Lady Gaga’s Foundation Spent $5,000 on Charity, $150,000 on Philanthropic Consulting


You can’t blame her. She was born that way.

Lady Gaga’s charity took in more than $2.5 million in 2012 – but paid out just a single $5,000 grant, while spending $50,000 on social media.

The pop superstar’s Born This Way Foundation spent millions on consultants, lawyers and publicity experts, plus more than $500,000 on its 23-event Born To Be Brave bus tour, which visited US cities ‘inspiring’ disillusioned youths.

The non-profit organisation – which received $2.66 million in revenue – paid out a staggering $406,552 for legal fees, $300,000 for ‘strategic development’ and $150,000 for ‘philanthropic consulting’.

So that’s 5K on philanthropy, 150K on philanthropic consulting.

To no one’s surprise, her foundation is basically a promotional tool for a woman who is constantly looking for new ways to promote herself and who used gay rights and bullying as springboards.

Questions remain about what the foundation was doing to possibly eat through $400K in legal bills alone.



  • macktoid

    But Daniel, she’s just such a great entertainer! Isn’t that’s what’s important?

    • UCSPanther

      Great entertainer? Pfft!

      • macktoid

        I should have added heavy dose of sarc. Can’t stand her

  • De Doc

    Wow! Revealing. However one could argue that her charity organization helps keep PR professionals, consultants, and lawyers employed. These ‘poor’ folks need jobs too!

    • Daniel Greenfield

      Those are the people the NGOs largely keep employed

  • BillG4

    Bet the IRS okayed her non profit application pronto!

  • macktoid

    excuse, THAT what’s important!

  • UCSPanther

    Looks like we have another crooked Jane Fonda Charity here.

    I never bought into nor did I ever understand the appeal of Lady Gaga. Her music sucks, she lacks class and only with shock imagery or appealing to some tacky social message can she even have a prayer of selling anything.

    That meat dress may have inspired something in others, the only thing it inspired in me was nausea…

    • laura r

      what are you saying? there are millions of teens who buy her music. are you a teen? if not, then dont give a review. many gays like her music & shows. its america, theres something for everyone.

      • UCSPanther

        I don’t need to buy her albums. I have heard that trash music on the radio and elsewhere enough to be able to form a reasonable judgement on it.

  • discontented

    Embezzler, Lady gaga giving it new meaning!