Left-Wing Mondoweiss Editor Claims Israel Behind Passover Kansas City Shootings


Mondoweiss is probably the leading anti-Israel site on the internet after Stormfront. Its editors are often openly bigoted. One Mondoweiss editor said, “I do not consider myself an anti-Semite, but I can understand why some are.”

One of its writers has claimed that Israel was behind September 11 and even DailyKos banned Mondoweiss for its recurring anti-semitism.

While it has been revealed that the Kansas City shooter used anti-semitic material from Max Blumenthal, who is often promoted on Mondoweiss, a Mondoweiss editor, Annie Robbins, suggested that Israel was behind it all.

Responding to a Muslim who asked, “Who was his handler?”, she asked,  “is miller the same white supremacist who took a screenshot of his desktop and accidentally revealed he had the israeli foreign ministry’s megaphone onto his computer? that was a wild moment.”


Later Robbins attempted to walk back her claim, denying that she had accused the Israeli government of being behind the attack and her claim that the KC killer had Megaphone on his computer, but it’s not like the facts have ever mattered at Mondoweiss.

Annie Robbins has a history of manufacturing her own reality where Jews are concerned.


When Annie Robbins isn’t exploring her Vast Jewish Conspiracy Theory, she exhibits hideous vases at Museo in Seattle. You can contact them to express your opinion of her artwork at museo@museo.cc.

  • truebearing

    Is there some prize I’m unaware of for the stupidest conspiracy theory of the year? If there is, I’d like to place a bet on this one. Deranged doesn’t begin to describe the rantings of this idiot.

    • CaoMoo

      Maybe it could be appended to the Darwin awards as an award for intellectual death to to stupidity.

    • A Z

      That is actually a good ideal.

      With some CGI film animation and experts in various fields it could beat any reality TV or the Academy Awards.

      1st up would be a film short of some dudes sneaking around the WTC for months drilling, wiring and planting explosives without the office workers or custodial staff knowing.

      • truebearing

        I suggest we form a production company. We’ll never run out of material and America has an endless appetite for mind-numbing stupidity.

  • laura r

    they blame every single thing on the jews. its an OCD. i even read that miller was on meds from the “jew pharm” industry.

  • http://www.chaverimisrael.org Norbert Haag

    There always have been Jew haters (I don’t use the sanitising term Antisemite anymore).

    What is new is that the Jew hatred has left the basement and private talks and is now part of the political correct tool kit.

    For a short time the Shoah had made almost everyone speechless and banished the Jew haters from public discourse.

    Those where the days.

    Today we are back to “normal” where hating Jews is a prerequisite for a political engaged person with strong feelings for political correctness. A progressive in short.

    Sure there are Jew haters outside of the socialist camp too. But the majority is in the camp of the arrogant do gooders called liberals.

    • Lea

      The root cause of jew hatred is in the racist, supremacist, imperialist, violent utterances of the psychopath founder of islam and it has been propagated by muslims, in particular arab muslims, for 1400 years now.

      • Israel_Reconquista


        • Lea

          The satanic Koran is the evidence, along with the history of Islam. A god that calls human beings monkeys and pigs, in other words unworthy to be treated as anything more than an animal, is a demon allah. Even mo knew he was being attacked by demons.

  • herb benty

    They seek the approval of mankind. instead of the approval of God. Look at her face, it doesn’t take the gift of discernment to see the darkness in that soul.

  • Nekama Gdola

    Mondoweiss is also the site that often publishes the unemployed Neo-Nazi blogger Richard “Little Dickie” Silverstein

  • TeachESL

    I bet she hears voices, too.

    • BS77

      ….I feel sorry for people like this…sick, bizarre, pathological and totally irrational……It is a type of mental illness, no doubt.

  • Softly Bob

    Satan is behind all antisemitism.

  • A Z

    There was a vast Jewish conspiracy.

    It existed.

    It was a ban by various European governments on the many occupations that Jews could hold. that sort if funnels them into a smaller subset of occupations.

    Also like many people from the eastern Mediterraneans many Jews were involved in commerce. Gradually like Syrians, Phoenicians and others they built up merchant networks as did the Romans. During the diaspora many of the Jews that were not merchants did not get as far afield as the merchant class. they spread out into surrounding lands to do what they knew how to do, herd sheep or farm. There is a reason there were many Jewish tribes in the Arabian peninsula during Mohammed’s time. It was natural diffusion but perhaps in greater part it was the diaspora.

    The Jews found in Europe had different family traditions (vocations) than other Jews and the societal pressure of laws further modified these traditions.

  • A Z

    “maybe lots of Jewish stuff retroactively lands itself right under islamic structures.”
    – Annie Robbins

    How do you even do that?

    – Jack up the Dome of the Rock when the ottoman turks or the Jordanians controlled it in the middle of the night?

    – Excavate tons of earth, bury some artifacts and then bury them without being seen or the earth looking like it was disturbed?

    The Wailing Wall has been there way before 1948 or 1886. A wall like that is not some trifling project. That is part of a project to level a ridge and fill in the edges to make a platform big enough for a extremely large temple. I’ve been there.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      Jews carry in the rubble at night, dig under the mosque and then reassemble it underneath and artificially age it using some kind of secret space alien technology

      it’s obvious really

      • Herb Glatter

        the other day i created a Facebook page titled: Mondodreck feel free to post a comment

        • Daniel Greenfield

          link it here

          • Herb Glatter
          • Wolfthatknowsall

            From the blog:

            “We maintain this blog because of 9/11, Iraq, Gaza, the Nakba, the struggling people of Israel and Palestine, and our Jewish background.

            …are hypersensitive to any mention of Jews/Israel in a positive light.”

            ‘Nuff said …

      • A Z

        Witches flying on brooms, Satanic masses, black bibles, witches consorting with devils does not compare to Mondoweiss. You cannot make this stuff up. It writes itself. Louis L’amour would have a field day with this if he were still alive and wrote something other than westerns. As he would say “It is all grist for the mill”.

        Annie Robbins is not the devil in broad daylight, but she is “a” devil in broad daylight. It is frightening.

        People are always scared of the dark, because they might bump into something evil. It is worse when evil is so strong it no longer hides in the dark.

        • Daniel Greenfield

          It springs from the same source of mental dysfunction, that aimless hatred that needs something to attach to

      • Wolfthatknowsall

        Excellent …

  • iluvisrael

    I had never heard of this Jew hating witch or her site before reading this. Who cares what an irrelevant hag has to say?

    • A Z

      It matters. Sooner or later you have to drain the swamp.

      That can be nothing more than shining an antiseptic bright light on the swamp and watching the cockroaches scatter.

  • farmacia

    Why doesn’t the article say that— Annie Robbins IS JEWISH.

  • Nabukuduriuzhur

    The picture has it all. The woman has destroyed her brains and health from pot.

    That “harmless” “mild” drug.

    It really marks a person’s face. This woman is stoned. She’s prematurely aged.

    I grew up in Oregon, spent almost my entire life here. I watched most women my age get into pot (legal from 1973-1997) and go down the same paths of evil that this woman has done.

    Women in their 40s look like they are in their 60s. They left a trail of mayhem behind them, hurting everyone around them, but nothing was ever their fault.

    Pot causes that kind of rationalization. Nothing is ever your fault.

    People who murdered, raped, stole, lied, and did other crimes would claim that pot “didn’t hurt anyone.”

    Pot allows the rationalization of all evil, from murder to child neglect. Because of that rationalization, the same fool that brought Oregon legalization in 1974 is ignoring how the cities became dens of murder and theft, and once again pushing pot again.

    Portland went from ~100 homicides in 1973 to more than 1000 in 1995. I never got used to waking up to gangs shooting it out over pot.

    And I wonder what the murder numbers would really be if the DAs hadn’t plea-bargained away so many murders into “manslaughter” and similar crimes.

    Chicago today is a prime example of that. Were it not for plea bargains, would the murder rate be 10,000 per year? 20,000? 30,000?

    Oregon experienced a concurrent explosion in burglaries, thefts, domestic violence, an exponential increase in child neglect from stoned moms being too out of it to feel the need to feed their kids, and a state government that felt it was better to keep kids with their stoned moms.

    These people don’t learn.They want to get stoned and care nothing for what happens to people.

    And like this woman, being messed up in the head, they adopt “causes” that hurt people that make them feel better about themselves.

    I saw most women my age in my state do that. They do drugs, feel bad about themselves, then adopt causes that hurt people and rationalize the results. The ecos that I went to school with lived to get stoned and orgy in the woods. They rationalized their behaviors via pot.

    This woman has adopted the hate of Jews as her “cause”.

    • A Z

      I have seen the photo line ups at various sites of the premature aging of meth users. Do you know of any sites that show premature aging of marijuana users?

      Recently, some scientists were talking about how the telomeres of black kids were shorter than normal and therefore their life must be hard. I don’t know, but I probably do not like where they are going next. Raise taxes for more Pre-K etc. They could just be finding that the candle that burns burns for a shorter time.

      My point in the telomere story is that it would give proof of the bad effects of marijuana. That is so long as we had a good life history. Of course what is the odds that people will lie about their consumption or drugs or alcohol?

      Do you know where to find Annie Robbins biography? The one at the Mondo is a vague puff piece. Her name is common so it makes it difficult to look up.

      You are telling that she fits the mold of “cause head” to a great degree as depicted in PCU.


    • truebearing

      My second thought after looking at the photo was: “looks like a typical Madison commie hag.” My first thought was “Yikes!”

  • Lea

    The murderer is a freemason, another Luciferian pagan cult, like Islam.

  • Framz Ferdomamd

    Annie Robbins is a hard core antisemite hiding behind the smoke screen of an anti-Zionist. Whenever you confront her with confirmed facts, she insinuates that the Jewish media, controlled by the Netanyahu government is running a giant scam. She denies that there was a Jewish temple where the Temple Mount now stands.