Lefty Peace Conference in Tel Aviv Shut Down by Rocket Attack






Haaretz’s “Peace Conference” featuring senile leftist Shimon Peres and a videotaped message from PLO leader Abbas was supposed to be the left’s counterprogramming to Israel’s defense against Hamas.

When conservative leader and Minister of the Economy Naftali Bennett  attempted to speak, he was assaulted and met with cries of “Murderer” and “Fascist”.

Then the whole shindig had to be shut down as Hamas struck at Tel Aviv leading Yuval Diskin, the cretinous former Shabak boss sitting forlornly waiting for everyone to come back so he could tell them how it was all Israel’s fault.


This is what the left’s disastrous peace process has led to. An attack on Tel Aviv. Any more of the Two State Solution and there won’t even be one state left.


  • Ivan Ewan

    So how seriously do people take Haaretz anyway? It’s worse than the Guardian – in that I’d expect the Haaretz people to know better.

    • carpe diem 36

      why do you expect that???

      • Ivan Ewan

        Well I don’t know. Because if the Palestinians do get their way, they’d be the very first against the wall? As opposed to people who write for the Guardian, who’ll be sipping latte in Starbucks no matter what happens to who.

  • wileyvet

    So why don’t all the lefty Israelis renounce their citizenship, move to Hebron, Tulkarm or Ramallah and live with Abu Mazen and his goons? Do these people not understand that Muslims are born Jew haters and the Koran vilifies Jews, and that it is Allah’s commandments to terrorize and persecute them. How truly stupid can people be? It is bad enough to have barbarians trying to destroy your country, but to have Israelis actively working with and supporting the same barbarians is mindboggling to say the least.

  • Douglas J. Bender

    I love that picture of the two Palestinian doves. May I copy it and share it with friends, family, and various others, informally?

  • Webb

    The only reason it wouldn’t have been wonderful for the Peace Conference to take a direct big rocket hit is that innocent hotel staff would’ve been killed or hurt. At least the attendees all got to crap themselves when the warning sounded. They can go back to their Presbyterian churches and claim they soiled themselves because the IDF pulled up outisde and started machinegunning them. It’s how you win the Presbyterian Medal of Honor — crap yer pants at a peace shindig in Israel.

  • retired22

    This can be good for Israel in the long run
    1) Bombs are falling all over Israel & not just a few towns near Gaza.The low info types in previously untouched parts of the country are now getting an education with their own rear ends in danger & are starting to wake up!This may be the beginning of the end for what remains of the political left in Israel.Not even the dumbest of the dumb can ignore being attacked by rockets.
    2)The passive fools who run the gov’t,up to & including the PM,are forced to act on the realities being stuffed in their ears by the Arabs,they are being pushed by events & have no way out.This time they will do the right thing in spite of themselves.Even that worm,N.Chamberlain went to war when there were no other options!
    PS: What is happening to the leftist political movement in Israel today is similar to what happened to the Isolationist movement in America after Dec.7,1942.They have no where to go except out of business as far as Jewish voters are concerned!

  • David

    That is the best picture I have seen in a while. It perfectly encapsulates the current state of the so-called “peace” movement in Israel.

  • Drakken

    It is way too bad that the missile missed this conference, now that would have solved a lot of problems.

  • uleaveuswithnoalternative

    Kind of poetic justice for the Left!

  • carpe diem 36

    Yes, the great Peres, the elder non-stateman said ” ve vant piss!!!”