption has always existed but have we become so distracted by bling (titillation “by” whatever distracts one from reality and the future) that we accept such as the only manner in which to conduct day to day life? CEOs, politicians, clergy, educational figures, law enforcement and even some in the military all seem to acquiesce to the rising tide of amoral behavior and the resultant decline in America’s quality of life and her tree of liberty.

    Historically the rise of despots and political tyrants has not been instant but rather grown out of public apathy and despair. Americans have proven their apathy in so many related fields and the despair will follow. Carney just represents a type, addled perhaps, which defies common sense, honesty and reason to, instead, champion the unconscionable.

  • Bert

    Consider this question for a moment. Suppose that Obama and Carney had consistently told the whole truth. What would have happened? Could the American people have been able to handle the truth? Would we be ashamed to learn who we elected? Would we be panicked to realize that Obama is a Muslim who wants to bring down America? Would knowing the truth keep us awake at night? Some Americas already know or suspect the truth. But that is different than hearing the President and Carney telling it to us openly. I just raised these questions but I do not claim to know the answers.

    • pslinger

      The mainstream media would poo their pants trying to cover up for him if he started telling the truth. Their job would become quite a bit more difficult.

      • laura r

        still it would be interesting.

  • nomoretraitors

    There’s a reason why they’re called presstitutes

  • zoomie

    the fact remains, libtards don’t mind being lied to, as long as it’s a libtard doing the lying.
    the lie is the truth

    • UCSPanther

      Their whole ideology is based on a lie…

  • FrontPgSubscr

    … THE QUINTESSENCE of a wasted life -TRAGIC!!!!!

  • ca1

    good summation of anyone associated w/this administration… they have to drink the kool-aid and eventually realize they sold their soul as they get kicked to the curb when no longer useful………

  • sprinklerman

    “It is of great importance to set a resolution, not to be shaken, never
    to tell an untruth. There is no vice so mean, so pitiful, so contemptible;
    and he who permits himself to tell a lie once, finds it much easier to do
    it a second and a third time, till at length it becomes habitual; he tells
    lies without attending to it, and truths without the world’s believing
    him. This falsehood of the tongue leads to that of the heart, and in time
    depraves all its good disposition.”

    –Thomas Jefferson, letter to Peter Carr, 19 August 1785

    • Demo P. Seal; PouponMarks

      We have now sunk to a depth at which restatement of the obvious is the first duty of intelligent men.
      George Orwell

      In a time of universal deceit – telling the truth is a revolutionary act.
      George Orwell

      So much of left-wing thought is a kind of playing with fire by people who don’t even know that fire is hot.
      George Orwell

  • SamZebra


    i wonder why? lol lol
    Ronald Reagan Gave Iran 1,500 Missiles for Hostages. Obama Trades Five Guys? GOP Heads Explode.

  • kevinstroup

    Oh please. Jay Carney is no more capable of being embarrassed than a sofa is capable of being embarrassed. His past conduct does not bother him one bit. He is a progressive. Nothing shames him.

  • ArentIpretty

    The only way the US will ever be able to move forward to a more prosperous future is the day these liars and thieves are drummed out of positions of power.

  • pslinger

    “He had joined Obama Inc. in pursuit of the progressive spirituality of political meaning only to kill his own soul.”

    His soul was already dead. He wouldn’t have accepted the job otherwise, he knew what he was getting into.

  • Richard

    After liberal journalists created the web site, “Journ-O-list” to help Obama get elected, I lost all hope in the major media. They became mindless lapdogs, not guard dogs of liberty; and became Obama’s puppets, useless pieces of wood with strings attached, with the administration’s hands manipulating them.

  • Saturday’sChild

    I’ve always thought of Jay Carney as the President’s diaper. You know–covers the butt and tries to contain the poop! You could see it hollowing out his soul. May he rest in peace.