Jewish Woman Defies George Galloway’s “Israel-Free Zone” in the UK


Sad news for Saddam’s favorite cat-playing alcoholic. His attempt at imposing his own little Sharia Law in Bradford by declaring it an Israel Free Zone fell apart when all the ISIS sympathizers were too busy playing Battlefield 4 to actually enforce it.

George Galloway, the MP for Bradford West, England declared his intention this weekend to make Bradford an “Israel free zone”.

Responding to the call, Muqata Reader Mandy Blumenthal decided that her dual nationality of British and Israeli citizenship would do well to dispel Galloway’s plans.

Mandy writes: “[On] Sunday I decided to be a purist for the day. I took my Israeli passport and flag with me and drove up to Bradford. As you can see my holiday shots with locals some more friendly than others. Everybody seems to have taken my tourist day out personally. It was on Israeli news and it’s all over the UK even George Galloway himself for some reason is not very happy.”

Mandy had apparently joined Rabbi Shneur Zalman Odze, a UKIP candidate and a small group of British Jews.

George Galloway could not be reached for comment.

Not a Photoshop

Not a Photoshop

  • Armed_Infidel

    It looks as if Galloway’s penis and testicles are missing.


      So are his brain and his heart.


        GG has a brain and heart.

        His brain is dead and his heart is black.

    • reader

      One does not miss what one did not have.

    • Tim N

      I was too chicken to look that far. I got as far as the mantits and lost my nerve.

  • Texas Patriot

    Mandy Blumenthal has the right idea. The only thing I would add is that anyone who objects to the presence of non-Muslims, Israeli or otherwise, should be offered a one-way, all-expenses paid, trip to Mosul, with the proviso that they must first surrender their passport and renounce their British citizenship. If purist Muslims want to practice Sharia law the way Muhammad did it, the Islamic State is the place to do it.

  • filter

    Good for you Mandy, as for that george fellow, seems he’s well past his ‘best before’ date.

  • Alby

    For a long time I suspected that this Galloway was a double agent, whose mission it was to discredit the enemy cause by dint of his egregious public persona. But no, he’s actually typical of the British traitor class. Looking forward to seeing him H, D & Q.


      Hung, Decapitated and Quartered?

      Tell Hamass GG is a JOOOO.

      • Jonny

        Hanged, Drawn and Quartered. :)

  • Fred

    There needs to be thousands of Jews marching through Bradford. NEVER AGAIN!!!!!

  • hammar

    Everyone should be demonstrating against this phony war syndrome that islam keeps waging in Israel and soon to be in your neighborhood soon. Everyone includes Christian, Jews, and Hindu’s and all no matter what your faith or ethnic background.
    Faith is something that man receives from God Himself and it creates in him a new man. islam kills and is not from God when he sheds blood of his neighbor.
    And there is no such thing as ‘holy war’. This is a lie and the media should not go along with the phony concept that islam proclaims. This is also from the devil.
    Civilization can not be run from the end of the gun or the whole world will be at war just like in the days of the Nazi. People have to wake up or face this very real possibility. It is getting worst people!

  • hrwolfe

    My eyes, my eyes, that Galloway shot can not be un-seen!

  • TL2014

    Not a photoshop? Is that a real picture? Very funny!

  • Habbgun

    Its the Day Glo – Anti-Semite !!! A not so super hero

  • Danny

    I think you’ll find that he is making a point about how the Israeli state acts; even though his statement may come across as anti-semetic, I do not believe he is against Jews but against how the state acts. Just like our country is putting sanctions upon Russia for its disgusting behaviour, I too believe the same should happen to Israel. Over 50% of Britons believe that the response by Israel was disproportionate and I happen to agree with them.

    • Truth

      Easy to believe it’s “disproportionate” when you’re living in safety. It would be quite different if it was Britain — and not Israel — that was suffering thousands of rockets raining down on her cities. The same simpering Brits complaining about Israel would be shrieking with terror and demanding that the launch pads be destroyed, enemy casualties notwithstanding.

  • IslamDownpressesHumanity

    She went there alone? I admire her bravery and I’m glad some of the decent people of Bradford came out to support her.