John Kerry to Introduce George Soros at Security Forum


In 2004, George Soros went on a Jihad against Bush and for Kerry, describing the election as the most important one in his lifetime.

Apparently including the Nazi Party elections in Germany, but then Soros has never been all that upset about those results since it led to what he described as “the most exciting time in his life” helping his Nazi master rob Jews.

Soros declared that he was so determined to help Hanoi John win that he would give his entire fortune to elect Kerry.

Soros, a storied financial and political speculator, says another of his bets is about to pay off: more than $15 million against President Bush.

The Hungarian-born billionaire, who had vowed to spend more if necessary to deny the president re-election, says he’s contributed enough to achieve his goal. “There probably will be some further contributions, but I don’t expect any substantial increase,” he says in an interview. “Frankly, I don’t think I’ll need to do a lot more. … I now take the defeat of Bush more or less for granted.”

Asked by The Washington Post whether he would trade his fortune to beat Bush, he replied, “If someone guaranteed it.”

Soros got that bet wrong, but the structures set up by the former Nazi collaborator and notorious bigot, helped bring the Obama regime to power.

Now Kerry is returning the favor by introducing Soros.

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry will introduce liberal megadonor George Soros at an open forum on Tuesday, the latest evidence of the billionaire using his political connections to benefit his investments and foreign policy goals, critics say.

Kerry will introduce Soros at the 1:30 p.m. forum on May 13 at the George C. Marshall Center, the Germany-based security and defense studies institute jointly operated by the U.S. Department of Defense and German Defense Ministry, according to a State Department event notice.

Soros will discuss “strengthening civil society, democracy and the world economy” with Assistant Secretary for Public Affairs Douglas Frantz following Kerry’s introduction.

Liberalism’s sugar daddy is all about strengthening the world economy. Just ask the UK. Or France, where he’s still wanted. And he just loves democracy. That’s why he buys elections.

State Department deputy spokeswoman Marie Harf told the Washington Free Beacon that criticisms of Soros’ appearance at the event are “wholly ridiculous and have no basis in fact whatsoever.”

Much like everything Marie Harf says.

  • Manaphy

    A partial-Jew introducing a Jew at a Jew forum. Is this newsworthy?

    • truebearing

      If it isn’t newsworthy, why did you embarrass yourself by commenting on it? Not that you wouldn’t have embarrassed yourself if you had thought it newsworthy.

    • Gee

      A partial human making racist comments sure isn’t newsworthy

    • Johnny Palestine

      Soros is an agent for the Rothschilds as JP Morgan, Belmont, etc were used as PR shields in their time.

      This is proof that the US govt is a criminal enterprise whereby the results are already known and why the voting machines are rigged.

      It is curious to me why Mr. Horowitz’ excellent site has such a parameter on discussing such things. Krauthammer will not discuss it because he is CFR and they have enough on him to keep him on a leash.

      Is Horowitz CFR too?

      • Daniel Greenfield

        You might want to move on from the 19th century.

        The threat comes from a new generation of financiers who are playing by a different set of rules.

      • Manaphy

        Not the “Rothschilds”.

        Seriously why can’t you conspiracists see who is really behind everything that is happening to White society. Hint: these are people with last names like “Horowitz”, “Stein”, “Berg”, “Felderstein”, etc.

    • The Capetingian

      Manaphy? That’s Arabic for “toilet” (منافع) LOL!

  • Toni_Pereira


  • truebearing

    Nothing says “security” like George Soros. Is he going to speak on the proper techniques for plundering the homes of your neighbors, friends, and relatives while they are being murdered? Or is he going to regale them with his feelings of euphoria and power as he betrayed his own people? Maybe he’s there to relate what it’s like to be a psychopath with messianic delusions.

  • liz

    How fitting that our leftists are being funded by a Nazi. They are all fascists.

  • sendtheclunkerbacktochicago

    Is there any doubt now that John (Hanoi) Kerry hasn’t changed his spots since he was associated with the Communist regime of North Vietnam in the early 70’s. The man was “less than honorably discharged” from the Navy for those close associations and he is now our Secretary of State. Stop laughing, this is a total disgrace. We are complete idiots for accepting this dip dong as anything other than a joke.

  • nomoretraitors

    The same “people” who decry the Kock Brothers’ corrupting the democratic process.
    What a bunch of hypocritical b*sta*ds



  • nomoretraitors

    The face of evil in the modern world

  • Crassus

    Soros is a modern day version of Dr. Mabuse. He wants nothing but carnage in the world so that he can rule the ashes. That’s why he bought up the Democratic Party.

  • Allan Erickson

    Soros and Kerry fund Tides Foundation, and far left consortium of radical activist groups, including ACORN and spinoffs. The Tides Foundation is responsible for many years of destruction, as you can read here:

    Tides funds the ACLU and any number of anti-Christian, anti-conservative groups. And guess what! Tides is funded in turn by your tax dollars. Various federal agencies give Tides millions.