Majority of Uninsured Say ObamaCare has Made Things Worse

Obamacare Image

Helping the uninsured was the original mandate for ObamaCare. And the uninsured don’t like it.

Among the uninsured – a key group for outreach under the law – unfavorable views now outnumber favorable views by roughly a 2-to-1 margin (47 percent versus 24 percent).

This is a change from last month when 43 percent of the uninsured had an unfavorable view and 36 percent were favorable.

More of those without coverage say the law has made the uninsured as a group worse off (39 percent) than better off (26 percent).

It’s a familiar phenomenon. The left passes a totalitarian law on the pretext of helping people. The law hurts other people, but fails to help those people whom it claimed to want to help. And the left still keeps trotting out human interests justifications for their abuse of power.

The uninsured now dislike ObamaCare more than ever. They feel that is has hurt them. And they were the entire moral basis for this entire mess. Without them, ObamaCare has hardly any reason to exist.

  • CaoMoo

    Now the key is to see if anyone in congress gives a care and has the balls to call out a black president without fear of being called racist. I doubt it. But if it were repealed and honest to god reform could be made it would be great.

    Let people buy insurance across state lines. In states with less required coverages and thus cheaper rates business will boom and people can pay for what they need not what other people want them to have. companies in other states that lose customers will rebel against the mandates and force states to offer more choice.

    allow drugs to be purchased if they are from a country with an fda equivalent and they have been approved there. Save money on double testing and if drugs are cheaper in that country let them be bought from there.

    Create a schedule for malpractice cases similiar to workmans comp or disabillity cases and reign in the high cost of malpractice insurance and still reward those wronged appropriately.

    Make doctors list prices in a menu so that people can compare and shop around. Now most doctors dont even know what the procedures they do cost.

    know I’ve asked alot and they had no idea. Find out with the bill is wrong.