Lean Backward: MSNBC Loses 24% of Prime Time Audience

Sharpton 1122

MSNBC’s tactic of becoming the Obama network did pay off dividends after Obama’s election. MSNBC began to slowly rise. But tying its fortunes to Obama also meant that Obama’s unpopularity would translate into MSNBC’s unpopularity.

Add to that the Rachel Maddow takeover of MSNBC which has purged the likes of Alec Baldwin, who might have been able to draw a different audience, and the emphasis on creepy Maddow clones like Chris “The Jews Run America” Hayes and Ronan Farrow, and the collapse is complete.

MSNBC’s obsessive focus on Bridgegate was a useful service to the Democratic Party, but not necessarily all that popular with viewers either.

According to Pew, year-over-year numbers show that the business of left-wing cable news is in trouble. The cable news viewing audience overall declined for everyone, but MSNBC lost 24% of its primetime audience. CNN dropped 13%. Fox only lost 6%.

Those percentages are even more graphic when you consider how few viewers CNN and MSNBC have to begin with, especially when compared to Fox News. Fox beats both of its left-wing competitors combined with 1.75 million viewers. Only 619k tune into MSNBC, while CNN comes in third (for the fourth year) with 543k viewers.

Daytime viewership was especially bad for MSNBC. Both CNN and Fox News increased viewers over last year: 12% and 2%, respectively. MSNBC lost a whopping 15.5% of its daytime audience.

In revenue, Fox News jumped 5%, CNN increased by 2%, and MSNBC decreased by 2%.

Liberal media has never been all that viable and by that I mean media that actually is open about its agenda, instead of camouflaging it in objective colors.

Even many liberals are now beginning to evince a distaste for MSNBC, calling it the liberal FOX News. That’s not a promising trend for its survival.

  • truebearing

    That’s a shame. I’m sure we’ll all miss them when they finally go off the air and get jobs at Media Matters and the Center for American Progress. It’s nice they have something to fall back on that fits their skills, and reliable janitors are hard to come by.

    • The March Hare

      At least they should really clean up.

      • truebearing

        Wax on..wax off.


      Soon BSNBC will be in the same dustbin as Air America and Pacifica.

      • truebearing

        It’s a sweep!

  • seewithyourowneyes

    Farewell to the nattering Stalinist parrot people!

  • Richard

    I would love to see sponsors pull out of NBC/MSNBC as a protest for their lousy biased reporting. All they are, are lapdogs for the Obama administraion. Though we probably will never see this happen, for greed rules, all anyone can do is to not by products that are advertised by the station. I know, dream on.


    *BS*NBC lost most of its audience to Fox.


    Al Sharpton will have to go back to his old job of Hoaxes (Twana Brawley) and inciting mob violence (Crown Heights and Freddies Fashion Mart).

  • Abberline

    Chris Hayes does look like Rachel Maddow’s fraternal twin brother. I tried once watching PMSNBC and I could not get past 5 minutes of it.

  • Abberline

    Why would anyone name their son Rachel?