Jews and the Ukraine


Both sides in the conflict have attempted to use Jews for propaganda purposes in the fight over the Ukraine.

So let’s get a few things out of the way.

1. Both sides are fairly anti-Semitic. The Ukrainian side more so, but that’s only by comparison to already high levels of anti-Semitism on the other side. Neither side is clean. Both sides are horrifyingly dirty by American standards.

Whatever happens, this will not change in any significant way.

2. The Jewish community in Russia and Russian controlled territories, like every major religious community, is under the control of the government. Its leaders will make those statements approved of by the security services. This is nearly as true now as it was under the USSR. Its lay leaders tend to have government connections and its religious leaders depend on the government to be able to work.

Especially if they come from outside the country.

Jews who intend to live in Place X are largely concerned about not offending whoever remains in charge of that place when the dust settles. Their statements will reflect that.

The exception comes from religious groups whose central organization operates under the control of the Russian authorities. They are liable to make pro-Russian statements even in the Ukraine.

3. Jews in the area are, for the most part, keeping their heads down. There are some younger people who were active in the protest movement, but their numbers were overstated by a zealous media.

4. Neither side is currently about to begin employing Nazi tactics… now. But at the same time nationalist groups on both sides are vehemently anti-Semitic and are undoubtedly engaging in assorted attacks. But they are likely under orders from higher up the ladder to avoid doing anything too obvious that would jeopardize their political claims.

That means synagogues can be vandalized and people on the street can be assaulted. There’s plausible deniability and a fog of war on things like that. More blatant things are likely to be a provocation by one side or another seeking to smear the other abroad.

5. Whatever happens and whoever wins, the Jews of Ukraine will lose. That’s an old historical truth. Chaos creates opportunities for the attacks that are taking place now. If it goes on, the Jews of Ukraine will lose their homes and their belongings. More will be killed in unexplained little attacks.

And when the whole thing ends, both sides will blame it on a vast Jewish conspiracy.

  • Von Stierlitz

    Good article !

  • Habbgun

    Hopefully we can reach out and start bringing these Jews to Israel. Given the fact that Israel has a stronger economy and a better future this could be a win. Sadly, we must realize this article will start to apply in America. Just like there the garbage is asserting itself here.

    I feel sad for those that have to make a nation in partnership with the worst of humanity. Those are in the end the real losers.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      If they had wanted to come to Israel… etc

      There has been extensive outreach in the FSU for immigrating to Israel.

      Some are elderly and this is the only place they know. Others have local business interests that they won’t drop unless things get much worse. Some of the latter may even have returned from Israel.

  • The Frisco Kid

    Where are the Jews going to go? Israel can take a large percentage, but most likely can’t take all the world’s Jews. This is one reason Israel should annex Judea and Samaria. However, Israel has a severe water shortage, which will only get worse with massive immigration. However, the two countries that gave haven to Jews in WWII–Sweden and Turkey–are decidedly off-limits today. Canada, anyone?

    • Daniel Greenfield

      Israel can take them, but not everyone wants to go to Israel, and the US and Europe are much more open to Muslim and African immigrants than to people from Western, Eastern Europe or Russia.

      • Lea

        Unbelievable, that the US and EU prefer immigrants from cultures that are alien and even hostile to themselves. Apparently, since the Swedish Democrats are getting stronger, a law is going to be passed that criminalises criticism of the Swedish immigration policies and their politicians. This has to be a deliberate policy of the leaders for purposes unfathomable to most.

        • Daniel Greenfield

          Russian Jews tend to vote Republican in national elections. You can see why they’re not a desirable immigrant group.

          • Lea

            Wow, is it as simple as that, really? I would have thought there is much more at stake, like national security for instance. Obviously, the political power game is extremely lucrative for Democrats to be selling out their people like that. America is in a worse state that I first thought. Do you think it can be turned around? Are there any politicians in the wings who are brave enough to stand up to the challenge?

  • A Z

    There just cannot be that many Jews in Ukraine. That alone should debunk conspiracy theories.

    Someone like Soros has much power and is or was culturally (?) Jewish. but he cares as much about Jews as the People Republic of china cares about ethnic Chinese when they are massacred in Kampuchea, Vietnam, Indonesia and elsewhere.

    Point is the Jews who live in Ukraine are not heavy weights on the political or economic scene and are not doing much of anything.

    It is reprehensible that they be used as a scapegoat or for polemic purposes.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      Conspiracy theories about Jews are popular in Japan which has no indigenous Jews (if you don’t believe the assorted theories about lost tribes.)

      It’s not the number. It’s the power of the idea of the Jewish conspiracy.

      • A Z

        When you have fake solutions to real problems at some point you are going to get OWNED/PWNED!

        If an elite or cabal misdirect the populace with a red herring they aggrandize their position vis-a-vis soceity and feather their nest and those of their progeny.


  • Hard Little Machine

    There’s fewer than 20,000 Jews left in the Ukraine. Figure that half of them would stay no matter what. That’s 10,000 people which is not an insurmountable # of people to emigrate.

  • E Plobnista

    Jews need to get out of Ukraine. America should take them in