Lefties Angry Over Hobby Lobby Confuse Blog w/Supreme Court, Hilarity Ensues


Progressives are notoriously intelligent. Not like those silly tea partiers. That’s why this happened.

…but that didn’t dissuade furious progressives from assuming that a blog about the Supreme Court was the actual Supreme Court.

  • Joe

    Let ‘em rant. It might help change things if they stay confused.

  • CynicOwl

    I love “Dumb of the Day”‘s Tweet. And irony.

    • Juan Pablo

      I replied to him on twitter. hours later he still had no idea (and probably still doesn’t)

  • antisharia

    I’ve picked tomatoes that are smarter than your typical leftist.

    • glpage

      Leftists believe whatever drivel their leaders tell them. Truth and reality have no bearing on anything.

  • glpage

    One of the tweets mentioned “progressive achievements”. Isn’t progressive achievement an oxymoron?

    • JackSpratt

      “Progressive” was adopted by the communists as a deceptive euphemism.

  • De Doc

    One of the news channels featured a group protesting the SCOTUS decision right after it was announced. It was a real chorus of screeching harpies. Someone fetch me a pair of earplugs!