Kerry Says US/Vietnam is Example for Israel/Palestinians


How does this model end exactly? With the Israelis evacuating 9,000 miles away to Massachusetts and then running for president on a platform of military service while overlooking their medal hurling Olympics?

Kerry’s ignoble behavior worked out really well for him. It didn’t work out too well for Americans or the free Vietnamese who were left behind.

Maybe the Israelis would like to rethink listening to any peace proposals from a man who betrayed his own country and now suggests that his position on a US/Vietnam relationship, which destroyed a free Vietnam, should be a model for destroying Israel.

Dr. Aaron Lerner – IMRA: I honestly had to wait to see the transcript because I could not believe my ears. But there it is.

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry citing Vietnam as an example. Here is what he said:

“On a personal level, last month I traveled to Vietnam on my first visit there as Secretary of State. And the transformation in our relationship – I was a young soldier who fought there – the transformation in our relationship is proof that as painful as the past can be, through hard work of diplomacy history’s adversaries can actually become partners for a new day and history’s challenges can become opportunities for a new age.”

The only reason there’s a partnership is because Vietnam is afraid of China and the United States remained a world power despite everything Kerry and his comrades could do. Now he and Obama are bringing America to its knees.

But how exactly is that going to work for Israel?


    What a dumbass Kerry is.

    The proper role model is the US/nazi Germany is the proper example for Israel/pal-e-SWINE.

    The “pal-e-SWINIANS” must agree to SURRENDER, UNCONDITIONALLY to the Israelis.

    • BagLady

      Do go on SS. Once they have unconditionally surrendered, what happens exactly?

      • defcon 4

        Why not deportation Fatima? The same kinda deportation islam0nazis are practicing against the najjis kuffar across the muslime world today or practiced against the Jews that used to live in: Syria, Iraq, Egypt, Morocco, Yemen etc.

  • Mike Rieker

    Of course he would say that the traitor bastard that he is.
    If he was here I would show him the sole of my shoe next to my middle finger.

  • DogmaelJones1

    Israel is something Kerry, Obama, and others of their suasion just wish would go poof in the night, and then they wouldn’t need to develop the art of vacuous rhetoric about something they really don’t care about or wish to deal with. They try to reconcile Israel living with homicidal Arabs or Palestinians or whatever they with to call themselves, but they know, secretly, down deep in their gloppy, poisonous souls, all they want is another Holocaust. Kerry and Obama and their suasion are decrepit monsters.

  • Tran Hai

    John Kerry is an American hero and a first rate Secretary of State. You jerks on this forum who oppose him are doing so out of hatred. As a patriotic American who was born in Vietnam, I know what I am talking about, and you don’t. So shut the f. up and listen to him.

    • UCSPanther

      A lot of ‘Nam veterans would strongly disagree with you…

    • BagLady

      Please continue Tran Hai. In what way did Secretary Kerry bless Vietnam with his presence?

      • henry winn

        He and millions of Americans blessed Vietnam and the US for stopping the killings of Americans at 56,000 and Vietnamese at 3 millions. His presence in Vietnam however, was as routine as million other Americans who have visited this prosperous and peaceful former enemy- minimally, the Vietnamese efforts to rebuild their country justifies his work to end that war. Unfortunately, there are others who did not learn and continue to send more Americans into Afghanistan, Iraq as well as advocating more killings in Israel, Palestine and Middle East…as though killings create peace.

        • Drakken

          War is the final arbitrator of all things, go in half azzed, you get half azzed results, go in with total war in mind, you get results.

    • kilfincelt

      You are joking. Right? He is the worst Secretary of State that we ever had. They don’t call him “Clueless Kerry” for nothing. He is trying to get an agreement between the Palestinians and Israel. Israel is doing all the giving while the Palestinians are doing all the receiving and not giving anything back. The same is true of the Iran and U.S. agreement. Nothing has been accomplished in either case except making Israel and the U.S. less secure. These examples show that he is anything but a first rate Secretary of State. Rather he is a total idiot who has no idea what is really going on with the Palestinians and the Iranians.

      And an American Hero? He has never done anything to deserve that accolade. Coming out against an unpopular war hardly makes him a hero in anyone’s eyes, particularly when Americans were dying. By the way wasn’t a Democrat responsible for putting American soldiers in harms way in Vietnam?

      • defcon 4

        The “worst”? SHrillery was pretty bad in her own right. After all, who can forget how she handled Benghazi, or the closed door meetings she had w/the world’s pre-eminent islam0nazi organisation: the OIC.

    • Norbert Haag

      And you dare tells this after Millions have been slaughtered by the vietcong and the Kmer Rouge after the americans left?

      Det your facts straight before you make such statements.

    • carpe diem 36

      you really do not deserve an intelligent response so I will not give it.
      Kerry wants only one thing: the Nobel Peace Prize, and he does not care who pays with their lives and the lives of their children for it. so i wish Israel will not let him into the country. tell him to stay home with his vicious ideas. israel has enough enemies without him. so far they managed their lives on their own, and even thrived. so keep out, Mr. Kerry!!!

  • henry winn

    . John Kerry’s statement is self-explanatory: intelligent, open-minded and forward thinking people can transform painful past to build a brighter future where prosperity replaces deaths. After 60 years, Israel can’t keep doing the same dying and killings of Arabs/Palestinians and expect a different result.
    . Kerry’s anti-war position actually worked out well for Americans and stopped deaths at 56,000 instead of a lot more. For the Vietnam, his involvement may have sped up the displacement of over 2 millions “free South Vietnamese” all over the world but, ended the killing of Vietnamese beyond 3,4 millions.
    . American patriotism includes political courage to accept national flaws, wrong headed policies… and making personal effort to minimize them. Kerry and millions others did not betray his country. Betraying the country are those with blind-folded arrogance/inflated egos/superiority complex…, continue to send Americans into Afghanistan, Iraq deathtraps ignoring the lesson of Vietnam.
    . Vietnam is afraid of China now, inasmuch as they were afraid of France and the the US during the 19th century and the resulted outcomes, thus the partnership is 2-way traffics arrangement. In fact, Vietnam is counting more on its relationships with Japan, India, Russia and other South East Asians before the “power” of the US. Vietnam remembers well the US’s approval of Chinese invasions in 1974 ( loss of Paracel islands of then ally South Vietnam, nonetheless), 1979 and 1988 when successive administrations assisted the invaders with total economic blockage of their country. With the economy 10 times larger compared to when the US was last around and, positions itself as a mid-power located next to China. The weaken US found itself desperately partnering with any available Asian country to deal with the result of 40 years US poisoning: a risen, reckless and challening China.

    • Nguyen

      An example of peace between Vietnam and Cambodia is more correct. Hopefully, the leaders of Israel and Palestine have the courage to choose peace like Vietnam and Cambodia. Without peace and stability in the region, both nations cannot raise the living standards for the people.

      • defcon 4

        You’re delusional. Muslimes have been committing acts of terrorism against Israel (and India) for the last 70 years. No lasting peace is possible w/islam0nazis, only the peace of the hudna treaty, only the peace of the lie.

    • Drakken

      Silly ignorant leftist progressive, Israel can have peace, it just has to quit screwing around with these Islamic savages and give them what they so richly deserve, a harsh taste of Carthage and from the river to the sea, let it be pali free, then you’ll have peace.

  • Vietnamese

    This is the most insane article I’ve ever read. We, the Vietnamese, never have any intention to see American as enemy. And if you assume Vietnam is just a communist state, then you really need to update your knowledge. China is a threat for the whole area but it’s only an exceleration for US-Vietnam Relation. From 1995, the relation between both sides have been improving rapidly.

    If you said it was a free Vietnam back then, think again. The only people that benefit from the South Vietnam government is the US and the people in Saigon. If you just walked out of Saigon, you would only see the extreme poverty and the lack of government support. Not as to say at the end of Vietnam War, President Thieu robbed tons of gold from the bank and ran away to California, leaving the country in crisis. And you call that a free country?

    Of course Vietnam is still a socialist country in name but the nature of it has changed for over 40 years. As a Vietnamese, I hate the communism and socialism to gut. I hate the Vietnamese government and I want to change our country to a democratic one.

    • Norbert Haag

      So it is just a myth that millions of Vietnamese and Cambodians where slaughtered by the victorious Vietcong and Kmer Rouge.

      It is a lie that the massacres those noble freedom fighters committed after the Americans have left are responsible for more dead than ever have been killed during the whole war on both sides, Vietnamese and Americans?

      I guess this are all made up numbers by the ugly right wing extremists here.

      • Vietnamese

        I’m not denying it. The war was a mess. American killed Vietnamese, Vietnamese killed American. Vietnamese killed Vietnamese. And by the way, the Viet Cong was the one who supported the Cambodians to kick the Kmer regime and imprisoned most of them. The Chinese was the one who supported the Kmer and killed both Cambodians and Vietnamese fighters. That was why Vietnam army was still in Cambodia after the war. And because of that, China shaked hand with the American to condemn Vietnam for being in Cambodia. Seriously, the Vietnamese had no interest in occupying Cambodia. The war just ended and no one really had time for more killing.

        China, on the other hand, took advantage of the opportunity. After using the US to condemn Vietnam, it freely invaded the North Vietnam in 1979. Because the Vietnamese army was mostly in the South and in Cambodia, it was easy for China to “taught Vietnam a lesson” and to “satisfy the American for revenge over Vietnam”. It was then that China-US relation got better.

  • Norbert Haag

    If I was Bibi Netanyahu I would fly into the arms of such a deeply humanitarian and well educated person as his High Exellence John Kerry.

    I mean all Bibi has to do is deliver Israel to the likewise humanitarian, peace loving non-violent ancient people of Palestine and wait 10 years.

    What a genius before the Lord Kerry is.

    Who cares that there a minor obstacles we learned from history in Vietnam and Cambodia after the Americans left.

    Sure the millions slaughtered by the victorious freedom fighters called the Vietcong and the Kmer Rouge are a small price to pay for peace, no?

    I guess they where not really butchered but somehow committed suicide with the help of the brave Kmer Rouge and Vietcong.

    So Bibi, true, there is always a price to pay – in your case the mass suicide of 6 million more Jews , with humanitarian support of the brave and peace loving Palestinians and HAMAS- but, look at the USA and see how great and peaceful their relations with the former enemy are today.

    Isn’t that worth that little sacrifice, Bibi?

    I mean after all it is Jews we are talking about. They are used to supported suicide – we called that Shoah or Holocaust until recently but found it not to be political correct so we exchanged it to a more acceptable term-.

    What great people run the US and its state department.

  • Nguyen

    It was unfortunate that the United States and Vietnam fought each other during the middle of the 20th century. Back in the late 18th century, Thomas Jefferson was trying to establish trade with Vietnam and it was not successful. After World War 2, Ho Chi Minh was also trying to establish good relationship with the United States but it was not successful as well. Learning from the two previous failures, Vietnam and the United States are becoming better partners this time around.

  • Peter gelezius

    The traitor strikes again. I really thought after he was exposed for the coward he was,he was finished . That was before Obummer and his America haters