Liberal Activist Collecting Signatures for Obamacare Steals $37 from Purse


They say it’s so cold in Maine now that liberals have their hands in their own pockets. But don’t believe them. Liberals always find other people’s pockets and purses warmer than their own.

Brianna Stein went collecting signatures for the Maine People’s Alliance petition to expand Medicaid for ObamaCare. And then she decided to do a little wealth redistribution on her own like the good little community organizer that she was.

A paid activist working on behalf of the liberal Maine People’s Alliance has been charged after she allegedly stole money from a woman’s purse while collecting signatures.

Stein was at the woman’s Water Street apartment on Friday evening when the alleged theft occurred. She is accused of taking $37 from the woman’s purse while the woman’s attention was directed elsewhere, Ellsworth police Lt. Harold Page said Monday.

In September 2012, Stein was arrested on a charge of receiving stolen property after her husband, Maxwell Stein, allegedly stole more than $50,000 worth of merchandise from his Holden landlord. The following month, she was arrested in connection with an incident in Bangor in which she and her husband were accused of making off with pills that another man had in his possession.

Stein, who has previously been implicated in property theft crimes, somehow managed to retain employment with the MPA, which subsequently sent her to homes across the Bangor area without conducting a criminal background check.

The Maine People’s Alliance is a well-known liberal influence group. Although it is aligned with Maine’s labor unions and Democratic politicians, including U.S. Rep. Michael Michaud, it is funded by anonymous donors. S. Donald Sussman, majority owner of the Portland Press Herald, is known to financially support the dark money group.

This is not the first time an activist’s behavior has reflected poorly on the organization. In September, The Maine Wire uncovered video of a high-profile MPA activist ridiculing and threatening a Grey Hound bus employee.

The Maine’s People Alliance has since let Brianna go because they prefer to do their purse snatchings through the system like good liberals.

But as her boss Barry used to say, “What’s wrong with a little wealth redistribution anyway?” Brianna was just demonstrating to the privileged entitled woman that she didn’t build that.

  • ChristianSlater

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  • jakespoon

    She obviously needed the $37 worse than the lady. It’s only right,it’s a case of have’s and have not’s,the home owner had the 37 and Stein didn’t.Besides,it’s illegal now for a prospective employer to ask about felonies and such. That makes it much easier to re-distribute the wealth.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      Background checks interfere with the employment and wealth redistribution opportunities of Obama voters

  • BenZacharia

    In the eyes of her employer the only problem was that she was a ‘free range socialist’, not that they really disproved, only that the general populist still will not accept those that practice what the government does in their own lives.

    • Daniel Greenfield


  • Demetrius Minneapolis

    Poster model for the DNC.