John Kerry: Terrorists “Don’t Offer a Health Care Plan”

U.S. Secretary of State Kerry jokes during a cultural event with Italian Foreign Minister Terzi at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Rome

Is John Kerry the dumbest Secretary of State in American history? It’s hard to say.

Secretary of State John Kerry at the weekend again pledged U.S. support for efforts to locate and rescue them.

“I will tell you, my friends, I have seen this scourge of terror across the planet, and so have you,” he continued. “They don’t offer anything except violence. They don’t offer a health care plan, they don’t offer schools. They don’t tell you how to build a nation, they don’t talk about how they will provide jobs. They just tell people, ‘You have to behave the way we tell you to,’ and they will punish you if you don’t.

“Our responsibility and the world’s responsibility is to stand up against that kind if nihilism,” Kerry said.

This is like a speech written by a third grader. But at least Kerry got around to declaring Islam, nihilistic.

Terrorists however do offer health care plans and benefits. The Palestinian Authority and Kerry’s good buddy Abbas has an entire benefits program for terrorists… paid for by American taxpayers.

Hamas runs schools and health care clinics. The Muslim Brotherhood has its own social welfare agencies in Egypt.

Al Qaeda however still lags behind in corporate benefits including health care.

A former member of Al Qaeda has claimed that he left the terror group after they failed to pay for his pregnant wife’s medical bills.

L’Houssaine Kherchtou testified at a terrorism trial in New York on Wednesday that he was disgruntled at the lack of health care and later began helping a U.S. investigation into two embassy bombings in Africa.

At an earlier trial in 2001, Kherchtou had testified that he was horrified to find out his wife was begging on the streets for money to pay for her cesarean section which cost $500 at a Sudanese hospital.

He said that he asked Al Qaeda to pay the medical bills but they refused. He testified that he decided to leave the group after the health care disagreement.

If only there was AlQaedaCare. But in Iraq there is AlQaedaCare and it’s just as horrible as ObamaCare.

Pockets of insurgents are stealing blood supplies from local hospitals and blood banks in Iraq, often at gunpoint, and using the looted stockpiles to treat their own troops.

n Iraq, the thefts have actually been ongoing for years. The Times notes that, since at least 2005, Al Qaeda in Iraq fighters have raided hospitals — often the same ones several times — and stolen “large quantities of blood,” rather than risk arrest by bringing wounded group members in for treatment. These thefts often go on without interference from Iraqi security forces or hospital employees — many of whom “have members sympathetic to the insurgency.”

What’s unique about Al Qaeda in Iraq’s blood theft is that their medics might actually know how to use the vital fluid safely. As the Times reports, mismatched blood types can be life threatening — so looting blood and transfusing it without proper training is extremely risky. But Iraqi doctors say they’ve seen enough Al Qaeda torture victims “amputated in a very precise and skilled way,” to suspect the insurgents have well-trained doctors handling transfusions and other life-saving procedures.

Maybe some of these folks can get refugee status and help Obama out on the death panels.

  • SoCalMike

    Really? Obamacare IS terrorism.
    What does that make the people who used the power of government to cram it down our throats??


    al qada doesn’t offer a pension plan either – unless 72 virgins who all look like the cloven hooved hanan ashwari is a incentive.

    • Gee

      The PLO does offer a pension plan – paid for by the US and EU

  • Andy

    insurgents are stealing blood supplies from local hospitals and blood banks in Iraq, often at gunpoint, and using the looted stockpiles to treat their own troops. need to star stocking pigs blood

  • PDK

    John Kerry, a liberals liberal. John’s paternal grandparent’s ancestry is of Austro-Hungarian Jews, who circa 1901 left Austria-Hungary, and changed their name because Jew hatred in Europe was escalating. They moved to the US and picked a durname by throwing a dart at a map of planet Earth.

    The dart hit Kerry Ireland on the map, which was most auspicious, though some increduled think more like suspicious, as the family moved to the Boston area of Massachusetts, an Irish stronghold.

    As I checked my memory over at Wikipedia cursorily, I found a more sanitized story of ol Johnny boy. I checked elsewhere and found this,

    During the 2004 run for the Presidency, so many Vietnam vets against Kerry, especially his fellow swift boaters, came out to draw attention to the true Kerry, by making as clear as a picture what John was really all about, and I came up with a campaign slogan for John.

    Kerry first, America second, Kerry first, America second. Not quite Tippecanoe and Tyler too, not even 54 50 or fight, but not bad, not too shabby.

    So I sent the Kerry campaign my idea but got no response. Perhaps a disgruntled postal worker intercepted my letter, or perhaps my 2 dollar copy write surcharge was a bit steep. What do you think?

    John has a great head of hair, but for John it is all south after that.

    John, like his pal Hanoi Jane Fonda, both besmirchers of America during the Vietnam war, was and is a disgrace to America and America’s military.

    I never met a Vietnam vet who did not hate John Kerry.

    That alone should tell one all one needs to know about ol Johnny boy.

    By the way, that one fellow swift boater who stood on stage with Kerry at the DNC in 2004, was later caught viewing child pornography; Navy protocol thus necessitated an investigation and subsequently found he lied about his service and stripped him of his Navy Silver Star. Sorry I do not recall his name, perhaps a reader might know of whom I speak.

    From the Sanctuary, @
    I’m PDK: Thank you.

  • Abberline

    John Kerry is a moron but his predecessor Hillary Clinton was not the brightest bulb out there (despite her vaunted reputation for being so smart). We haven’t had a decent Secretary of State since Lawrence Eagleburger.

    • OT

      Ever notice how smart all the dems are? I mean, they keep telling us that, so it must be true, right? despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary on what seems like a daily basis, dems insist their guys/gals are the smartest ones in the room, and any challenges to that myth instantly devolve into how dumb Yale grad G bush was, or that you are racist? Is that all they got? That is the problem with small capacity magazines (and brains) , you can only hold a few.

  • TO

    My hand shot up after reading the opening line, as i do,know the answer to that question!
    I thought Kerry was talking about the USA in that first quote, my bad.
    Finally, maybe we can get the same contractors to build out an al qaeda care website that will be delayed for years, drive up the real cost of health care (as well as drive up the cost of health insurance) maybe even go one step further and force all terrorists to sign up, or be fined? That’ll teach ‘em.