Liam Neeson Blasts Bill de Blasio’s Anti-Horse Campaign


While Bill de Blasio backer Steve Nislick plots to grab the stables once his boy follows through and outlaws carriage horses in Central Park, Liam Neeson visited the actual stables whose “64,000 feet of valuable real estate” Nislick has been drooling over and is plotting to seize under the cover of animal rights.

And taught smirking liberal Jon Stewart a thing or two about horses.

“I was in the stables today and many days over the past few years, I know some of these guys, and I just hate how they’re — the horse-drawn carriage industry is being attacked nowadays,” Liam Neeson said, after host Jon Stewart noted that there are horse stables right behind his New York City studio.

“These animal activists,” Neeson continued contemptuously. “You know, ‘the horses are being treated cruelly because they are pulling a carriage around half a mile.’ I mean, these are the fittest, well-fed, best kept horses I’ve ever seen. I’m a horse rider and lover for many, many years.”

“They are having a good life,” he said. “Have you been in these stables? I would move into them tomorrow. Seriously.”

Stewart tried to push back, suggesting that the horses would probably prefer to run in an open field. But the actor would have none of it.

“Jon, everybody thinks that. Everybody thinks cows in the field want to be running wild and so forth,” he said. “That’s bullshit, Jon. Horses don’t either. These [horses have] been trained for thousands of years. They come from Amish farms. They come into this industry. They work 9 hours a day. Sometimes, they have a holiday for months on these Amish farms.”

“They’ve been there for 100 years,” he concluded. “They are an iconic part of New York. They are an iconic part of Central Park.”

But this isn’t really about the horses. Everyone knows by now that NYCLASS had two purposes; getting Bill de Blasio elected and seizing the stables for Nislick once the ban goes through.

The ASPCA shares the same conflicts of interest due to its joint leadership with Nislick’s NYCLASS.

“Ed Sayres is both the president and CEO of ASPCA, and the co-president of NYCLASS. In addition to subsequent use of facilities, vehicles, resources and personnel, the ASPCA gave NYCLASS $250,000 at the time of NYCLASS’s founding in 2008,” Mr. Malone said in a statement.

Mr. Malone explained that ASPCA’s Humane Law Enforcement Division oversees and enforces laws pertaining to the horse carriage industry, as required by its NY State Charter and by NYC Administrative Code.

“In my opinion, the ASPCA is not to be trusted,” Mr. Malone said.

This is troubling as hell considering that NYCLASS is acting as little more than a real estate tycoon’s eminent domain agency. And the allegations of abuse by the ASPCA get even worse.

Sunday’s New York Post reported that one of the nation’s most venerable animal welfare groups, the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, may have suppressed an independent study four years ago that stated the horses that pull carriages through Central Park, and as far as Times Square are well cared for.

The newspaper was quoting Henry Ruiz, a former NYPD investigator who left the department to work for the ASPCA.

The former ASPCA enforcement officer says the document was suppressed because it did not fit the goal of the organization to banish carriage horses from New York City streets.

Moreover, he charges the carriage drivers were subjects of selective enforcement of the law. Despite its stated position of wanting to drive the carriage trade out of business, by New York law, the ASPCA is charged with enforcing animal welfare statutes.

No conflict of interest there. Or with Bill de Blasio. Just business as usual in the corrupt mess that is De Blasio time.

Liam Neeson had written in protest of earlier efforts to ban carriage horses in Central Park.

As a horse lover and rider, I am deeply disturbed by the unnecessary and misguided political and extreme rhetoric against the horse-drawn carriage industry and feel obliged to counter this action.

The horse-drawn carriage business is an iconic part of this city, employing hundreds of dedicated, hard-working men and women, caring for well-bred, well-trained horses and attracting tourists to New York City for over 100 years.

As a proud New York resident, I have personally enjoyed the beauty of Central Park on a daily basis for many years, and these horses are an undeniable integral part of that experience. The notion that a well-nourished horse pulling a carriage through Central Park is considered cruelty may fit in with animal activists’ extremist view, but not with the rest of us. Surely we have a responsibility to protect commerce, especially one with such history, and one I truly feel helps define this city. May pragmatism prevail

Pragmatism is of course the oppose of everything that the Marxist mayor of New York stands for.

  • BS77

    If you want to know who is responsible for this Marxist loon, you need look no further than the robotic libtard voters in NY…..If a rotten turnip ran as a Democrat in NY it would win.

  • Boots

    Gosh… and the left complains about crony capitalism. Who would’ve ever thought social corporatism might lead to apparent conflicts of interest combined with probable corruption. Sad to say but as de Blasio delivers on his promises the 70% who voted for him will get the Detroit… um sorry… New York they deserve. It’s the 30% who didn’t vote for him I feel sorry for. Sadly far too many of the current residents never experienced the paradise New York was under Democrats 20 years ago.

  • LServies

    It would soothe me to say that may NYC get what it deserves through this new mayor. However, I know that there are decent people there that will also suffer. Likewise, their “progression” will continue to spread like a virus through the rest of the USA! If the people of NYC really believe de Blasio’s true intent is to save the horses, they really are moronic than I thought was humanly possible! FOLLOW THE MONEY! These progressives believe that all income should be redistributed except for theirs and their cronies! The kingdom and we are their serfs. Our only hope is there will be too many wanting to be king and they end up wiping each other out!

    • A Z

      Leftist control San Francisco and have for a long time. If fact this is so true that you forgot that normal people live there as well.

      I remember walking through a San Francisco park and seeing needles strewn in the ground only to top the rise of a hill and see a few families having picnic on the other side.

      We have to survive among leftist crap.

  • glpage

    So, deBlasio is all for helping the middle class until he can really help a rich, fat-cat supporter. Typical leftist.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      DB isn’t interested in helping the middle class. It’s strictly millionaires and the welfare class.

      • A Z

        Leftists identify problem

        Leftist creates donut hole in health care, education, and in general.

        Where have they not created a donut hole?

      • TJHillgardner

        This is not a left/right issue; it is a right/wrong issue, and you are not helping the horses by winning the hearts and minds of New Yorkers to oppose the ban of the carriage horses with articles calling deBlasio a Marxist.

        • Daniel Greenfield

          It’s a right/left issue for us. Single issue battles are won by recruiting people from across the spectrum for whom this is a larger issue.

          • TJHillgardner

            “Us?” Who is “us?” I am a horse lover that doesn’t want to see the horses go to slaughter. You don’t recruit NYers to that cause by railing against the Left or Marxists. Frankly, anybody who still sees American politics along a left/right continuum is a useful idiot to the corporate masters who divide the American people on social issues to distract them from the economic issues.

          • Daniel Greenfield

            Us = people on the site where you are commenting

          • ZZ

            Are you demented, old man? This article uses Liam Neeson’s love of horses to make its point, and this entire scandal has divided the public because of Mayor de Blasio’s crony Communism. Corporate masters? You’re raving. Business is what built the middle class. Government Marxism is destroying it. And yeah, the Democrat party bears most of the blame.

            Go pitch a tent on Wall Street.

          • TJHillgardner

            Middle class? What middle class? Reagan’s tax cuts created the income inequality. Individuals couldn’t amass fortunes the way that Gates, Jobs, Ellison, Ballmer, Brin, Zuckerberg did prior to 1982. The top 400 richest Americans own 60% of the assets in this country. With that kind of concentration of wealth there is going to be increased hardship on the poor. That was allowed to happen when we decided to eliminate high tax rates for millionaires which had been federal tax policy since the 1930s. Saying that “Government Marxism is destroying the middle class” ignores that there is no more middle class and that name-calling cannot replace economic analysis of tax policy.

          • ZZ

            You’re hilarious. Reagan’s tax cuts helped the middle class. NONE of the uber rich you listed got rich through tax cuts. America has always had extremely wealthy people. They did not get rich through government handouts or from robbing the poor. Plenty of them benefited from crony capitalism and especially now, where even crony communism is at play. Tax cuts and tax hikes have ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO WITH MAKING PEOPLE RICH. Effective business and government corruption does.

            Poor people are the fattest segment of American society. Oh my, the poor dears are suffering with all their Big Macs, large screen plasma tvs, laptops, smart phones, iPads, X Boxes, 24/7 media enteryainment, free parks, self esteem training, government largesse, etc. A middle class still exists. It is dwindling under Obamarx and his unlimited spending spree but hey, be happy! He is creating more proletatiat to take money from those evil rich people who are standing in the way of government supremacy.

          • TJHillgardner

            Didn’t say they got rich through tax cuts. Obviously, they got rich because they developed businesses that were very successful. But what the tax cuts did was allow them to amass wealth on the scale that had not been seen since the days before the crash of ’29. Moreover, just saying that things are all government’s fault doesn’t make it so. If you cannot understand that a lower tax rate allows multi-millionaires to amass more wealth, you cannot be helped.

            Your views are held by parrots who repeat talking points of conservatives. No thinking person can honestly say that tax rates have no effect on wealth. Blame everything on Obama. I never voted for the guy, but I like truth and facts and you put forth nothing but political rhetoric. See ya.

          • ZZ

            You absolutely did say people got rich from Reagan’s tax cuts. You listed them by name, douchetard.

            Tax cuts help the “rich.” They also help the poor and middle class. They do not create “rich” people.

            Obama has hurt Americans of every economic class. That is irrefutable. De Bladio is a typical communist. That is irrefutable.

            These are facts and truths. Do you like them? Try to answer before your caregiver ups your meds.

          • Drakken

            No matter how many goddamn times you effing communist try communism, you always end up with mass graves filled with lots of bodies, we are no longer going to be nice about it with you communist.

          • Drakken

            So in other words, your a Marxist/leftist/progressive? The folks on the left have made it impossible to be nice about our demise anymore, time for the velvet glove to come off and the mailed fist to be put on and used with extreme prejudice. The time for niceties and pleasantries with you on the left are over.

        • ZZ

          Are you claiming he could win hearts and minds to help the horsies by praising de Blasio’s Marxism? Or are you claiming de Blasio isn’t a commie?

          • TJHillgardner

            No. I am saying that bringing up the issue of deBlasio’s alleged Marxism won’t win hearts and minds if you are trying to persuade people who live in NYC. If you want to persuade people who live in NYC, rather than calling deBlasio a Marxist you might want to stick to the FACTS that are RELEVANT to the ISSUE of whether it is CRUEL or ABUSIVE to operate carriage horses in NYC. It either is or it isn’t independent of deBlasio’s true political leanings. I care more about the horses than your misguided partisan agenda. BTW labels limit thought. Try to do better than just calling people names like “Marxist” and “commie.”

          • Truth

            Guess the NYPD better do away with its “cruel” and “abusive” stable of horses, then, huh?

            This is why we know that the carriage ban is a ruse to enrich de Blasio’s real estate mogul patron. In the New New York City, DB can have horses, but blue-collar workers can’t have horses (but 1% property tycoons can have their stables).

          • Wolfthatknowsall

            Never have I worried about winning the “hearts and minds” of New Yorkers. But you have raised an interesting issue …

            Is it “cruel” to operate carriage horses? State your proofs, please, and not your bleeding heart …

          • Drakken

            If it talks like a commi, walks like a commi, acts like a commi, guess what? It’s a gaddamn commi.

          • ZZ

            De Blasio is not an alleged Marxist. Nobody can practice Marxism and claim otherwise. His words and actions are plain to see, you commutard. Identifying him as a commie scumbag may win him points in a craphole like NYC but it doesn’t in real America.

            Liam Neeson decried de Blasio’s corruption. Is that good enough for the ponies you love, freakshow?

        • Wolfthatknowsall

          Is he a Marxist or isn’t he? Reading some of his rhetoric, I think he’d be proud to wear the title …

  • Bill Cervetti

    More clever sleight- of-hand from the “Progressives”—kind of reminds me of the behind-the-scenes “drop everything” urgency behind the Obama Administration’now forgotten bid to get the Olympics to come to Chicago.Valerie Jarrett would’ve capitalized on the Real Estate bonanza that would’ve brought to the city, IN ADDITION to hastening the razing of her ow “development” boondoggle, which went by the name Grove Parc.KUDOS to the great Liam Neeson for speaking out, and the new Mayor needs to be told that someone will be keeping close watch on this as it develops, and just WHO benefits from it will be duly noted and publicized.

  • Crassus

    Liam Neeson should know a little about the horrors of liberalism. His wife was Natasha Richardson.

    • tanstaafl

      If she had just gone skiing in New England……..

    • Seek

      If liberalism is a “horror,” then why did he marry her? Yours is a rather nasty comment, by the way. Neeson loved this woman, a fellow actor. She died a tragic death. Not everything in the world can be reduced to by political beliefs.

      • Crassus

        I wasn’t referring to Richardson’s political beliefs, Junior. Don’t know what they were and don’t care. I was referring to her tragic death because of the socialistic Canadian health care system and the fact that country had no facilities with which to save her. Ms. Richardson was 63 miles away from the nearest hospital which had no facilities with which to treat head injuries. She had to be medevaced (sp) to NYC and by that time it was too late to save her life. So yes I would say that liberalism (or socialism if you prefer) was a horror for Liam Neeson.

  • Bonney88

    Thank you, Mr. Neeson!

  • Grandma Spice

    I’m disappointed in ASPCA. Why would animals that are well cared for need ASPCA intervention? They don’t. Get about your mission statement ‘to provide effective means for the prevention of cruelty to animals throughout the United States.’ These horses are receiving the ‘kind and respectful treatment’ you, on your website, claim to pursue. No politics needed.

  • tanstaafl

    Liam is a stand up guy.

  • CM

    It doesnt matter what political term you want to call this..what it boils down to is-like SO many other issues happening-our rights and freedoms guaranteed by the constitution are being attacked by a bunch of bullying thugs who believe in “mob rule” instead of personal rights. Their mentality of “My personal opinion should be forced on others because it is more popular than theirs” is destroying this once great nation. I dont care where you stand on issues-our country is NOT mob rule, and to save OUR freedoms, we must acknowledge and support others’ freedoms even if it differs from ours. And, as a horse breeder who whole heartedly supports the carraige industry, thank you, Liam Neeson, for your support of this industry and for standing up to the lies and distortions the vile animal rights goons spew.

  • excusesexcusesexcuses

    liam neeson made these comments several years ago — this is not new but you are trying to make it so to boost your blog. You are twisting facts.

    You are against welfare? check this out.

    The City of NY gave Shamrock Stable owner Ian MCKeever a city owned building on W. 48th St for $5,000 a month some years ago. When they took it back many years later because they sold it, it was reported that it was worth $60,000 a month in rent. No one gets that kind of property for a pittance of $5K. The City also gave McKeever more entitlements by outfitting his stable at a cost of $500,000 on the tax payers dime.

    Yes … McKeever got Green Card welfare and is no better than a “welfare mother” whom you hate.

    Why don’t you report on the driver who was charged with animal cruelty by the NYPD on December 20th. He was working his horse for four days lame; the horse had thrush, which mostly comes from filthy urine soaked stall bedding. Nice pristine stables? I don’t think so.

    You have no idea what you are talking about. The unwanted carriage horses have been going to the kill auctions for ever.

    • ZZ

      McKeever had NOTHING yo do with commie de Blasio and his undeniable corruption. Unfounded stories about carriage driver cruelty have nothing to do with the facts.

      You are a stupid leftwing troll (is there any other kind?) You don’t own a horse and you never go near them. F you, leftard.

    • MoxieGirl123

      And Neeson should stick to what he does best – being an action figure in your standard fare action figure movie.

  • Jeeves

    The Boss Tweed style corruption shown by de Blassio pandering to his Paymaster whilst getting his own glove puppet installed as Council Speaker makes me almost ashamed to be a Democrat.

  • Lorenz

    I wonder if there would be any debate here if the internal combustion engine had not been invented?

  • BarryBarry

    New York can go Fk itself. These morons voted him in, deal with it.

  • kashiehkash

    all these people who want to keep carriage horses in NYC….hook yourself up to a rickshaw and start pulling tourists around in Midtown NYC traffic…see how you like it

  • crookedstick

    Ah yes, Liam, probably observes them from his penthouse overlooking Central Park or through the darkened glass of his limousine. He needs to stand in traffic 9 hours a day with blaring horns and impatient drivers. He needs to stand and sleep on concrete 24 hours a day. I won’t even suggesy he wer heavy, chafing, harnesses while he does it.

    • Alex McDonald

      That’s what horses are for.

  • pcuvie

    Oh well if the horses were trained then that is a different story. Wait a minute, people were trained to be slaves as well, so maybe, based on his training theory, Liam is not opposed to human slavery. Liam loves horses or loves horse slavery? Way to go DeBlasio.