Manual of Mental Disorders Selling Better Than Hillary Clinton Book


DSM V arguably contains a much more accurate biography of Hillary Clinton, though you have to skim a bit to get to the relevant parts. No wonder it’s selling better than Hard Choices.

Other things outselling Hillary’s Hard Choices include Edward Klein’s Blood Feud, Little Blue Truck Board Book and 1984. All better choices for understanding Hillary.

Hillary Clinton’s most recent memoir is not doing so well. Hard Choices sold only 26,000 copies in its third week on the market, down 46 percent from the previous week.

With 160K sold and Hillary desperately trying to peddle copies in the UK while embarrassing herself with her ignorance, this disaster just keeps getting more disastrous.

CBS, run by a Hillary supporter, won’t demand the advance back, but it caps the series of gaffes and mishaps that characterized the book rollout and most importantly raises serious questions about Hillary’s image as the inevitable candidate.

If people don’t want to buy her book, that suggests low enthusiasm, which is key for an increasingly unpopular party relying on passionate turnout among its base. Hillary needs a base that will be as addicted to her as black women were to Obama.

Hard Choices suggests she doesn’t have that base.

But what difference does it make anyway?


  • Christopher Riddle

    Really?I would have thought that HildeBeast’s book would be STRONG on”Mental DisOrders”???

    • monicadashby

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  • Raymond_in_DC

    “CBS, run by a Hillary supporter, won’t demand the advance back,…”

    Were I a shareholder, I’d certainly want them to. But CBS can write it off as a business expense, whereas “tribute” to stay in the Clinton’s good graces would be embarrassing if not illegal.

  • De Doc

    The environmentalists should be incensed. Think of all the trees that were sacrificed to print that POS.

  • Habbgun

    To be fair to Hilary. Everyone should now have a copy of the DSM. Its other name is “Know Your Democrat, Know Your Troll”.

    • truebearing

      They should print an edition with the photos of Democrats that match the mental illness being discussed. Boy, would there be a lot of photos for the sections on malignant narcissists, psychopaths, and pathological liars. They would have to include a photo album of the entire Democratic Party for “pathological liar.”

      Maybe MiltonBradley could make a board game out of matching Democrats with the proper mental illness.

  • fpm

    Maybe if Hilary donates all her 100+ million dollars so she can become what she claimed to be (broke) and apologizes and takes responsibility of the killing of four US diplomats under her command will draw some attention?

  • DogmaelJones1

    You know, it’s all the fault of whoever packaged Hillary and her image that she’s sinking faster than the Titanic. They’re the ones who approved (and probably wrote it, by committee) her book, making a lot of “hard choices” themselves. Maybe they entertained the idea of selling her as a kind of an elderly, political Miley Cyrus, sticking her tongue out at everyone, shaking her ample tush, and smiling like a meth-addled idiot. No, wait. That’s the image they went with. Oh….well…..

    • truebearing

      If you watch Hillary closely, you’ll notice she is very nervous and cautious when she has to walk up stairs or onto a stage. She has a medical condition that is more serious than they are letting on. I think it is effecting her mentally as well as physically. If she ends up running, watch who they pick for a VP. That will be the person the Left really wants as president. All they care is that Hillary can survive long enough to win.

  • cacslewisfan

    LOL! Thanks for the giggle. Man she is the worst.

  • truebearing

    People are buying the DSM first as a guide to understanding Hillary and the lies she’s re-packaged as “Hard Choices.” If someone really wants to understand Hillary and her book, they should read M. Scott Peck’s “People of the Lie.” It’s also great for understanding Obama.

  • carpe diem 36

    could not happen to a more deserving person, if you can call her that.

  • frank96740

    Manual of Mental Disorders – they could give away a FREE copy of her book to demonstrate what they are talking about?!? Works for me!!

    • De Doc

      Under NPD (Narcissistic Personalityl Disorder) there is a picture of Hillary.