Leftist Terror Leader Endorses “Pro-Jobs, Pro-Environment Progressive Democrat.”


No word on Alan Webber’s position on setting off bombs in public places, but according to a guy who was an expert in that field, he is a pro-jobs and pro-environment progressive Democrat.

KRQE reports Democrat hopeful Alan Webber has received funding from a source connected to radical anti-government activities. Webber has received donations from Mark Rudd, a co-founder of the radical anti-government coalition Weather Underground. The organization is responsible for detonating bombs at targets across the United States during the late 1960s and mid 1970s.

Maria Painter, Rudd’s wife, hosted a campaign event for Webber a week and a half ago at the couple’s home. The next day, Webber received a formal endorsement from Rudd.

In his endorsement letter, Rudd touted that Webber is a “pro-jobs, pro-environment progressive Democrat.”

If New Mexico needs a governor with terror ties, they’ve got a progressive choice in Webber.


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    Didn’t he also support Odumba?