Leader of Moderate Muslim Country Threatens Social Media Critics with Flogging, Stoning to Death

That’s one way to win an argument.


Last year Obama hosted the Sultan of Brunei at the White House and praised him as “My good friend, His Majesty the Sultan of Brunei… His Majesty himself has led his country for 40 years now and he’s gone through nine U.S. Presidents.”

That is the virtue of not having to stand for elections.

“I’m very grateful for His Majesty’s outstanding leadership and his friendship,” Obama said.

Not everyone is as grateful back in Brunei, especially as the dictator begins advancing plans to go Full Islam.

Brunei’s all-powerful sultan, stung by rare criticism, has ordered social media users to stop attacking his plans to introduce harsh Islamic criminal punishments in the placid oil-rich kingdom.

Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah — one of the world’s wealthiest men — announced last October that Brunei would phase in sharia law punishments such as flogging, severing limbs and death by stoning beginning April 01.

The move has sparked a growing outcry on social media, the only outlet for public criticism of authorities in the Muslim country where questioning the 67-year-old sultan is taboo.

“It is truly frightening to think that we might potentially be stoned to death for being lovers, that we may be fined for being of a different sexual orientation, and that what we wear will be regulated,” one recent posting said.

The sultan’s wealth — estimated at USD 20 billion by Forbes magazine in 2011 — has become legendary with reports of a vast collection of luxury vehicles and gold-bedecked palaces.

In a weekend speech, the sultan issued a clear threat to the critics.

“They cannot be allowed to continue committing these insults, but if there are elements which allow them to be brought to court, then the first phase of implementing the Syariah Penal Code Order in April will be very relevant to them.”

So why exactly does the media praise this monster who is a good deal worse than the President of the Ukraine?

  • Sue

    Is the definition of a moderate country one where Playmates who went to a Muslims country to party with a Muslim leader can escape his harem without a death squad coming after them?

    If that is true, then Brunei is a moderate Muslim country.

    And the Brothels for everyone else are the women’s prisons!

  • bobbah

    I am just a little person , all I can do is to make sure I never fly with his airline, and never visit his country.

    • tickletik

      No, that would be pointless.

      What you CAN do in a social media age, is contact the people in Brunei speaking out against that monster and use wordpress and Twitter to make their info available to the public.

      Most of the public is composed of brain eating zombies, so the reason you would make this available is to get to the one or two human beings that are still out there, fighting to keep their consciences alive

      Imagine if a little person like you could throw the wealthy sultan of Brunei into a panic just by virtue of writing a blog that speaks the truth about his corrupt regime

    • AZ

      There coming over to you, don’t you worry …!

  • Notalibfool

    Odd how many progressives cry about the US executing convicted murderers yet say nothing when one of their peaceful Islamic states threatens to stone social media users.

  • jakespoon

    The difference between a moderate muslim and a radical one is the moderate one will sharpen the knife before he takes your head.

    • john spielman

      or the “moderate muslim” will hold the coat of the “radical muslim” while the latter beheads you, so as not to get your infidel blood on the coat.

  • ObamaYoMoma

    When President Bush said that Islam is a so-called “religion of peace” and that the vast overwhelming majority of Muslims were so-called “moderates”, with the exception of a tiny minority of radical Muslim extremists who misunderstand the beautiful religion of peace, he lied and it was a lie just as profound as the lies told by Obama about Obamacare.

    As a matter of fact, like an unhinged loon he subsequently declared a “war on terror”. However, Muslims are not “terrorists”, but jihadists instead waging jihad (holy war) against all religions and all infidels both violently and non-violently to ultimately make Islam supreme.

    He said it was to stop the radical Muslim extremists from hijacking the beautiful “religion of peace”. The only problem with that is the so-called “religion of peace” he was talking about only exists within the recesses of his unhinged mind.

    Hence, both fantasy-based nation-building missions in Iraq and Afghanistan to democratize the Islamic world inevitably turned into the two biggest strategic blunders ever in the history of America. Yet, all you hear about it from the politicians and the so-called MSM is crickets.

    Meanwhile, GWB was easily the most incompetent Republican President ever in history and also one of the worse presidents of all time. Of course, Barack Hussein Obama is the out and out worst President ever in history, followed closely by Jimmy Carter, then GWB, FDR, etc.

  • Ken Martin

    Birds of a feather.

  • nopeacenow

    “Moderate Muslim Country?” Now there is an oxymoron if I ever heard one. If it’s moderate it can’t be Muslim and if it Muslim, it can’t be moderate.

  • De Doc

    And is there any response in this case from the Obama Administration? Listen carefully now for the answer… *cricket chirps*

  • Hard Little Machine

    When your country is a Bond villain island fortress you’ve ruled over like a god for 40 years, you don’t have a country in the classic sense. Not really.

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