Malaysian Opposition Suggests Government Complicity in Plane Disappearance


This won’t help matters much with China and suggests one reason why the Chinese government has been so hostile and suspicious.

Malaysia’s government is deliberately concealing information that would help to explain what happened to miss

In a wide-ranging interview that cast doubt on the official investigation into the disappearance of the plane, Anwar Ibrahim said the country’s “sophisticated” radar system would have identified it after it changed course and crossed back over Malaysia.

In an interview with The Telegraph, he said that he had personally authorised the installation of “one of the most sophisticated radar” systems in the world, based near the South China Sea and covering Malaysia’s mainland and east and west coastlines, when he was the country’s finance minister in 1994.

It was “not only unacceptable but not possible, not feasible” that the plane had not been sighted by the Marconi radar system immediately after it changed course. The radar, he said, would have instantly detected the Boeing 777 as it travelled east to west across “at least four” Malaysian provinces.

Mr Anwar said it was “baffling” that the country’s air force had “remained silent”, and claimed that it “should take three minutes under SOP (standard operating procedure) for the air force planes to go. And there was no response.”

He added: “We don’t have the sophistication of the United States or Britain but still we have the capacity to protect our borders.”

It was “clearly baffling”, he said, to suggest that radar operators had been unable to observe the plane’s progress.

He said the families of the 153 Chinese victims on board were right to demand information from the Malaysian government, which had permitted a multi-national search operation to spend a week searching in what it must have known was the wrong place.

“Why didn’t we alert the Chinese, the Vietnamese that the operation should cease in the South China Sea and let them spend millions on search and rescue in a place that they know fairly well cannot be the site of the plane?”

That may be the real question. China has a pretty good idea of what Malaysian capabilities are and they have likely come to the same conclusion. This may well be a case of incompetence, but the entire disappearance remains strange and it appears that the authorities know more than they are saying.

Ibrahim has also been suspected of complicity due to his ties to the pilot, but if the pilot did indeed bring down the plane in support of Ibrahim, it would take some serious chutzpah for him to come forward and accuse the government. Not that it’s impossible or that the whole thing was engineered for precisely this scenario.

Either the goal was to provoke China into hostilities with the Malaysian government or to punish China for its clashes with Islam. Any third scenarios would involve pilot instability.

  • JJC

    Who knows? But at the end of the day that 5 letter word, islam, in one way or another, will likely be front and center.

  • MattMarriott

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  • truebearing

    Provoking China right now is a fools errand, unless China was behind the provocation, which is very unlikely. China is itching to flex its muscle in the region, and this would be grounds for attacking Malaysia. Even Muslims are rational enough to see that China is run by ruthless people that are as rapacious for power as they are.

    It seems more likely that the Malaysian government is keeping a Muslim terrorist act under wraps to prevent retaliation. If they facilitated the downing of the plane, and it is somehow proven, expect China to hammer Malaysia. It would be the perfect opportunity to scare the rest of Southeast Asia into submission…or spark the proliferation of nuclear weapons like we’re seeing in the Middle East.

  • Texas Patriot

    Russia is awake. China is awake. But America is still asleep? Hmmmm…. I doubt it. Maybe our CinC is smarter than most people think. My guess is that the “Big Three” of America, Russia, and China will be no less fully on board together against the worldwide scourge of Islamic jihad than America, Britain, and Russia were on board together against the Nazis.