Kerry Spokeswoman Protests Israeli Claim that he is a “Lapdog of the Arabs”


Kerry spokeswoman Jen Psaki, who has frequently taken issue with negative references by Israeli political figures to Secretary of State John Kerry denounced another claim from an Israeli political commentator that the respected diplomat was a “lapdog of the Arabs.

“I would just like to point out that it is completely false that the Secretary is a lapdog of the Arabs,” Psaki said. “That’s just the kind of extremist political rhetoric that we have come to expect from the Israeli far right which spends all of its time building settlements in the oldest city in the world instead of surrendering to terrorists like they should.”

“John doesn’t even care about Arabs unless they’re Muslims. He certainly won’t be curling up in the laps of any Arab Christians. And Muslims are opposed to lapdogs for religious reasons as John found out when he tried to curl up in the lap of the Saudi monarch.”

“Furthermore, it’s simplistic to reduce the career of a capable public servant and longtime senator to being a ‘lapdog for the Arabs’ when the Secretary has also been a lapdog for the Viet Cong, the Sandinistas, the Iranians and really anyone who would have him.”

“John Kerry is just naturally attracted to lying down in the laps of terrorists, Communists and any totalitarian movement while making a low purring sound.”

“If you’re a tyrant, John Kerry will come down and lie in your lap if you want him to. And if you don’t, he’ll wait outside your country, occasionally scratching at the door while making a high whining noise.”

It’s just who he is.”

While the preceding events did not actually take place, it was only because of the consistent refusal of Ms. Psaki to accurately and honestly comment on the Secretary of State’s attitude and behavior.


  • butpygmies

    Woof, woof…I say

    • DogmaelJones1

      Poodles don’t go “Woof, woof!” That’s too masculine a sound. When they bark, they sound more like an engine that won’t turn over. That’s Kerry, all right.

  • DogmaelJones1

    And not only is John Kerry everyone’s poodle, but he’s married his money, this time, Teresa Heinz. I have been boycotting all Heinz products for a very long time.

    • A Z

      He might still own stock in Heinz. It doesn’t seem there has been any stories since a flurry of them in around FEB 14, 22103.

      On the other hand it can be hard being a ‘honest’ politician. Jimmy carter put his investment in a blind trust and the trustees did not manage it that well, if I remember correctly.


      John Kerry Potential Winner in Heinz Deal

      “But Kerry’s wife, Teresa Heinz Kerry, held at least $3 million in Heinz stock through family trusts as of 2010, according to his most recent financial disclosure form. She was allowed to keep those assets under a January agreement approved by government ethics officials”

  • truebearing

    Kerry is covered with flee bites. He runs from one failure after another.

  • Larry Larkin

    Kerry can’t be an arab lap dog, arabs don’t allow dogs on their laps.

    Therefore JFK the Second Rate cannot possibly be an arab lap dog.

    Democrat thinking explained.

    • objectivefactsmatter

      Small kitten?

  • SoCalMike

    Greenfield, you are brilliant beyond.
    I’m constantly trying to think of artistic ways of exposing and mocking the dimmest and worst but I couldn’t touch you on your worst day and my best.

  • CaoMoo

    that woman’s poster is hilarious

  • Habbgun

    This is a great game. Israeli in nondescript coffee shop says trash always tells “You can put Kerry on an expensive yacht and he is still a junkie Occupier type pathetically looking for attention”.

    Jen Psaki “It is obvious that the fine lines of the keel and the wellmade outboard on the yacht certainly means that Kerry is not trash”.

    Israeli #2 at a gas station- ” I don’t know. He seems to be Occupier trash. What if he didn’t have a yacht.”

    Jen Psaki “He does have a yacht! He does have a yacht! And he loves me….not his wife!!! He loves me….me….me…. I’d to put his dismembered head in a music box, turn the crank and have the head tell me he loves me….err what was the question???

  • Gee

    Just like Jimmy the Peanut – he too never met a totalitarian regime that he didn’t support.
    I do think that calling Kerry a poodle is a great insult of an innocent dog