Kerry Spokeswoman: Israel Discriminating Against Muslims


It’s called national security. Under Obama however, the Department of Homeland Security is more concerned with undermining security for political correctness.

Discrimination against visiting Muslims is the primary reason Israel is not eligible for a program allowing Israeli tourists in to the United States without visas, the Obama administration said.

“The Department of Homeland Security and State remain concerned with the unequal treatment that Palestinian Americans and other Americans of Middle Eastern origin experience at Israel’s border and checkpoints, and reciprocity is the most basic condition of the Visa Waiver Program,” Jen Psaki, the State Department spokeswoman, said March 21 in her daily briefing with reporters.

Psaki’s remarks came after several weeks in which a number of lawmakers, led by Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.), have criticized US consular services for their rate of refusal of young Israelis.

This seems to be the Psaki-Kerry response to the issues raised by Schumer. Schumer asked why so many Israelis were being turned down. Psaki is replying that Israel is racist.

One doesn’t really relate much to the other, but Psaki is a product of the left for whom “racism” is the trump card in every argument.

Even while Obama Inc. has been making it easier for Saudis to enter the United States by dismantling the last remains of the 9/11 security measures and even making it easier for Syrians with terror ties to enter the US, it’s been making it more difficult for Israelis.

Muslim groups have been lobbying against the Israeli Visa Waiver program for some time. Israel has continued choosing national security over political correctness. The United States would be better off doing the same thing.


  • Gee

    Saudi Arabia has a waiver and totally bans all Jews. So this is not the issue

    • nopeacenow

      Of course it is the issue. Muslims don’t discriminate. Of course no churches are allowed in Saudi Arabia. But that is not discrimination. That is just Islam.

      • afftongrown

        They don’t discriminate. Hate anyone who isn’t muslim!

  • RAM500

    The Arabs want the Jews 100% out of the Jewish State.

    • nopeacenow

      So does Obama and Kerry.

      • chaim silver.

        oh bummer and blerry kerry, think they will earn some brownie points. kerry is not muslim, therefore classed as an infidel. oh bummer, i’m not sure.. none are so deaf as those who won’t hear. none are so blind as those who won’t see. they don’t see with their eyes, they don’t hear with their ears, but they invent with their mouths. when they go to lunch, they order 2 portions each. one for each face.

  • Mongo66

    Psaki just exposed herself as a blatant anti-Semite. She should try and go visit Mecca in an unofficial capacity. Then maybe sha can tell us weather or not she was turned away for being a women or a non-Muslim. What a useless pos she is. We need to make this a big story, because the hypocrisy here is unfathomable.

    Those who have spent anytime researching anti-Semitism know the real reason is her and the rest of this anti-Semitic administration are really like those truther trolls that believe in NJ Israelis dancing on a moving van that claim they were really Mossad agents and the types of trolls that still claim the Liberty was deliberate. I bet this dumb woman also is a fan of the silly Khazar theory.

    Any Jew who ever votes Democrat again should be excommunicated plain and simple. They are no better than Jews like Soros who helped the Nazis.

    • Michael Louis Weissman

      Soros was thirteen years old when the Nazis occupied Hungary. How did he help them?

      • Weeble

        When the Nazis took over Hungary he was apprenticed to a man who confiscated the property of Jews.

        • kasandra

          And “Soros” wrote that that was the most enjoyable part of his life.

      • Weeble

        His real name is Gyorgy Schwartz. He’s a self-hating Jew.

        • 1stworlder

          He doesn’t hate himself only religious, conservative and pro self defense jews.

      • Gee

        He was an informant that made sure the Germans found any Jews that managed to hide

      • Habbgun

        His father was a well placed businessman who actively collaborated with the Nazis and got Soros that esteemed position that the bully said he enjoyed. Soros is cut from the same cloth as his father and supports and funds the same Socialist policies that were the ruin of the Jews in Europe. Other than that he’s alright.

      • 1stworlder

        Look up the Jews for Preservation of Firearms Ownership they have a well researched & documented expose on him.

    • Michael Louis Weissman

      But, you make a good point about Democrat Jews. If there’s one thing the American Jewish community needs right now, it’s adding division over secular politics to everything else that compromises our unity.

      • Nic Basore

        Most of it’s because Jews want to be accepted to the point that they’re willing to sell their souls for acceptance. Not specifically me, as I’d rather be hated by the people who are ruining this country and still keep my soul.

      • Habbgun

        There is never unity. There is no unity in Jewish political life and why should there be? We are individuals with different points of view. When one point of view strikes at the Jewish homeland while simultaneously abetting the corruption of leftist polticians in America why shouldn’t we be opposed? I welcome that division. It is long overdue.

      • Mongo66

        Go read his autobiograpknown fact.hy, he proudly proclaims this well kno

  • truebearing

    Psaki is a snotty little female dog. Like her boss, she substitutes arrogance for intelligence and hopes no one notices.

    Of course Israel is going to be careful about letting Muslims into the country. Their brains aren’t addled with idiotic PC false morality.

  • Ban Liberals

    Israel didn’t have a 9/11; we did.

    Israel NEVER had an airliner hijacked; we lost count.

    Lesson over.

    John Kerry is an imbecile.

    • Gee

      We have so many hijacking attempts it makes yours tiny in comparison, and yes we have had a hijacking – just one. We learned from it – you still haven’t
      If you care to compare casualties – you lost 3,000 people out of 350 million. We have lost 2,000 out of 6.5 million since Oslo. Do you really want to do the math? We have suffered and a lot.
      Yes Kerry is an imbecile but your claims aren’t too bright

      • Ban Liberals

        You so badly mangled and twisted my point, I am in awe.

        No, you did NOT ever have an IN-FLIGHT hijacking.

        And 9/11 had NOTHING to do with NUMBERS per se; it had to do with the boldness of the deed and our unpreparedness.

        My point, which you either missed or ignored, was that Israel is aware of Muslim goals and designs and we blind ourselves to it.

        Perhaps it is you who isn;t bright enough to comprehend the meaning of a post, or more likely you twist and mangle words to suit your needs.

        In any event, no one was minimizing what MUSLIMS have done to and continue to try to do to Israel. It’s just that we are now also their target.

        Stop being defensive and wise up.

        • chaim silver.

          but, it’s you guys that are letting these muslims in with open arms and closed eyes and minds. good luck brother. i just pray it is not too late.

          • Ban Liberals


            LO ANI! OBAMA!

            Ani yahudi, midaber ivrit, v’ lo ohav Muslim! Ani sonay Muslim!

            Atah mayvin?

          • chaim silver.

            ani mayvin. ivrit hi sfat bayti. ani lo ohev ha muslimim, yemak shmam. ha isha gveret psaki, meshuga legamrei. heim choshvim she ha muslimim yihyoo tov lahem .ya iroo yom echad az yihyoo me uchar ….midai…

  • objectivefactsmatter

    It’s like the Western persecution of “German Christians.” You know, a few decades ago when we dropped all those bombs on them because of xenophobia and naziphobia.

  • afftongrown

    Obama is punishing Israeli’s due to the way they treat muslims in their country? Who the hell does he think he is?He doesn’t have an emperor complex, he has a god complex!

  • shahid ubdul

    Israel doesn’t descrimate in regards to entering israel. They are protecting itself. When almost all terror comes from 1 sect of humans, Arabs, they will do what it takes to ensure safety in their country. Even if it means rigorous checks and stops, and racial profiling, of the Arab race. My dad is an Arab and gets stopped every time he goes to visit his family in israel. He understands that just like TSA is here to protect us US citizens, even while using extreme measures such as the full body scan, Israel uses professional terror spotting agents to spot out the currupt. If you cannot understand how that is just there for their protection and anyone else’s protection who may be there…. You have not seen what Arabs are.

    Personally I don’t read on the news that a Russian bombs organization landed in Israel and is looking to eradicate a country smaller than New Jersey. However at least once a week I read about an Arab lifeless prick found another way to spread terror and anguish to the citizens of Israel. So I fully support getting checked out and running through hell in Israel to pass through their airports, and be able to rest assured that my safety isn’t compromised during my stay.

  • Brian R

    What do you expect from an administration which has more Muslim Brotherhood ties than there are Muslim Brotherhood?

    • trump

      Or course,Israel is discriminating against muslims:

      -If you want to become a doctor, a higher score in psychometric tests will be demanded from the …. Jewish candidate
      -muslims can stroll wherevere they want in Israel whereas Jews would be ill advised to visit arab neighbourhoods of Jerusalem or arab vilages in Galil ……..

      • Nic Basore

        Not to mention we aren’t allowed on the Temple Mount as that might “offend” Muslims, and we can be arrested for doing so…

        • Brian R

          Of course, don’t even think about going to visit Joseph’s Tomb and watch your back if you go to Rachel’s Tomb and the Cave of the Patriarchs… if you are Jewish that is.

  • TheOrdinaryMan

    Israel is the most non-racist place on planet Earth; Psaki needs professional help. Has she ever been to Israel?

  • John in Brum

    How do these people get to positions of power?

    • 1stworlder

      Oddly Soros’ money. I suspect he wants to drive secular liberal jews to Israel for relative safety to counteract the fact only religious & conservative jews are breeding, because they will always call him a knot see collaborator.

  • Bossman22

    Israel discriminating against Muslims? So?

  • chaim silver.

    with the mindset of psaki, she is well named, ’cause that what she does.

  • Robin Rosenblatt

    This is just plain racism and Anti Semitism from the Obama government. Those Jews who voted for him and still support him, reminds me of the concentration camp where some people woke up and ask why me. If you don’t see and hear the Anit Semitism when it is so clear you deserve the results.

  • herb benty

    A “Palestinian” murdered Bobby Kennedy in that L.A. kitchen. Obama is bringing in to America much worse Islamists. The Koran ORDERS muslims to kill Jews, if you were Israel’s Leader, would you allow PLO tourism? Not likely.

  • USARetired

    GOOD! The World should discriminate against these heathen criminals!

  • davida

    I expect Israel is tougher with arabs, or muslims for that matter. Who do you think tends to be active interrorism? Not the chinese, not the Mexicans, not the Aussies, so the ones who bomb and kill make a bad name for all of their people. Besides bombs don’t know the difference between arab and jew or christian, so best have good security to avoid knowing that the next bomb might go off next to you.

  • nitemarejim

    Secular liberals with Jewish parents aren’t Jewish.
    Sure, they’re legally Jewish, and they like to think themselves as ethnically Jewish. Their idea of Judaism is talking about how Jewish they feel, eating lox and bagels on Sunday, opening a box of matzah on Passover, and eating at a Chinese restaurant on Christmas. They talk about being Jewish like others talk about being Italian or Irish. It’s something they inherited, not something they do. Except, they do nothing to make sure their children stay Jewish. It seems they support every cause but causes that help Jews and Israel.

    • 1stworlder

      you forgot eating bacon and getting gay married.

  • seanachiejimk

    How is discriminating against Muslims who swear to kill your race
    discrimination? John Kerry has never had a quarter for the clue bus! The
    fool is indiscriminate with his incriminations!

  • Michelle

    What a &^%$ing idiot!!.
    I wont say more as it is as plain as the sun rising every morning.
    As both believers and nonbelievers, we seem incapable of either seeing or doing what is necessary so God/gods/ whoever help all of us!

  • Hard Little Machine

    If they feel that way about it then all convicted Arab Muslim murderers that the Israelis are freeing from prison, must all be released to the custody of the US State Department where they will be free to do with them whatever they like as long as they are never returned to Israel. They can re incarcerate them, put them in Gitmo, free them, give them refugee status and let them bring their entire brood along with them, give them jobs in the Administration, re – deport them to some other Arab Muslim state or anything else.

  • ariel

    Hopefully this same b..tch will condemn Saudi Arabia for not allowing the Jewish journalist entry in Obama’s Saudi trip. Oh yea, and condemn Tunisia for preventing Israeli passengers from the cruise ship into their port. And the Palestinian Arab authority’s promise to have no Jews in their future established land. For that matter raise the awareness of Christians being killed in Egypt and Syria. The chutzpah!

  • alex

    Obama administration is the worst thing that could have happened to U.S. Period.

  • quillerm

    Muslim Nations discriminate against non-Islamic citizens throughout the MId-east. Does Kerry think a Israeli or Christian would survive in Palestine, Syria, Yemen, Iran, or any other Islamic fundamentalist state?