Jon Stewart Isn’t a Self-Hating Jew, He Just Hates Being Jewish


Jon Stewart frequently bashes Israel. It’s one of his “things”.

Another of his things is scoring dishonest political points using comedy and then defending against the backlash by just claiming that he’s joking. Or that he’s the “centrist” being beset by extremists on both sides.

That was his response to the criticism that he got over Israel, setting up a skit in which he’s berated by both sides. It was typical of Stewart, who gets praised by his supporters for “destroying” something or other, but is really a coward who backs down when anyone stands up to him.

That’s the Stewart who passes softball questions to his guests and needles others in a passive aggressive way.

And now after the criticism, Stewart is going to have on Al Jazeera/Hamas correspondent Sue Turton.

Mark Levin has called Jon Stewart a self-hating Jew. That’s a mostly inaccurate term that needs to be put to bed. Jon Stewart likes himself. It’s us he doesn’t like.

Jon Stewart doesn’t hate himself. His fake neurotic routine is just a hack comic’s mashup of Woody Allen and Jerry Seinfeld. It allows him to pose as a non-threatening figure while he’s saying nasty things.

Stewart, like many leftists, does hate being Jewish.

Stewart could have long ago gone back to being Jon Leibowitz. There would be no hit to his career which consists of sneering into a television camera every day. But it’s clearly not a name he likes, because it’s a Jewish last name.

When radio host Howard Stern asked him about his real name, Stewart answered, “Actually, it’s ‘Jewy Jewman.’ ”

He isn’t going to do that because while he employs a neuroticised vaudeville Jewishness for comedy, he doesn’t like being Jewish. He resents his father and he’s married to Tracey Lynn McShane. And he’s more hostile to Israel than fellow fake comedy host Stephen Colbert.

The real problem isn’t Stewart, who was doing bit parts in sitcoms until he lucked into the Bush Administration, and would in a better world be desperately hoping to get to play the delivery boy on an episode of Modern Family.

The problem is that far too many American Jews have become so  cut off from their culture that they identify a hack comedian with three facial expressions and a watered down version of a Borscht Belt routine as a cultural lodestone… even though he doesn’t want to be.

Jon Stewart doesn’t like Jews, Judaism or Israel. And that’s his problem. Our problem is that far too many Jews have so little pride in their own culture that they build their shaky identity around liking a bad TV actor… who hates them and having anything in common with them.

  • Habbgun

    He’s a Jewish minstrel show . Liberal Jews being the lowest species of human dance for massa after they make their money. They just want more.


      Nobody respects an Uncle Tom or an Uncle Jon.

      • Brother Mathias

        I know I RESPECT Uncle Thom-Ass Clarence on the Supreme Court.

        • Bklyn Farmer

          Try keeping up with the conversation sonny we’re talking about your pale butt boy toy Stewart.


          You don’t think black people should be on the Supreme Court?

          How “progressive” of you.

    • speedgunner

      Jon (Stewart) was an utter failure as an actor, and isn’t even a very good stand-up comic. Fortunately for him, he can stand up on the shoulders of all his writers and keep pandering to his mentally-challenged leftist audience.

      • Habbgun

        His ratings are lousy. He’s buried Comedy Central. Wonder if is value is as propagandist and not as a comedian…oh wait I don’t have to wonder that is his function.

  • SoCalMike

    This is much more accurate than the term self-loathing Jew.

  • Hard Little Machine

    He must be angling for a role in the Hillary regime. He loves Arabs and Iran, hates Jews and kisses up with the best of them. It’s a lock.

  • proJew

    “The problem is that far too many American Jews have become so cut off from their culture that they identify a hack comedian with three facial expressions and a watered down version of a Borscht Belt routine as a cultural lodestone.” Ouch!!!! Right on target!!!!
    I guess we should be referring to these types as “narcissistic, Jew-hating Jews” then? I thought Mark Levin’s vignette was wonderful and heartfelt though.

    • Underzog

      I was amused by the response of Jon Leibowitz’s 30 plus writers to Mark Levin’s excellent rant. Jon Leibowitz gave the appearance that he was being lynched. It was a combination of Saul Alinsky, plus whining. Of course, the brilliant Mark Levin (the great one) may feel like ten people against a hack lib/commie because he is so on the mark (no pun intended).

      • DefiantJewess

        John was not funny, sophomoric and silly. I like Bill Marr more as lefties go

  • Lightbringer

    Well, it looks as if Mr. “Stewart” and I have something in common. I don’t like him being Jewish either! But that said, we must make an effort to love the sinner even as we hate the sins, to to gently persuade him and his like back into the fold if it is at all possible.

    • Habbgun

      There is a huge difference between trying to persuade him into the fold and letting him get away with his garbage!

      We know Leftists have infiltrated the Jewish community and created an idea they are as Jewish as anyone else. They are. They get to be part of minyans, they get to keep kosher, to give charity, to keep Shabbos and their contribution would be infinitely valuable. If they think these things are illogical burdens that is okay. We can’t make people honestly spiritual. It is an individual path.

      With that said we can make clear to the world that if you shirk Jewish responsibilities you can’t be a JEWISH LEADER. They can be secular, Leftist leaders if the Leftists will have them. Funny no one says as a Christian I support Islamic uprisings. Of course there are people with Christian backgrounds who do but they are clearly thought of as Leftists.

      If the Leftists are as tolerant and important as they say they are no one will have to say as a Jew I support this. They’ll simply say as a Leftist I support this.

      • Lightbringer

        Good points, all.

    • tickletik

      You go on loving the sinner and hating the sin as per your religion, I’ll make up for it by hating the btard extra for your sake as well.

  • Danny

    “[Stewart] would in a better world be desperately hoping to get to play the delivery boy on an episode of Modern Family.”

    And in this better world, no doubt, Greenfield would be a distinguished and well-respected writer of many scholarly books and articles dealing with the major political, social and economic issues of the day.

    Ah yes, the real world can sometimes be cruel.

    • Habbgun

      Every piece of left wing white trash will be coming here in support of little Stewart House Jew. You would think he is the only Jewish comic that ever existed and they just love him for his talent.

      If he wasn’t eye rolling, laughing at all things “Jewy”, tap dancing and going “You sho’ are smart mista party memba suh” they would have no use for him.

      Hard to say who are the bigger tools. Stewart whose idea of success is being Stepin Fetchit for Jew Haters making millions while hiding in gated communities with other liberals or the morons who make him rich.

      • left wing white trash

        I’ll give you this. The eye rolling can get to be a little tiresome.
        But I do enjoy his slant on the news.

        • Habbgun

          Yeah well. No one will deny that the pandering is successful. He’d eye roll less if he could tap dance or soft shoe.

          Love the nickname. Wear it with pride. Maybe make a T-shirt or put it on a billboard. It sounds better than Occupier. Occupier was so cold. This is warm and inviting.

          • left wing white trash

            Who’s Occupier?

          • Habbgun

            They come custom made?

    • Daniel Greenfield

      Actually there would be no need for him to write those books, what with the world being better.

      • Danny


        • Jakareh

          If you didn’t get Daniel’s response, then you’re stupid. But then again, you are a Jon Steward fan, which makes that a foregone conclusion.

  • Dee

    For future reference:
    Actors of fully Jewish background: -Logan Lerman, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Mila Kunis, Natalie Portman, Bar Refaeli, James Wolk, Julian Morris, Esti Ginzburg, Kat Dennings, Erin Heatherton, Odeya Rush, Anton Yelchin, Paul Rudd, Scott Mechlowicz, Lizzy Caplan, Emmanuelle Chriqui, Gal Gadot, Robert Kazinsky, Melanie Laurent, Marla Sokoloff, Shiri Appleby, Justin Bartha, Adam Brody, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Gabriel Macht, Halston Sage, Seth Gabel.

    Actors with Jewish mothers and non-Jewish fathers -Jake Gyllenhaal, Dave Franco, Scarlett Johansson, Daniel Radcliffe, Alison Brie, Eva Green, Emmy Rossum, Jennifer Connelly, Eric Dane, Jeremy Jordan, Joel Kinnaman.

    Actors with Jewish fathers and non-Jewish mothers, who themselves were either raised as Jews and/or identify as Jews: -Andrew Garfield, Ezra Miller, Alexa Davalos, Nat Wolff, James Maslow, Josh Bowman, Ben Foster, Nikki Reed, Zac Efron.

    Actors with one Jewish-born parent and one parent who converted to Judaism -Dianna Agron, Sara Paxton (whose father converted, not her mother), Alicia Silverstone, Jamie-Lynn Sigler.

    • Jakareh

      Are you hoping to put them all on a cattle train?

  • DogmaelJones1

    Jon Stewart can be funny, at times, especially when he pokes fun at government disasters, such as Obamacare. But otherwise he’s a one-shtick bore.

    • tickletik

      The man is a total hack, anything he does, he does to be an effective propagandist.

      If he doesn’t poke “fun” at obamacare, then it becomes obvious that he is nothing more than a two-bit hack.

      It’s cold blooded calculation, nothing more

  • jack

    If Jon Leibowitz was not a Jew who hates Jews, he would be just another wannabe comedian looking for a gig. Anyone who shares the stage with Cat Stevens, an outspoken Islamist radical who plays the same game under his new name of Yusuf Islam is just in it for the money, honey.


      crap stevens AKA yusuf islam just calls himself yusuf.

      He cut off the Islam part for his current stage name.

  • Noah David Simon

    true Daniel, very true… but I thought Mark Levin’s tone of voice was more appropriate. Jon isn’t worthy of an analysis. He’s worthy of being called things in language and tone that causes people to pay attention.

  • Flicker

    He may hate having to be a Jew, with all its persecutions, and he may look upon Israel as the prime example of all that the world hates. But as a Christian let me point out, Jews are God’s Chosen People. And again according to Christian beliefs, God will return to Jerusalem, to the Jews. And He will save them from total destruction. Christians are just grafted into the vine of Judaism (as we understand it). But one day the Jews will have their God in their midst again.

    Behold, he cometh with clouds; and every eye shall see him, and they also which pierced him: and all kindreds of the earth shall wail because of him. Even so, Amen.

    • Brother Mathias

      That’s what Herbert W. Armstrong always said anyway.

    • rd

      cut the ‘grafted” shiz. i hate that xians try to do that. the truth is noahide, children of noah. check that out and stop the ‘grafted’ crappola.

  • edlancey

    He’s just another Chaim Rumkowski, none of his House Yiddischer shtick would save him.


      A a jewish house n*gger who craved a pat on the head from massa.

  • Anukem Jihadi

    I think Jon Leibowitz prefers Stewart as a last name because it’s kind of reminiscent of Jimmy Stewart. It’s a fake name that lends an fake aura of wholesomeness to his tired act of bashing whatever’s left of Jimmy Stewart’s America.
    In the fair ground mirror of political correctness that is pop culture these days it’s hard to tell him apart from the real thing. I don’t think even Jon Leibowitz can really tell the difference anymore.

    • Microaggressive

      Stuart is his middle name. That’s all.

  • Brother Mathias

    I am a big fan of Jon Stuart Leibowitz; so fuck you Shill-Man.

    • Anukem Jihadi

      They must call you the comeback kid. Great stuff. No wonder you’re a Stewart fan.

      • Brother Mathias

        Brevity beats a windbag every time.

        • Anukem Jihadi

          Encore. Especially if you have a 5 second attention span.

          • Brother Mathias

            That is all it takes when dealing with reactionary control freaks.

          • Bklyn Farmer

            Type fast sonny parents coming home soon and last thing they want to deal with is their p!$$ face rug rats.


            “reactionary:? LOL!

            You opened your “progressive” dictionary to “R” and found “reactionary”.

            What about C for “counter revolutionary” or “comrade”, or “che”?

            I for “imperialist”?

            F for “fascist” like stalin, mao, sadaam, pol pot?

        • Bklyn Farmer

          The only thing you beat is that little worm between your legs

          • Brother Mathias

            What’s your mother got to do with this?

          • Bklyn Farmer

            Don’t speak to you father like that piss face

          • Brother Mathias

            You didn’t do a very good job of raising me, Dad.

          • Bklyn Farmer

            You’re the best argument for easy access to abortion sonny.


            Red Diaper baby. Dad left you hairy mom and that’s why you still hate “Dad”.


          A windbag minstrel named jon leibowitz “stewart”.

          Where would jon liebowitz be without 30 writers and an earpiece to help him out like a teleprompter for BHO?

          They both use APPLAUSE signs.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      I know. You seem like his type.

      • Brother Mathias

        You don’t KNOW me, dooshbag.


          You just got flushed.

        • Arf

          Calm down Brother Mathias. If you’re going to use terms like “dooshbag”, at least learn how to spell them correctly. The correct spelling is douche bag and the term refers to a device used to rinse the vagina.

          Your rather emotional attachment to Jon Stewart, a man who I’m sure has no emotional attachment to you, is perplexing.

        • Daniel Greenfield

          One day you hope to be able to write a complete sentence.

        • Frau Katze

          Dooshbag? Check your spelling, please!

    • Guest

      You’re a Jon Stewart wannabe. What’s to know?

    • Bklyn Farmer

      Flagged you piece of sh|t

    • Arf

      There’s no need to use obscenities just because you disagree with the opinions of the writer. When you resort to “fuck you” you sound like a frustrated teenager. It make you look bad, not Daniel Greenfield. Learn how to argue your point in acceptable English.

      • Brother Mathias



          Eat your vegetables.

    • Johnnnyboy

      >>so fuck you Shill-Man… Well, if figures. Like Stuart you are a name caller. Two of a kind.


        BM, Bowel Movement’s writers are on permanent strike.

  • De Doc

    But who cares if he didn’t like his biological dad? Maybe the guy was a jerk. And who the heck cares who he married? Is he required to take ONLY a Jewish woman as wife? I’m no fan of Stewart, but last I checked this is the US and he has a right to live his life as he sees fit. Picayune attacks just make you look bad.

  • Bklyn Farmer

    Saw Stuart’s little shtick, should have save himself some time and just hang a sign around his neck saying “see I am one of those Good Jews” absolutely disgusting and the epitome of spineless boot licker.

  • De Doc

    But who cares if he didn’t like his biological dad? Maybe the guy was a jerk. And who the heck cares who he married? Last I checked he lives in the US and can marry whomever he chooses. I’m no fan of Stewart and disagree with him on most points, but making these picayune attacks are not constructive.

    • mdfoxtrot

      Ah, but you forget, per the sanctimonious Daniel Greenfield, to be a true Jew you must adhere to an archaic culture they didn’t choose and swear allegiance by birthright to the state of Israel, a place they’ve never been, instead of assimilating like EVERY other outside ‘group’ is expected to. And David won’t stand for fake Jews here in Israe…….I mean, America.

  • JeromeD

    He’s often funny, but rarely accurate. As a libertarian, my gripe list with Stewart is a long one his attempt to reimagine the Israel-Hamas scenario (for maximum comedic impact) is a much better story than “They keep attacking Isreal, which is forced to go in and stop the missiles. And, oh, they are using human shields to cynically maximize casualties.”

    Too many people indicate that he is their SOLE news source (indeed, ONE person would be “too many”)…no wonder the world is headed downhill.

  • David

    One of the reasons, a major reason that people on the left are so much better than people on the right with satire and propaganda is that people on the right tend to work too hard to make their point. People on the left understand that the most important thing is to entertain and worry about your message second. Christopher Nolan, Trey Parker, and Matt Stone seem to be the few exceptions to this. Look at what Jon Stewart did: he played to the prejudices of rich Israelis vs poor ‘palestinians”. Israel is strong, Gaza is weak. No images from Israel are shown only bombed out areas of Gaza. This is presented without context of who started it and without any attempt to demonstrate the trauma of the Israelis. BUT, instead of arguing or hammering home the point, he kept the jokes coming. His skill was in entertaining people while leaving them with this feeling afterwards of Israel isn’t suffering, only Gaza. This is far more effective than Bill O’Reilly or Glenn Beck ranting at the audience. Those of us trying to defend the people of Israel from those trying to annihilate her need to learn from this. That’s why I frequently use sarcasm and snarkiness when arguing with people on this issue.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      People on the right can be just as effective with satire and propaganda, but they don’t have the forum.

      Look at People’s Cube or Iowahawk.

      Anyone can do what Stewart does, but no one on the right is going to get a budget and a cable spot to do it.


        Fox could have such a show.

        There is plenty to mock on the Left/Leftards/Regressive Progressives.

        • Daniel Greenfield

          They could, but they’d have to get actual talent and put in money. And risk having to say controversial things.

          • David

            I had never heard of people’s cube or Iowahawk. There was the now defunct Latma and, a kind of pro-Israel Onion. Sample headlines: Islamic Leaders Toy with the Idea of Valuing Life, and Environmentalists Slam Israel’s ‘Profligate Use Of Paper’ Warning Civilians.

  • WinstonCDN

    He is a talent-less mor0n.

    • Brother Mathias

      Hello, Rob Ford.

    • Joshua Duval

      You are an unsuccessful and jealous hick.

  • Michael Garfinkel

    The times are changing, rapidly, and the war against the Jews is becoming less and less suitable for the kind of comedic shtick that “Stewart” employs.

    Mark Levin and this piece are proof of that.

  • Michael Lumish

    Daniel, I am sorry, but this:

    “Stewart, like many leftists, does hate being Jewish.”

    You are far-and-away among the more interesting pro-Jewish / pro-Israel writers on the scene today, but you are not a mind-reader.


  • v

    Why is it that predominantly Jews of European ancestry are leftists, socialists, communists and hate being Jews but they are only Jews when they have to make jokes.

  • steelraptor from Saturn

    Disappointing that nobody I have read in the comments (I admit to not having read them all) doesn’t realize that Greenfield contradicts himself in the very bizarre and nonsensical title of his post. Stewart is a self-hating Jew, whatever his motives for bashing Israel he does what anti-Semites do. As he comes from a Jewish background that makes him a self-hating Jew. Duh. This isn’t difficult psychology here, it really isn’t. He may be a huge egomaniac, so what? He’s still a self-hating Jew. Greenfield goes along with this fashionable gibberish I have heard, self-hating Jews are not self-hating Jews, they are just in love with themselves and like the attention and applause they get from anti-Semitic Leftists they are desperate to ingratiate themselves with. Yes that’s what makes them self-hating Jews.

    Greenfield writes: “Jon Stewart doesn’t like Jews, Judaism or Israel.”

    Yes just like an anti-Semite! So therefore Stewart is an anti-Semite. And so given his Jewish background, a self-hating Jew. Geeeeeez.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      Yes he is an anti-Semite. Jewish anti-Semites are common. They don’t however necessarily hate themselves because they feel Jewish. They may not see themselves as Jewish or identify as Jewish.


      You’re from Saturn?

      Illegal Occupier of Saturnian land!

      You will stand trial at the ICC – Interplanetary Criminal Court.

  • Scaramouche

    What he really hates is Israel.


      jon leibowitz “stewart” is an Uncle Tom, Uncle Jon.
      Grinning, mugging for the camera, craving the applause.

      When is jon leibowitz going to have his on camera meltdown like Howard Beal in “Network”?

      • carpe diem36

        He is not worth the time to watch either his shows or his meltdown. I have no time for fools.

    • carpe diem36

      why does he hate Israel? does he love Hamas? why???

  • Scaramouche

    Ben Stein offers some insight into Stewart’s sort of non-Jewish Jew:

    “Some of that media is very, very good. I mean, I look at people like [The Weekly Standard founder] Bill Kristol, he’s absolutely fabulous. But there’s a deep-seated self-hatred, especially [among] the New York City elite media.

    “They want to show they’re not Jewish by being anti-Israel, and it’s not going to work. We know they’re Jewish and we know that they’re not being fair to their own people, but they’ll keep doing it.”

  • Johnnnyboy

    Cut through the analysis and just look at the reality, Stewart makes money disparaging those he does not like or those who disagree with him; to the further delight of his audience. At core he is a mean spirited name caller who appeals to the latent sadism of his audience.

    Obama does the same thing only he does does it with more caution and reserve.

  • leftist Royalty aka Douchebags

    I watched part of his first series of shows. He’s not funny – unless you’re a middle aged feminized misandy coward with the associated maturity level – of a 7 year old henpecked boy.

    • Joshua Duval

      Sounds like a fucking tea bagger.

  • jcam

    Jon Lebowitiz couldn’t get his comedy career off the ground until he stumbled on leftist hate.

    • Daniel Greenfield


      • kikorikid

        Help Me! Please suggest to me what I should think of Don Rickles?

        • jcam

          Don Rickles is one of the great comedians. He uses his wit to make funny jokes about people. He is isn’t self-hating partisan political hack who makes a living out of editing tiny clips, showing them out of context, and spinning them so the idiots in his audience think he is telling the truth. There is no comparison.

  • sass

    Bombing children over a centuries-old fight over land isn’t cool.

    On either side of it.

    That’s the reality.

    Stop quibbling over how Jon Stewart and others “hate” Jews and wake up and see that what is happening is MADNESS…all over land.

    • jcam

      You mean bombing Israel and using children as human shields isn’t cool.


      sassy, HAMASS using children as Human Shields ain’t “cool”.

      Children on the roof of Hamass strongholds.
      Hamass in underground bunkers.

      Would you let HAMASS use the children in your picture as Human Shields?

      Where is UNICEF on Hamass use of children as Human Shields?

    • Daniel Greenfield

      Children aren’t being bombed. Hamas is.

      Hamas began this war.

  • liz

    I don’t get why he hides the Jewish name – Seinfeld made millions.
    But that’s his business. What makes him a pathetic loser is his toeing of the tired leftist party line.

    • Tim_Parker_999

      Woody Allen = Allen Konigsberg, Larry King = Lawrence Harvey Zeigler, Bea Arthur = Bernice Frankel, Natalie Portman, Gene Simmons = Chaim Witz

  • Kingdo Goodbomber

    What a disgusting attempt at a smear job. So not changing his name back is evidence he hates being Jewish? lol what a joke.

    Do you level the same criticism at Robert Zimmerman (aka Bob Dylan)?
    What about Allen Konigsberg (aka Woody Allen)?
    What about Erik Weisz (aka Harry Houdini)?
    What about Natalie Hershlag (aka Natalie Portman)?
    What about Winona Horowitz (aka Winona Ryder)?
    What about Lawrence Leibel Harvey Zeiger (aka Larry King)?
    What about Bernice Frankel (aka Bea Arthur)?
    What about Chaim Witz (aka Gene Simmons)?

    They still go by their stage names, so do they all hate being Jewish too. According to the “logic” on display in this flimsy smear piece it must. “House Jew Chain Witz” refuses to change his name from Gene back to Chaim, what an antisemite! Where is his JEWISH PRIDE!?!?!?

    This article is an embarrassment to Jewish intellectuals. Aren’t Jews supposed to be really smart?

    Apparently not smart enough to figure out that Young American Jews don’t give a lick about Israel and Jon Stewart has merely tapped into that sentiment, see The Failure of the American Jewish Establishment. To wit, American Zionism is dead.

    • kikorikid

      Yeah, “Really Smart.” Most of the best “True believers” come from
      the “Jewish World Community”.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      What about them? Some of them clearly do hate being Jewish. Others did it for their careers. Stewart has long passed the point where his career needed it.

    • carpe diem36

      not so, the intelligence of the young Jewish Americans is dead. maybe they never had any. The proof is that they voted in big number for Obama, for heavens’ sake!!!

    • Semsem Eini


      Reminds me of the Jews in Germany who tried not to be Jewish.

      Secondly your statement that young American Jews don’t care about Israel is wishful thinking.

  • wetoldyaweedcallya

    ‘…cultural lodestone..’. Not quite. He’s more of a cultural load-in-the-pants.

  • Tim_Parker_999

    Aren’t all Jews self hating? Why have they been persecuted throughout history & why do they always end up being the money lenders where ever they go?

  • Dumpling Sharer

    The posters here appear to have confused being Jewish with being Pro-Israel. The two are not necessarily the same. Your vitriolic attacks on Stewart show you are deeply intolerant of other view-points. And whatever else Stewart is, he is a clever and quick-witted man. He would make mince-meat of you all in a face-to-face debate. And make money doing it.

    • Hard Little Machine

      Are you sure? Because you don’t know that. You’re just hero worshiping.

  • Fell

    II didn’t know how much propaganda Israel puts out until I realized there are literally hundreds of articles out there just like this, shaming anyone who dares to have compassion for innocent women and children. You do not have to be anti-semitic to be critical of Israel’s tactics like blowing up children playing football on the beach. I don’t have a better solution, and I know if Hamas would stop firing rockets this could end now, but if 650 deaths in one week doesn’t pull your heartstrings you’re a monster. The flower”human shield” argument doesn’t fly, they have nowhere to go! I suppose the UN are a bunch of conspiracist liars too? There are laws to war and civilized countries should follow them, regardless of their enemy’s tactics. It’s called dignity. The very fact that it is not even up for discussion shows how Machiavellian Israelis have become.

    • carpe diem36

      “have compassion for innocent women and children” I guess Israel has no such people, no innocent women and children. Right. Hamas started this whole thing by shelling only innocent women and children all over the area that they can reach, Hamas is not an army and Gaza is not a state, it is just a place run by “elected” terrorists, who are using the very same dead innocent women and children as propaganda, and it works well and you are the proof. You have no real intelligence to see the situation.

      • TheJeebus

        Israel committed war crimes long before Hamas even existed.

    • dabney

      “There are laws to war and civilized countries should follow them”

      Which is why Israel follows them, you mental peanut.

      Why is it that people who have the least knowledge and comprehension always have the most to say.

      • TheJeebus

        You should read e.g. articles 53 and 147 of the Fourth Geneva convention. Just one example.

    • Inna Kreer

      Poor children, who do not have bomb shelters, and are playing football at a close proximity to places where Hamas rockets are firing from. What does it have to do with Israel? Why don’t you care about Israeli children, probably because they are not dying? So you want them to die, in this case the numbers will be more proportional? The number of civilian death in Germany was much larger when US and Russia bombed it, but it was Hitler to blame. You write “they have nowhere to go”, that’s true, Hamas/Fatah is not building bomb shelters from the concrete that is coming from Israel for building civilian objects, instead it is used for building tunnels and luxury mansions for H/F bosses. This mantra of yours is repeated on each and every page of the Internet. Muslim propaganda is working well with uneducated and ignorant people, anti-Semites. In this case self-hating Jews such as Jon Stewart are very helpful.

  • jon moorehead

    In other words Daniel Greenfield is a presumptuous asshole….and most people in this comment section are seriously lacking in critical thinking skills.

  • jon moorehead

    “Stewart, like many leftists, does hate being Jewish.” I think it’s much more likely he hates many Jews, not himself. And with people like the typical commenter in this section. The author of the article. Netanyahu…Shaked….pretty much any other Israeli politician you could name being a bigoted piece of “holier than thou” shit. Can you blame him? I sure can’t.

  • Jake

    The problem with Stewart is that he simply isn’t funny and is uninformed. I don’t care what name he uses but repetitively putting on a fake over-the top Texas accent and then saying something stupid when a picture of Rick Perry flashes on the screen, isn’t funny. As for his outrage over Israel, it is typical of a weak vaguely “left” rich person. He is like a 1% millionaire child in the Occupy movement. I say that because when Hillary Clinton came on and argued with him about Israel, he had literally nothing to say at all. Someone informed on the hard left would have argued. This guy could not even stand up for his own little sneers. Really the fact that he is successful shows more about his audience than anything.

  • El Cid

    The Nazis would have loved him.

  • Commnt8r

    recommend this more reasonable, common sense opinion piece, instead of the one published here:

  • Chilawyer

    Well said, Jon the Hater is no longer a Jew.

  • Stephanie Soressi

    So when did Mark Levin become a Jewish name?

    Levin is the Franconized form of Levi, changed by French Jewery. And, LOL, Mark is Greek.

    Greenfield is pure English! Daniel is the Hellenized form of the Hebrew דניּאל (daniyél, “God is my judge”).

    And LIEBOWITZ IS PURE GERMAN, from Brunswick!

    Such ignorant, hypocritical schoolyard bullying is SO ugly.

    • Daniel_Greenfield

      Levin is about as Jewish as it gets. It refers to membership in the Tribe of Levi. Daniel is not helenized.

      I could go on, but your entire argument is besides the point. It’s not about whether a name is Jewish in some objective sense, but whether it’s subjectively perceived as such.

      • Boo

        Actually “Jewish names” are HEBREW or ARAMAIC.
        But a Jew with a name like greenfield isn’t a real Jew either…
        Why don’t you change your name back to GREENFELD?

  • Semsem Eini

    The fact that he seems ashamed of his name speaks for itself.

  • wiffle

    Actually, if he is to conform to the Jewish faith, he *was* required to do so. Fiddler on the Roof presents this issue between long, ponderous musical numbers. We’re in America, so there’s no law per say, but clearly he has no particular interest in futhering the Jewish faith or identity.

  • Boo

    Stupid article.

    “Stewart could have long ago gone back to being Jon Leibowitz. There
    would be no hit to his career which consists of sneering into a
    television camera every day. But it’s clearly not a name he likes,
    because it’s a Jewish last name.”

    The author Daniel greenfield doesn’t have a “Jewish name”.

    Let me guess the “greenfield” family changed their name from GREENFELD?

    BTW leibowitz isn’t a “Jewish name” it’s a name many polish Jews took a couple of hundred years ago for tax purposes.

    Millions of NON Jews have changed their family names in the USA.

    And COUNTLESS NON Jewish actors and comedians have changed their names too.

    Having a “Jewish name” doesn’t make one a proud Jew.

    Noam Chomsky has a “Jewish name” and he is a sterotypical self loathing jew…

  • DefiantJewess

    hey anti semitism is big business$$$ John is just cashing in on other people’s feelings and sensibilities- typical John Stewrt- coward at heart.

  • DefiantJewess

    He is an aging gas bag. Bill Marr is much funnier and clever than silly John and his childish antics

  • Mark

    Jon Stewart is beyond being a Schmuck. Tell him to take his stand up comedy to Iran television. That is where he belongs. He has no idea what life in Israel is all about. Probably in denial that Hitler really killed millions of Jews too. I will tell his network that I will not buy any products from his sponsors. If we all write his network they will be forced to can this bastard. If he said anything bad about a Muslim Isis would take off his head.

  • Buddy

    “Stewart could have long ago gone back to being Jon Leibowitz. There
    would be no hit to his career which consists of sneering into a
    television camera every day. But it’s clearly not a name he likes,
    because it’s a Jewish last name.”
    So DANIEL GREENFIELD a man with a NON JEWISH ENGLISH SURNAME is lecturing Jon Stewart for changing his “Jewish name”? Greenfield is about as Jewish a surname as Jones or smith.
    Hypocrisy much Mr greenfield?
    Perhaps this author should take his own advise and use the more recognizable Jewish name greenFELD instead?

  • Buddy

    So Howard stern is making fun of hon Stewart for changing his “Jewish name”?
    Is Howard stern proud of his “Jewish name”?
    Howard spent a decade telling everyone he is “half Jewish”.
    I wonder if Howard ever heard of this GERMAN, STERN?
    Hans Stern (SS officer) – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    BTW how many of you thought that stern was a Jewish name??

  • Buddy

    So Howard stern is making fun of hon Stewart for changing his “Jewish name”?
    Is Howard stern proud of his “Jewish name”?
    Howard spent a decade telling everyone he is “half Jewish”.
    I wonder if Howard ever heard of this GERMAN STERN?
    Hans Stern (SS officer) – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    BTW how many of you thought that stern was a Jewish name?