Kerry: Our Goal is Not Eliminating Iranian Nuclear Capability


Sometimes a choice of words can be extremely revealing. That was the case with Kerry’s contentious testimony in front of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

Under pressure, Kerry tends to slip and say revealing things. That was how the infamous, “for it and against it” clip was born.

Kerry dismissed breakout as “just having one bomb’s worth, conceivably, of material, but without any necessary capacity to put it in anything, to deliver it, to have any mechanism to do so, and otherwise.”

He then admitted that “our goal” is not eliminating nuclear capability as much as “proving that this is a peaceful program.”

The first part of that is a preview of the next stage of Obama Inc’s Iran argument. One bomb doesn’t matter. Wait until they have thirty.

The second part however is even more revealing.

“I talked with our team on the ground in Vienna yesterday,” Kerry said. “They are having serious, expert, in-depth, detailed conversations about what it takes to achieve our goal. I mean, of proving that this is a peaceful program.”

Proving the peacefulness of Iran’s program should be its responsibility. It’s not supposed to be our goal to prove that, but to find ways of confirming it.

But Kerry spoke truly. He is out to prove that it’s peaceful. Whom is he out to prove it to? To Americans.

Just as in Vietnam and Nicaragua, Kerry has once again adopted the viewpoint of the enemy and is using it to make the enemy’s argument to Americans.

  • Bob

    Replace Kerry with Alfred E. Newman!

  • wileyvet

    It has been over 35 years since the Shah fled Iran, ushering in the Iranian Revolution and the return of The Ayatollah Khomeini. Thirty five years of evidence of what an Islamic state wants and how it operates. It has been a purveyor of jihad terror and an enemy of the west for this same amount of time. It is they who are responsible for the Marine Barrack bombing in Beirut in 1983, and the funder of Hezballah, and should have remained a pariah state forever. The world has known about their nuclear ambitions for decades, and yet seem to think this is some new revelation. No it is not. The UN has done nothing, and the IAEA, headed by the Muslim Brotherhood supporting Muhammad el-Baradei gave cover for Iran his entire tenure. Obama and company are dangerously naïve or criminally negligent for engaging in this farce. Iran should have been crushed right after the Iran/Iraq war and all their imams, clerics, Ayatollahs and other sundry weird beards annihilated. Iran is Islam. Islam is Sharia. An Islamic state should never be treated with any diplomatic nicities or consideration whatsoever. Ostracism is what was called for, not olive branches. West is West and Middle East is Middle East and never the twain shall meet.

  • truebearing

    Yet another idiotic position from the league’s leaders. This “proof” is only valid until the first bomb is dropped, but since there is no way of proving a nation is peaceful in perpetuity, much less from month to month, the entire argument is moronic. Any proof of the future behavior of Muslims is infinitely slanted towards extreme violence.
    As if Kerry’s strategy needed any further reasons for one to question his sanity, Iran has fomented and facilitated violence against Israel and the US for decades. It has openly threatened to destroy both us and Israel. What part of repeatedly threatening genocide leads Kerry to conclude that Twlevers will be peaceful, especially after they have gained the means to “bathe the world in blood” to trigger the return of the Mahdi?

    So Kerry is putting the proof of Iran’s intentions over the prevention of subjecting the world to their intentions. This is deranged equivalency thinking, even by the Left’s pathetic standards.

  • DVult

    If they reach a consensus and suppress all opposing opinion then they will win and their opinion will become true. These people are truly insane and so are the people who vote for them.

  • wally

    Ketchup Klown moron alert.

    • PDK

      I don’t always buy ketchup, but when I do, I always buy Hunts never Heinz.

      Thanks, PDK.

  • PDK

    When Kerry ran for POTUS in 04, his fellow veterans of Vietnam came out and painted a picture of Kerry that said “Kerry first, America second”.

    His men under his command in the swift boats really exposed this truth about Kerry.

    Kerry is megalomaniacal, narcissistic and God complex white liberal of Jewish decent masquerading as an Irish Bostonian.

    As with all liberals he wants to achieve his superiority as the shepherd in charge and giving the orders, while enjoying the highlife of power, fame and fortune.

    Non-liberal, non-apostate whites need a new beginning, a new White Homeland.

    For our coming, beloved white posterity.

    From the Sanctuary, @
    I’m PDK: Thank you.

  • CaoMoo

    It is up to the defendant to prove their innocence not the plaintiff. Human stupidity climbs to ever higher heights with no upper limit in sight.

  • SoCalMike

    Stockholm syndrome is more widespread and deeply engrained in the human psyche than is generally known.
    Someone please spit in John Kerry’s face.

  • fst1

    He has already stated that the agreement doesn’t include Iran’s capacity to build a delivery system. Now he is saying that having a bombs worth of material isn’t important. What is important to him ?

  • cacslewisfan

    He is the worst. After he was exposed as the massive cowardly traitor that he is by the Swift Boat Veterans, I thought he would slink away and spend the rest of his days in a man-kini oozing around the Mediterranean with Eurotrash. But no, he is the Secretary of State. It’s official, the village idiots are in control.

  • Nina Sage

    Criminal incompetency is what they are guilty of. What will it take for Congress to act? May 16th cannot come soon enough. All veterans of all wars need to come to D.C. and set up camp until such time as articles of impeachment are drawn up.and presented. Shut It Down.