Judge Says Texas Violating Muslim Rights by Not Putting Enough of Them in Prison


Texas is violating Muslim rights by not putting enough of them in prison. At least in rural areas. That prevents them from practicing their religion.

The Texas prison system is violating the rights of Muslim inmates with rules that make it all but impossible for them to freely practice their religion, a federal judge has ruled. In the ruling made public Thursday, U.S. District Judge Kenneth Hoyt, said there are not enough Muslims in Texas, especially in rural areas, to meet the prison system’s criteria for Muslim inmates to hold services and conduct related activities.

By contrast, he said, the Texas Department of Criminal Justice illegally favors Christian inmates because there are ample civilians and chaplains of that faith in the state to conduct services in prisons. “The TDCJ knowingly adopted a policy it knew would impose requirements on Muslim inmates’ religious services that could not be satisfied by volunteers or overcome by Muslim inmates,” Hoyt said.

Hoyt’s ruling requires the state to return to the 1977 agreement, which allows inmates more than an hour of religious activities and to have services without a prison clergy or civilian religious supervisor present.

Allowing prisoners to conduct their own services unsupervised is problematic when the religion in question routinely incites violence and dehumanizes non-Muslims. Would Christian Identity groups be allowed to conduct unsupervised inmate services?

Ed Mallett, a Houston attorney who represented inmates in the case for decades, said Hoyt’s ruling was a victory for anyone who believes religion helps wrongdoers turn around their lives.

“I have never found anyone who committed a violent crime while he was praying on his knees,” Mallett said. “I have never found anyone to commit a violent crime while sitting to be instructed in the word of our Lord or standing in praise.”

They get up off their knees and begin cutting throats. That’s Islam. If Mallett would like to know more, he can stop by Pakistan for a brief and enlightening education.

Of the state’s 151,139 inmates, 6,775 expressed a preference for the Muslim religion, according to statistics in the judge’s order. That compares with 88,504 who have expressed a preference for the Protestant faith and 31,432 for the Catholic faith.

Those are crazy numbers because they mean that even though Muslims make up less than 1 percent of Texas while Catholics make up 21 percent, Muslims are disproportionately overrepresented in prisons.

  • http://ironburka.blogspot.com/ Mullah Lodabullah

    When Texas reaches European levels, the prisons will be awash with muslims.

    • Raptormann

      The Mooslim religion is very much a philosophy violence, rape, murder and theft as a matter of devotion. As long as these things are aimed at the infidel, it’s all good.


    Did the judge ever find anyone committing a violent crime while screaming “alla akbar”?

  • Veracious_one

    has the judge ever observed Muslim activities after the Friday sermons in the mosques?

    • Pete

      If he did, it would make him uncomfortable. Then he would wander off, recite a progressive mantra and reboot. Problem solved.

      • DogmaelJones1

        And he would probably also think: “I’m a victim of Western Civilizational Privilege” that is prejudiced against quaint Islamic traditions and habits. I must expiate my guilt by siding with killers, rapists, and jihadists.”

  • Pete

    Christian Identity prosletyzing in prison would be a threat to my family. We’re not white enough.

    I read about these guys in the book The Silent Brotherhood”. these guys are great. They allow people of Mediterranean ancestry (& maybe Eastern European) into the white supremacy movement now. Still you can be white , but if you have a special needs child watch out. they’ll euthanize that child in a heartbeat. These Christian Identity groups have a lot in common with progressives.

    • Pete

      My kids are mistaken for someone of Easter European extraction or sometime Middle Eastern. So while their skin tone might be acceptable, i have told them in no uncertain terms that White supremacists consider them “Mud” people (the language of some white supremicists) and to watch the ____ out for them.

      I also told them to watch out for followers of Nations of Islam (Big Head Yacub theory / white devil theory )and people who learn at the feet of people like Leonard Jeffries (ice people).

      This judge is a m0r0n as are most progs.

  • MG

    Just wanna know one thing Who’s been paying for Ed Mallet to represent this case for DECADES ? any way that lawyer and the judge are just 2 more nails in the US’s coffen

  • fpm

    This particular kind of judges will be called Haram when Islam becomes majority. Good luck to him and his kind.

  • USARetired

    Deport them all, a much more effective solution, and it would certainly assist in cleaning up the environment in America!

  • johannesarcher

    and who gets up from prayers ready to kill non-believers ?